Trailer for Lee Minho's new drama "Faith" revealed

Trailer for Lee Minhos new drama Faith revealedOn July 9th, SBS officially revealed the first trailer for the new drama "Faith"!

Starring top stars Lee Minho and Kim Heesun, "Faith" is set to air on August 13th and will take the Monday and Tuesday night slot after the ending of "The Chaser." Since "Faith" will be directed and written by Kim Jonghak and Song Jinah, the team that created highly popular dramas such as "Sandglass" and "The Legend," many people have set high expectations for "Faith."

"Faith" will revolve around the idea of time travel and will follow the story of a Goryeo warrior, Choi Young, who is played by actor Lee Minho, and a modern-day doctor, Lee Eunsoo, who is played by actress Kim Heesun. Choi Young travels to the present to kidnap Lee Eunsoo and brings her back to the past where they both persuade the king to become a person who truly cares for and wants to heal his people.

Check out the trailer below!

Source: Korea Star Daily andalifzELF