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Big: Episode 12

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Big: Episode 12

Starts from K saying how just cuz he is a kid there is no need for her to give everything up and quit. should i compensate for you.  D: are you crazy. even if I give everything up and quit, why would you compensate for that. K says I am the one who made you get married so since it was hard on you and you quit everything I should take responsibility. as long as you keep that ring on, I will never break my promise not to go to you. but if you take that ring off, I will think it’s ok cuz you like me and I will take you right away. that is not a threat for you to take the ring off right now, but i will not encourage you to continue keeping that ring on. just think of it as reassurance cuz you were crying cuz you were having a hard time. she asks how she could agree to that. K: I already made my offer. you wont have time to struggle over it cuz no one knows when we will switch – I will never break the promise to get lost as soon as we switch. If you want to see KKJ then take that ring off. He walks off and says if you don’t want to go up and see YJ’s mom then let’s go

In the car she sneaks looks at him so he says just be blatant and stare. she asks if he doesnt feel anything after saying all that. K: I wasnt expecting anything so I’m ok. it’s not like you are going to take the ring off. Gil DR- Are you even struggling over it? (as in thinking it over seriously) she blows it off and says struggle over what. K: at least this time you didn’t bring up calling me a blood clot. as soon as you said that I was going to call it quits. does that mean you dont want me to give up? D: after saying such serious things, can you joke about it? K: that means it’s not a joke. Gil DR- Are you really struggling over it?  She denies it: I dont. K: then why cant I kid around

YJ’s dad tells the mom that the kid is in the hospital unconscious. mom: so? dad: KJ is in the kid who saved YJ. we cant act like we dont know the kid.  She says how YJ saved that kid’s life -they were in the same accident together so YJ saved that kid’s life.  Then it’s already been paid back. The dad is shocked and asks: then you already knew that kid was in the hospital? mom: YJ is looking for that kid’s dad. I told him I didnt know anything. are you going to tell YJ everything and make me the bad person again. He asks then do you want to throw away KJ again – I cant do that. She says then you choose-  long ago -in order to stay by YJ and my side, you gave up that woman and the kid. now which side are you on? is it with me and YJ or KKJ. I am saying this clearly but one side, you wont be able to see forever.

*she is evil but what an empty threat. how does she intend to control a full grown man – YJ will see whoever he wants just like he planned to marry whoever he wanted. YJ was a good son but he was not blindly obedient. plus she only sees her husband once a year anyway so he wouldnt be losing out not seeing her forever. I would choose KJ if I was in the dad’s situation. and maybe look into a divorce laywer while I am at it cuz the woman is off her rockers.

K tells her not to be so protective of her ring so much – will I take it away when you take it off to do dishes. She says I am not going to pay it any mind. she wears it after her shower so they repeat the same dialogue. K: are you going to wear that ring no matter where you go? you think i would go in to take the ring away while you wash your hair. D: I said I am not paying it any mind.

D goes to her room and looks at her ring then the sunflowers.

AK asks D: are you worried about something? (struggling over something). D denies it – if I take a kid’s joke seriously then I would be crazy.  AK: from what I can see it’s serious. you were staring at your ring all day. Did something happen with YJ. D seeks advice from AK by using her joseon scenario. if a woman didnt have feelings for her husband who is coming back, what should I do not to be tempted by the young man next door.  AK says not seeing them at all is the clearest way. whether you kick out the young man living next door or the woman moves out. D: that’s true -not seeing him is the best way.D asks if a job in Chunchon is still available. AK says the job was already taken. why? arent you going to stay at this school. D: I just wanted to look into it.

D is washing her sneakers and K comes over and kids around with her. K: take off your precious ring and do that. just cuz you take off the ring while you are washing your sneakers you think I would make any moves. let me know when you are done washing the sneakers. I will tie the laces for you. K goes in

she follows him inside and says you make a person pay attention to it and are you joking around now? K: just keep thinking i am joking around and pay attention to it. it’s better. she says this isnt the situation where I should match you childish jokes. K: then does it mean you want to continue being an adult and endure? I am asking cuz I am curious but what are you enduring so much? what is it that you have to endure? is it SYJ who you miss? or is it his braggart of a mom? or is it SYJ’s dad who is hard to talk to? D: it’s you. K: me? D: yes KKJ you are the most difficult. K: why me? I said let’s get along well and was good to you. D: that’s right – while waiting for YJ, I laugh with you and get along with you and had fun with you so that was the hardest. K: that was hard? what would you have done if I was even better to you? then you would have died cuz it was so hard on you. D:anyway that was the wrong thing to do. I was bad and I wont do it anymore. when you find your dad- you dont need me right? so let’s not see each other again. there is no need for you to take responsibility. K: ok since we dont need each other that worked out well. let’s do that. let’s not see each other.

He goes back into his room thinking since YJ is coming back soon she is getting her things in order in advance and getting rid of him. (as in get rid of him from her heart and life)

D takes a trashbag and throws away the sunflowers, YJ’s walkman, the guide book on china. when K goes out he sees her throwing away the alcohol her dad gave him, their pandas.

so he goes into his room and says she already started putting things in order then I should too. he picks up a trashbag, but there is nothing in his room to throw out

He goes out and yells: Gil DR, I want to put things in order too but there was nothing I received so there is nothing to throw away. look at this -during that time you didn’t do anything for me. he looks at her bag and says-look at this, I did a lot for you. I did this many things for you so you almost died from it being so hard on you. what would you have done if I filled this up to the top. you would have already died. he throws the bag down and walks off

D picks up his empty bag and says to herself- I really didn’t do anything for him. She takes out the trash. D: Let’s throw all this out. he watched her throw it out and walks off hurt and angry.

She comes back out and goes to the trash. She looks inside the trash bag and takes out the sunflowers. She says the flowers will wilt anyway so I will leave it till it wilts. Then she looks at the pandas and says why look at me when I am going to throw you away. She pets it and hugs it. she looks at her guide book and says I could still go to china. She opens up the wall of china map and sees what K threw. This kid took me to the great wall of china too. She starts to cry. She takes her bag back inside.

she looks at the empty trash bag that K brought out. she cries and says KJ ah -I am sorry. She says softly into the bag – I like you. she throws out that empty bag filled with just air and her words.

M tells K that the man didn’t contact her dad again. why didnt he come. He thinks that person who came was the right one (his father). She wonders if the guy just came once secretly to look at KJ and that’s the end of it. if he doesnt contact again will we not be able to find him.  K says if he doesn’t contact again it’s his loss. I will go back soon and wake up so he almost had a son who is smart, wealthy, and is obedient, but now he doesnt. M agrees -that’s right – it’s that ajussi’s loss. K: Don’t tell Gil teacher cuz she is waiting for the day I find my father so she can get things in order so she will be disappointed. she even cleaned out everything. M: even if you dont find your dad it doesnt matter. if you go back to your place, let’s go back to america with me. but he says after my bday passes, no matter where I live alone again, it wont matter. when it gets to that time I will have found it and put things in order

The aunt tells the uncle to call the american bank and find out in advance how much money will come out on KJ’s bday. uncle says when his bday passes I will look into it. the name of the restaurant is “Miracle.” YJ’s dad shows up and stares at KJ’s mom’s pic

S meets with YJ’s mom and tells her KJ’s friends are looking for his dad. I thought you should know. mom: that side is looking too? the mom changes the subject and asks: was there another person when  DR and YJ were apart. S says not sure- why? the mom says suddenly D said to me that she didnt have any right. it didnt sound like she was just saying that for no reason. it seemed like she felt guilty over doing something bad. S says D came to see me too and seemed upset and blamed me about the past. mom: she did? S says it seems YJ is treating D way better now than before so I don’t know what is bothering D. the mom says I looked forward to YJ coming back to the way he used to be in the past but D said she would stay next to the YJ now so I dont like her as time goes by

D packs drinks in a cooler and tells K I knew you wouldn’t go but this is my family trip so I cant skip out. I will tell them you are going to a coworker’s wedding. K: when they call, I am going to tell them I am at home. She scowls and asks to use the car. He says It will be better to cool off the car in advance. he uses his phone as a remote to turn on the heat on purpose.

when D goes to load the trunk a wave of hot air hits her. D: it’s so hot – why is it like this. K:  uh oh I meant to turn the AC on but I turned on the heater. it’s like a sauna. he tells her to leave the car behind. She says her parents are coming so go inside so you wont run into them but he says why should I -they arent people I will be seeing again anyway (cuz things will go back to normal soon and YJ will take his place). he turns the AC on in the car. D tells her parents I got everything so let’s go now. the mom says to K: you are home.  D lies that K is going to a wedding now so the dad asks dressed like that? he asks K: are you going to a wedding?  K says I am not going. Her mom and CS invite him to go camping with them. CS: hurry and come.  but K says I wont go and goes inside. D explains we fought so let’s just the family go. I will drive.

K goes in and says how he was supposed to “find rocks with the ajussi and the ajumma said she would make me kimbap and I was going to watch porn with CS.” (he started to say play games but switched to the truth). “what a waste.” He regrets not going

D instructs her family – no one contact YJ. they were all texting him at that moment so they put their phones down and then text secretly

K starts getting one text after another

K decides to throw away all her stuff -from here on there will be nothing that belongs to Gil DR – I will throw it all away for her. he throws away her mug, toothbrush, house slippers,  and chopsticks and stuff. But then he finds her trashbag that she didn’t throw away.K: she brought it back. It would have been a waste to throw it away. He smiles and goes back and puts all her stuff back where they go. (I am dying from the cuteness)

K gets a text from D’s dad-Seo son in law, we need to choose a son in law rock. The mom says Seo son in law -guess what I put in the kimbap. come and eat it and guess. Even CS texts -brother in law – you said to rebel for only a short time. K: what to do when they only want me to come - you should tell me where you are

D is looking for a rock to represent K and finds one that fits his personality-skinny, rough, and shiny. it’s just like KKJ.

She goes back to camp and no one is there. she wonders if they all went  grocery shopping. she sets down two rocks. A man comes over and says you must have come alone. She thinks he is hitting on her so she looks flattered and says I came with my family. Then she realizes it’s K. D: how did you know to come here? K: cuz your family kept asking me so much so I had no choice but to come. D: I told them not to contact you no matter what. K: I really didnt want to come too but your family kept sending me texts. look. another one came. it’s from her mom and it said : seo son in law-did you arrive well? dont fight with DR and reconcile. the two of you enjoy your time together. D: why is she asking us to have fun together just the two of us? (Her parents left all the food and tent but took the car)

in the car her family laughs. the dad says let’s eat kimbap on the way by the river and sleep at a pension and go tm to pick them up.  mom says since they dont have a car they cant come without throwing away the tent and stuff. CS says I did well to be sensible enough to tell brother in law to take a cab here (so K and D would be stuck without transportation till tm when they get picked up)

D checks and says her family left with all the food and went. K says they thought it over a lot and ran off. they wanted us to make food well and left us that one sleeping tent to get along as married couple. D wonders why her family has no foresight/sense but K points out if they had quick foresight they should have sensed I wasn’t YJ sooner. He looks through the rocks and asks if they were gathered to use as Seo son in law rock. he doesnt think any of them is like him. then he sees the one D chose. K: this one seems.. D: does that seem like you? K: did you choose this? she says yes – it seems like you huh? K: what’s the point? I wont be part of this family anyway.  he tosses it away. He gets up and says let’s go.  she says I have to watch over this stuff so go alone if you are leaving. K: are you just going to stay here? let’s go look around. D: huh? K: then should I really go alone? I will count to 3. 1- should I really go? 2-last one. 3! and she gets up. K: let’s go. she waves her ring finger like a shield and follows him.

They walk and she says how pretty the sunflowers are. He says if she thought it was so pretty- why throw it out. she pics one up off the ground and he sticks it behind her ear. she sets up her camera to take pics of herself with a remote. K mutters she didnt say once to take a pic cuz if he treats her well she will die from it being so hard on her. each time she tries to take a photo, K gets in her shots. OMG cutest poses ever. I could stare at these all day. there is one where he sticks his butt out.

They play under the water spray. he picks her up and swings her around. he warns her – you better not call me a blood clot one more time or I will toss you in so she promises not to and calls him brother in joseon talk.

When they are at the store the saleswoman says how good they look together. is he your boyfriend? D: no. the woman asks then -Are you a married couple. D says no- he is my dongsang (younger brother). the woman says D looks older than she looks then. K comes over and pretends to be defensive and stick up for D and says to the woman: what are you talking about? our noona looks -older than she looks. so D hits him. A sunbae D knows is there and calls out her name. she goes over and says hello to him. it’s good to see you. he says it’s the first time they met since graduation. The man shakes her hand and hugs her saying how good it is to see her so K walks over aiming his cucumber like a gun trained on the guy as his target. she asks if he came here for fun and realizes his school is here. the man says yes it’s right out front.  come and visit. he notices K and asks if she came with her dongsang. D says yes. She pulls the man aside and asks if there is a job position nearby so she can transfer. he promises to look into a position and asks if it’s urgent. she says yes. They exchange phone numbers. she thanks him and he says let’s meet later. When she goes back to K he asks: you must want to move tents. (meaning home)  She says after dinner I am going to take a quick look. let’s go.

As they go back to camp, a young girl comes over and asks K : sorry but could you open this for me. he opens the jar for her. she thanks him asks if they came as a couple so K says no she is my noona. a noona that is a lot older.  The girl asks for him to help set their tent up cuz it’s their first time. So K says of course I should help with that. he shoves the bag of groceries at D and goes over and helps the girls. K says to them – how could girls do things like this. he shows them how to set it up. K looks over at D and grins like a cat among mice so D gets jealous and calls him over. KJ ah – what are you doing – let’s go. the weather is good so that tent wont fly off. stop and just do enough and let’s go.  the girl thanks him so he says : cuz my sister called me so I will be going.  my old sister nags so much. D: aigoo. the girl invites him over to play at night at their tent. K looks at D then says loudly: I will do that.  he asks one girl how old she is.

As K comes over to her D shoves the bag back at him and reminds him those girls are a lot older than him. K: you are a noona too noona. she asks what he was talking to them about. He says they asked for his number.D: so did you give it to them? K: I told you I didnt have the confidence to turn someone down when they cling to me saying they like me. If you want to catch me that much then take the ring off

YJ’s dad is sitting there so the aunt asks KJ’s uncle why that customer has been sitting there for so long - is he waiting for someone. uncle says it’s better than having an empty restaurant. he goes over to refill the coffee. she says it’s already been 3 cups. the uncle comes over and asks if the dad wants a refill. YJ’s dad asks: are you HS’s older brother? he stands and introduces himself as KJ’s dad. the uncle spills coffee on himself from shock.

the dad shows HS”s pic and says I cant give scars to the people around me so I  wont go into details about myself so the uncle guesses he has a family. I already guessed. The dad offers to take care of KJ. The aunt says we take care of KJ’s inheritance. The dad says you two keep doing that but I will just take KJ away.

YJ’s parents fight. mom: is your choice that kid KJ? dad: as you wanted I wont show up in front of you or YJ ever again. pretty soon it will be KJ’s bday and after it passes, I am leaving with him. She says that day is not KJ’s bday but the day our YJ lived again. dad: every year when we honored that day -didnt you think of KJ even once? mom: I didnt.

K and D fight some more. he says you just want to think of me as someone who was around as SYJ and then was gone, but it makes me feel bad (ruin his mood) so dont remember anything about me. D: did I say anything bad? it was cuz you kept getting into my pics and ruining it. K: that’s why delete those. you said it didnt come out like SYJ and came out like KKJ so it put you in a bad mood so delete them. she puts the camera down and says never mind. you clean up what you ate and I will go and meet the sunbae and come back. K: I am busy too but those noonas keep telling me to come over and play. D: you are going to go there?  He says I will go meet those noonas and you can go meet that sunbae. D: those girls dont know you are underage-you dont know cuz something might happen- and you never know it might be dangerous – but you are going there? K: I am going cuz it’s dangerous. why would I go if it’s safe? She gets angry and says do whatever you want. She walks off. K: you threw me away when i was going somewhere dangerous so I dont know if an accident occurs. dont tell me to take responsibility.

D walks out saying when it’s about girls he likes it too much. he picks up her camera. Since he ruined her pics by jumping in he will erase it then. He notices that she brought back the rock he threw away and smiles

D says when K is good to someone he is really good to them so what to do if those girls fall for that. cant leave it alone. She walks back to K

K is walking to meet D with a lantern cuz it’s getting dark. he mutters about how she picked up that rock again after he threw it away. it will be dark soon so how did she plan to get back. she is so careless. They run into each other so she asks if he is on his way to  go to those noonas. why? did those noonas need a lantern? He says their tent is over there on the other side. I was going to you. it’s getting dark so how could you just take off. He gives her the lantern. take this with you. D: I am going cuz I have something to ask. I will be back quickly.  K:then should I wait here. she asks you aren’t going to those noonas tent. K: if you tell me to wait – I will wait. She smiles and tells him to wait – I will be back quickly. as she leaves, K teases: if you dont come quickly – a pretty ghost might take me away! if she is sexy I am going to follow her!

YJ’s parents go to visit KJ. He thanks her for coming with him to see KJ. The mom says I only came on the condition that you wont tell YJ. He says this is the first time we are going together to see the kid

Suddenly KJ gets dizzy and passes out where he is sitting. YJ in the hospital has movement.

K comes to and sits up as D comes back. D: I came quickly didnt I? He can barely open his eyes and his breathing is shallow. she goes over and calls out his name. K: gil teacher. D: are you ok. Are you in a lot of pain. K: this time I don’t know if I switched or dreamt in SYJ’s place. I saw his parents. D: what does that mean? K: Maybe I dreamt it. why does it hurt so much. gil teacher. I think a ghost really came to get me. He rests his head on her shoulder.

YJ’s dad looks at K’s chart. The dad says since KJ keeps moving these days so he will wake up soon. mom says we can look at him comfortably now but when he wakes up wont it get more difficult.

In the tent, K wakes up and covers up D who is sleeping next to him. He watches the back of her head. K says aloud to her back: It’s good that every time I wake up after being in pain you are always next to me. if we totally switch and I wake up on the other side, I will be alone again. It’s ok cuz I was normally alone anyway. Here – even though it was a fake - I have a mother and father, mandoo restaurant in laws, and CS too. And also you. when I go back, no one will remember I was here. only SYJ will remain and KKJ will disappear – since you know me Gil teacher, even if I disappear, cant you remember that I was here? don’t put everything in order. Don’t just be glad to see YJ coming back and try to remember KJ who disappeared too.

He cries saying that. D cries quietly listening. And I am bawling all over the place

M yells “what? You left the two of them camping.” CS says it seemed like they had a married couple fight so we put them together.  it was an idea that came out of my head. She says empty out useless things in his head. CS: was your trip to america ok? your dad is well?  She says I finished talking with dad so I have to hurry and go to America with KJ. CS: yes dont chase around that grandpa and brother in law and go to america. then he realizes what she said so he yells: what? you are going to america? M: yes. CS: Me too. Take me with you. she gets a text from YJ’s dad. he says I am KJ’s dad could we meet. She runs off. CS: take me with you

M shows the text to K and says your dad finally contacted me. go with me to meet him. K doesn’t like that the dad hid his phone number cuz it came up as unlisted. K: what is he hiding so that the number doesnt show up.  is he saying I am a kid that no one knows about. it puts me in a bad mood.  M: since he doesnt know who you are, you can hide and see him. Since he called, K agrees to meet. M: now that we finally found your dad, Gil DR can comfortably put her heart in order about you. so K gets offended and says am I trash that needs to be put in order?

D tells her dad how she is moving to a school in the countryside. she says she will get assigned there anyway later so it’s good to go in advance and get settled. so he worries that YJ has to live alone as soon as they got married so is he ok with it. D: I explained it to him well. She asks her dad -when you were 35 and my 19 yr old mother came to you to get married with her hair cut short -why did you accept her. dad: let’s see why did I accept her. to get your mom away from me I went to an island. i tried so hard to get her away from me and go away from her but the more i did my heart crossed over that wide ocean.  when I cried cuz she was someone I could never erase for the rest of my life and someone I couldnt forget, thankfully your mom showed up in front of my eyes.  D: how did you know you couldnt erase her for the rest of your life -you only know that after the lifetime passes. dad: that’s true but if you spend your whole life like that wont it be sad? in that moment if you have the courage and hold onto that person then you will live the rest of your life thinking I did well. D: how do you get that courage? dad: at that moment I threw my mental line (the come to your senses line) into the ocean and  your mom caught it. she looks at her ring

M is at the hospital talking with K. M: I am in the hospital lobby where I am supposed to meet your dad. are you almost here. K says yes I am at the hospital. I will go there. S calls out his name and asks if he heard she met D not too long ago. K: you told her in the past there was nothing going on between us. S: yes but do the two of you have some kind of problem? I thought she would like it but she seemed shocked. I said it to be cool so that you two will work out well but she didnt seem to like it (the news)  much. maybe I shouldnt have done that. K: she liked it so much she cried. you did well. S asks if he still drops by to see that patient KKJ. K:why? S: I am his doctor in charge of his care. cuz he is a pitiful kid so continue being good to him.  S leaves. K mutters to himself wondering why he has to hear he is pitiful from S. just wait till he wakes up.

M gets a text from the dad that he arrived. I will be there soon. The dad walks over as K does too. M looks up to see YJs’ dad. suddenly behind M, K collapses. The dad runs over and asks if he is ok. are you hurt anywhere. where does it hurt. M calls out KJ. Then she asks doctor seo are you ok. K says I am ok. I was just dizzy. M: are you really ok? K: I am ok. The dad says come with me to get you checked.we cant live this alone.

K asks the dad- did you come to see me? The dad says yes and the director of the hospital is my friend too. K asks if he came with the mom to a patient’s room not too long ago. dad: what are you talking about? K: cuz I think I saw the two of you. the dad says that never happened. you dont look well so let’s get you checked out. K says I know I am not well but it’s not to the extent that I need to get checked out at the hospital. the dad asks if what happened earlier happens often. K: more and more. The dad says if your mom knows she will worry a lot. you dont remember but when you were younger you were really sick. so if you don’t feel good even a little bit let’s get it checked in advance. K says ok I will but don’t tell mother-it will be bothersome. the dad takes his hand and agrees

YJ’s dad asks another doctor to run some tests for YJ’s condition and quietly let the dad know only so rumors dont spread around the hospital

M asks K if he got dragged away to be tested for everything. K: when this person was young, he was really sick. in case he got sick again, they tested a lot. M asks if it  hurts a lot whenever he switches back and forth. K: it hurts so much it’s annoying. M: still SYJ’s dad worries about his son a lot.  She wonders why his dad didn’t show up. K: from today on I am giving up on my dad (he wont look anymore for his dad). just tell gil teacher my dad came back then she will give up too. M slowly gets up and heads up to her room saying I wanted to find your dad but I guess I am the only one by your side. He says how she put all her stuff in that room so I am going to put that in order. she says I will put it in order cuz you have to go back with me to america

She goes upstairs and says I thought that ajussi was KJ’s dad but he was YJ’s dad. she decides to cheer K up by preparing for his bday

K: if he is a father, shouldnt he come to hold his injured son’s hand.  K remembers how warm YJ’s dad was and thinks it must be the charm of the Seo family to have warm hands

D is sorting through her stuff and Kim says how D is leaving work late these days. D: I had some work. Kim  guesses she fought with her husband. D looks at the calendar and realizes it’s K’s bday soon

M goes to the hospital to congratulate K on his bday and he is standing there looking out the window. he looks at her and smiles. she walks over and asks if he woke up. he keeps looking out the window at the light so she wonders what he is looking at. She turns to face him but he is gone –he just disappeared. She calls out his name. she dreamt it so she called out K’s name. K comes in and asks why she yelled. She says you were gone. K: why would I be gone? M: I am ok with things the way there are now. And I am ok if you come back again but you cant disappear. He pats her head. you just had a strange dream-that wont happen.

K stares at his miracle photo. D comes in with stuff. He asks what that is. She says grocery stuff I need. She walks off for a bit. He thinks she knows it’s his bday.  She gets a call from that sunbae. he pretends to be asking her for permission by having a conversation alone. you got a call should I answer for you?  he picks it up for her. the man says isnt this DR’s phone? ah are you her younger brother. K: I am the man who lives with her. just tell me simply what you want to say.  the guy says: there is a position DR wanted me to look into. there is one that is close to the school so please tell her to call if she is going to move quickly. K: ok. When D comes back he says she got a call so call back. D asks about meeting his dad today. I heard from M. K: yes. D: what kind of person is he. He says don’t pay attention to it. if you know and get involved you will just have more to put in order. he mentions the family gathering he has to go to with YJ’s parents tm so what are you going to do. She says I wont go if I don’t need to. K: ok. D: It’s your bday tm so wanna have dinner together.  is there anything you want for a bday present cuz I didn’t do that anything for you so I want to do something. He says it’s ok. if i disappear from here it will just be thrown out anyway. it’s just making more trash to take out. he goes and comes back. K: I am really curious so I am asking.What did I do that was so wrong – what did I do that was so hard on you for you to run away. is it cuz I said stuff like I would take you away? is that it? I said I wouldn’t if you kept your ring on. D: I just needed an ocean that couldnt be crossed. K: ocean? are you going to some island? then just go.I hate riding boats so we will never meet. you better not come out of that island.

M and nurses sing happy bday to KJ and calls him prince. M tells him to hurry and come back so we can live together

D made him seaweed soup and breakfast and wrote him a note. It said happy bday- let’s have dinner together. I will give you a present. K says I wont go.

D buys a watch and the woman says if it’s for a gift they can engrave 3 initials and asks D to write it down. S walks by with her friend and explains D is her friend’s wife. S hears D asking if it will take long to engrave cuz I have to give it today. they talk about how it’s a bday present for her boyfriend. S sees that’s a watch and the initials are not SYJ.

at a cafe D looks at the watch then takes off her ring. she says I dont have the courage to throw the mental line into the ocean. she puts the ring into a glass and says I wont get caught for this at least.  S’s friend says your friend’s wife took off her ring so is she having an affair. S cant believe it

M hears from the uncle that KJ’s dad came here and will take  KJ away. M: to where? The uncle says there is no need to know too much cuz the dad’s side has a situation. it’s a good thing for KJ that the dad showed up and said I would take care of him. M mutters he cant take him away right now just cuz he wants

YJ’s dad gets the test results. the disease that YJ had when he was young came back so they need to find a matching donor to donate. did you by any chance know who it was? YJ’s dad: I know

the dad goes to see KJ lying in his hospital room

S meets with K. K: what is it that you wanted to say. she says how she saw D buy a man’s bday present at the department store and the 3 initials weren’t SYJ and D said it was for her boyfriend – while waiting for him she took off her wedding ring. I saw with my friend and she thinks D is having an affair. while D was waiting she looked happy but when she went back cuz she didnt get to see him, she looked really unsure. K: she did?S: according to your mom D said she would let go of you if you came back like you used to. K: let go of SYJ? S: she said D said she was having a really hard time.  She likes someone else so she was having a hard time. K: she did? S: I didnt see that person’s face but I know the initials – want to know? KKJ. He smiles so she asks why are you smiling. Do you think I am lying now. K: no. you really aren’t lying right? S: it’s for real. K: You really are sure right? S: I am sure. K leaves smiling and saying you are dead

D is waiting for K and looks at his watch. she looks at the ring she took off. D: tie your mental line and go in. she is about to put it back on but K calls out to her. he calls her Gil DR instead of teacher.K: Gil DR - did you fall for another guy (meaning are you cheating with another guy). D:what? K: Were you having such a hard time cuz of that man? was that man’s intial KKJ? is it correct- is it Kang KJ? He steps closer so she holds up her hands ready to put the rind back on and says don’t come. But he intertwines his fingers with his just as she starts to slip the ring back on. K: The wind are already blew. The boat that couldn’t cross the ocean already crossed the ocean. What are you going to do now. He leans in and she looks up at him. She lets the ring fall to the ground as she kisses him. He holds her face and they keep kissing.

Provincial Populations Dwindle as Few Young children Are Born

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Provincial populations are dwindling as deaths just outnumber births, even as nobody moves away to the massive city. Consistent with Statistics Korea, South Jeolla Province's population first shrank naturally in 2013, and Gangwon Province's in 2014. In North Jeolla Province, web population expansion hovers around a trifling 400 up to now this year, so it is going tomost likelyturn out to beany otherspaceto look a herbal population decline next year. North Gyeongsang Province could also be expected to see more deaths than births in 2017.In South Jeolla Province, the organic population reduce is getting worse, from 931 in 2013 to 1,400 in 2015. Gangwon Province had a natural population lower of 342 in 2014 and over 400 remaining year. In 2014, most effective 10,662 young children were born in Gangwon Province, a list low for the province since population statistics began in 1925. As the rage spreads, the population of the rustic every bita complete volitionget started shrinking naturally in 2030, acknowledged Statistics Korea. A population decline results in weakening intake and economic strength, which in turn ends in fewer marriages and births, developing a vicious cycle of decline. The elderly population over 65 is estimated to surpass 10 million through 2025 whilst the collection of newborns will succeed in only 430,000. As the economically active population aged 15 to 64 will doubtless dwindle beginning side by side year, the country may just besides face a exertionsscarcity and a fall in economic growth.

Rain’s “La Song” Makes A Comeback on Chinese Song Chart After Two Years

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Rain’s “La Song” Makes A Comeback on Chinese Song Chart After Two Years

The comeback of La Song on QQ Music Charts can also be attributed to the Korean singers newest appearance on the Chinese Running Man broadcast on Would possibly 21st. Following the episodes airing, Rain turned into the maximum searched keywords on online portals and was once followed with La Song achieving #1 on music virtual charts.

Meanwhile, Rain is lately on his 2dglobalexcursion and may beacting in Macao on June 4th and Beijing on the 18th. He recently finished performances in Kuala Lumpur and Tokyo.

“Produce 101” Trainees To Drop Lawsuit Opposed to Their Firm After Achieving Agreement

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Produce 101 trainees Lee Hae In and Lee Su Hyun from SS Entertainment made the headlines in early Might subsequently news they'd filed a lawsuit for the agency to terminate their exclusive contract, citing that it was once too long and did now notget maintain of the important vocal and dance classes as promised in addition the damaged promise of debuting in the year.

The two women representative and legal professionalprinted on Could 25th that the agency has agreed to terminate the girls contract without any additional prerequisitesthroughout a assembly just the day prior. He adds, Lee Hae In and Lee Su Hyun would truly like to ask for forgiveness to enthusiasts for being worried them.

Lee Hae In and Lee Su Hyun were eitherremoved in the 11th episode of Produce 101. SS Entertainment may bethe house of boy staff The Legend.

BTOB Gets In a position For Mnet M! Countdown in China With a Shave in the Car

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BTOB Gets In a position For Mnet M! Countdown in China With a Shave in the Car

Other Korean artists who might beacting at M! Countdown in China come with FTISLAND, G-Friend, T-ARA, Shinhwa, SISTAR, VIXX, Jeon Hyosung, FIESTAR and Cosmic Girls. Chinese artists will be provide equallyneatly alongside Wu Ying Chie, Jolin Tsai, Li Yuchun and 105-member ladyneighborhood SNH48.

YG Entertainment Receives Massive Sum in Investment From Quite so much of Chinese Companies

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YG Entertainment Receives Massive Sum in Investment From Quite so much of Chinese Companies

According to reports on Would possibly 27th, the CEO of YG Entertainment, Yang Min Suk, has plans on assembly amongst the CEOs of every respective companies, in Seoul at the Hyatt Hotel at the 31st to signal the vital papers in regards to the investment agreement. Below the agreement, YG will factor approximately $55 million of stocks for the second-largest shareholder of Tencent, Weiying, whilst approximately $30 million shares owned via Yang Hyun Suk and CEO Yang Min Suk can be transferred to Tencent, making the 2 Chinese corporations the agencys 3rd and fourth largest shareholders at 4.5% and 8.2% respectively.

The deal will make the two Chinese firms YGs third- and fourth-largest shareholders, respectively, with 4.5 % and 8.2 percent stakes in the company.

YG Entertainment released a commentary saying, Our corporate has noticed a 30% build up in sales during the last 10 years, it used to bedecided that to take care of that growth, expansion into China is important. 

Father-Daughter Duo Matthew Douma and Jeon Somi Spotted Walking In combination to a Recording

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On Might 28th, the circle of relativeswas once spotted walking arm in arm on their way to a scheduled recording for the diversity show Happy Together 3. Jeon Somi looked fullystunning with an enormous smile on her face as the agenda allowed her to spend a while with her father in spite of her very busy schedule as a member of womanneighborhood I.O.I.

Meanwhile, she is constantly keeping busy as a section of her promotions with I.O.I who is acting Dream Ladies on quite so much oftune shows. As smartly as music display appearance, I.O.I may be making a couple of appearances on a wide range of tv shows.

Image: Father-daughter Matthew Douma and Jeon Somi walking to Pleased Together 3 recording / Newsen

Baek A Yeon Pulls Off Gorgeous Reside Karaoke Quilt of IU’s “End of Each Day”

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Baek A Yeon Pulls Off Gorgeous  Reside Karaoke Quilt of IU’s “End of Each Day”

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterJYP Entertainments soloist Baek A Yeon took on one of IUs toughest songs to sing, Finish of Each Day, making a song the music for a karaoke are living special video for Dingo Music.

Published on Might 28th, the talented feminine vocalist sang with interest as she sang the normal IU track with her own twist, hitting all the notes perfectly. End of Each dayis thought about as one of IUs more harder track to hideby capability of fans, making it the entire more amazing for Baek A Yeon to sing.

Though enthusiasts agreed that Baek A Yeon has done a impressiveactivity alongside her karaoke live cover, they have got voiced out their critiques that the song is a ways better suited for IUs vocal tone and color.

Seol Ah And Soo Ah Be informed To give coverage to Daebak From Strangers On “The Go back Of Superman”

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Seol Ah And Soo Ah Be informed  To give coverage to Daebak From Strangers On “The Go back Of Superman”

Seol Ah And Soo Ah Be toldTo be offeringcoverage to Daebak From Strangers At theGo back Of Supermanleonid Would possibly 29, 2016 0 Daebak is kept secureby way of his legitimate older sisters on KBS2’s “The Return Of Superman!

Suddenly, an unfamiliar guy approaches the youngsterswhilst their father and the displaysgroup of workers are away. The stranger is in truth in cahoots with their father, who asked him to assist the children practice how to react in case a stranger attempts to kidnap them.

Just as Lee Dong Gook requested, the guygives them sweet and asks them if they wish to become play somewhere else. Seol Ah and Soo Ah fall for the temptation of the candy and hang his hands, while Daebak doesn’t protest when the man starts wearing him away.

Watch: Lovelyz Drops Stunning Choreography Edition Of “Destiny” MV

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Watch: Lovelyz Drops Stunning Choreography Edition Of “Destiny” MV

Watch: Lovelyz Drops Stunning Choreography Edition Of “Destiny” MVilmare42 Might 29, 2016 0 Lovelyz has shared a choreography version in their MV for “Destiny”!

On Could 30 at the hours of darkness KST, the gang dropped a lovely new video of themselves dancing to Destiny, which displaysfanatics their choreography from get started to finish. Naturally, here ishighest for any fans who needto test out out the dance themselves! Check out the video below.

Lovelyz released their track Destiny as phase of their new album A New Trilogy, which got here out on April 25. The upbeat song was once written by Onepiece, a composing team lead by potential of singer and manufacturer Yoon Sang, and the long-established MV lately surpassed 2.5 million perspectives on YouTube. 

Man Booker Winner Speaks of Amazement at Prize

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Han Kang, the winner of the fellow Booker World Prize, on Monday told journalists she felt "strange" on winning the award for a unique published nine years ago."The Vegetarian", used to befinished 11 years ago yetsimplest published in English ultimate year. Kang spoke of her amazement at winning an award overseas.The novel follows the tale of a lady who makes a decisionto preventdining meat because of a aggravatingrevel in in her childhood, and believes she is becoming a tree. First published in 2007, "The Vegetarian" sold 20,000 copies till last year, but sales have surged because the English translation won the prize. Changbi Publishers stated it has publishedany other 250,000. So far, publishing rights for the novel had been sold in 27 countries. "Human Acts", some other newthrough Han, has also been translated into English and publishing deals have been signed in 10 countries.Speaking at an match in Seoul, Han praised Deborah Smith, the Briton who translated "The Vegetarian", for her very goodactivity bringing to existence the which means and refined nuances she intended. The instancechanged into the launch of her new novel, "The Elegy of Whiteness", which she said expresses the resilience of human beings in the face of lifelong suffering.Han says she is making plans a new novel and needsto begin writing once possible. She suggested readers to method her books no longer to seek answers, but to be exposed to more questions and to open their hearts and minds in embracing Korean literature.