SHINee member Jonghyun’s shoulder has a face

SHINee member Jonghyun’s shoulder has a face

SHINee member Jonghyuns shoulder has a face?

SHINee member Jonghyun has revealed a rather peculiar image of his shoulder.

On July 9th, the idol took to Twitter with the picture above along with a brief explanation, naming the culprit: Kibum, the guy who fooled around with my shoulder.

In the picture, Jonghyun is seen wearing a sleeveless shirt and training pants. Fellow labelmate and Super Junior member Kim Kibum seems to have taken advantage of Jonghyuns exposed shoulder, as he has decorated it with a mans face, complete with facial hair.

Fans who saw the Twitter update, however, appeared more impressed with Jonghyuns physique rather than with Kibums work of art, as they commented, How big are Jonghyuns triceps for the face to be that big?, Look at Jonghyuns muscles! This picture was taken really well, and, Jonghyun must have exercised a lot [because] those bulging muscles look awesome.

Regardless of whether its Jonghyuns arm decoration or the arm itself that grabs your attention, it is still an amusing photo.

Source: Jonghyuns Twitter