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A Gentleman’s Dignity Episode 14 (Screenshot + Recap)

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A Gentleman’s Dignity Episode 14 (Screenshot + Recap)

A Gentleman’s Dignity Episode 14 Recap by v3sia

Jang Dong Gun as Kim Do Jin

Kim Min Jong as Choi Yun(Yoon)

Lee Jong Hyuk as Lee Jung Rok

Kim Jong Nan as Park Min Song

A Gentleman’s Dignity Episode 14 Recap

The 3 guys (minus Jungrok) is watching some drama in the rooms.

They fell so deep in the drama sharing a blanket together.

In the end of the drama, they sing a long the closing song. (a french song, maybe)

jungrok come and missed the drama. No one want to tell him the story.

So he took out his cellphone and called his mother.

Everyone was amazed when seeing the cellphone.They were imagining if the cell phone can watch tv and etc.

Not knowing everything can be done in the future.

Suddenly they imagine theyselves as the "steve jobs"

Yisoo found an empty car of Dojin.

Suddenly Dojin come surprised him with a coffee.

Yisoo asked about the ticket plane which was in Dojin's plane

Dojin answered it was Collin's adding that they should send him off before making someone worried.

Yisoo asked if the worried person is Eunhee, but Dojin said it was Yisoo.

he know Yisoo was thinking a lot about Collin.

Dojin set another dinner date with Yisoo.

The 4 guys finding Collin in the park.

After Collin statement, they still decided to send Collin away.

They were walking behind collin, when yoon said, everything can be settled with some hair.

Teesan and Jungrok suddenly got panic, and they put a hat in the car while going to Dojin resident.

The 4 guys asked Collin again about the father things.

Collin said one day he saw his face in the mirror thinking he was handsome.

He want to find out from who he got the look.

Jungrok suddenly woke up intending praising himself as handsome.

Dojin who was serious all the conversation time.

Dojin asked about his birthday, asking his passport.

Dojin who saw the passport was a little bit shocked.

the 3 guys also saw the passport finding out Collin was borned in '94

Dojin suddenly said, he might be the father .

The other guys was saying that they also had relationship with Eunhee, but dojin just got silent

he asked the 3 guys to leave him with Collin.

At that time, Yisoo was still waiting for Dojin

Dojin asked Collin to call his mother.

The 3 guys who tried to hear from outside the door was surprised when Dojin got out.

Dojin just left with a weak steps.

Yisoo was waiting for Dojin outside the house.

She called Dojin but no answer.Dojin was actually watching her from across the house.

He just watched Yisoo with sad face.

Yisoo gave up and get in the house.

Dojin was thinking in the car while Yisoo tried to sleep.

Dojin was thinking in his room.Suddenly he called someone,saying that this is him, Kim Dojin.

The 3 guys was talking about Dojin in the bar.

JUngrok was so noisy that Teesan and Yoon told him to go away.

Teesan and Yoon was talking about how will someone feel if he suddenly found out he was the father.

Minsong was accepting some call. Suddenly she said "are this the truth?"

Yisoo was in the school. She gave Dojin a call asking him to contact her.

Ahri suddenly called her.

Minsong asked the 3 woman, Sera, Yisoo and Ahri to have lunch together.

Minsong told them, since the 4 of them have relationship with the 4 guys.

Minsong told them, collin was one of the 4 guys's son. but still not sure, which one is.

Ahri said Collin look like Dojin, but yisoo said no right away.

Minsong asked them to consider the 25% chance.

Ahri was in Sera and Yisoo's house.

Ahri was worried how to raise Collin if it's Yoon's

Sera was sure Collin isn't Teesan'son.

Sera asked Yisoo opinion if Dojin is the one,but Ahri told Yisoo not to worry saying it will be teesan's

Dojin was in the house listening yisoo's voicemail.

yisoo was in front of Dojin's house about to knock, but decided to go home.

Dojin was meeting with Collin for lunch

Dojin asked if Colling slept well. Colling asnwered yes, but said that Dojin looke like he didin't.

Dojin was asking about Collin's father. Collin said his father is nice.

Dojin told him, Eunhee will come to korea today. Collin asked if Dojin is really his father.

Eunhee was meeting with Dojin.

dojin was asking Eunhe what happened.Eunhee said Collin is dojin's son.

Dojin was angry Eunhee didn't tell him. Eunhee said sorry, saying she was little at that time.

And she didn't hope anything from Dojin.

Dojin told Eunhee not to leave until Dojin told him too.

Eunhee found Collin being angry with him.

Collin said he knew it was dojin from the first time he saw him.

Eunhee said this is a childish act and she love collin father

collin asked if his mother ever regretted giving him birth. Eunhee said, only today.

Ahri was looking through Teesan's old picture and found Eunhee's picture.

Yisoo was in front of the school, imagining Dojin.

The 3 guys waiting for Dojin in his house. As soon as Dojin got in, they asked if he already met Eunhee and if it's true.

Dojin said it's true. the 3 guys said they're ready to console him.

Dojin said lter, after he talked with Yisoo

Jungrok told him about the 4 woman's meeting

Suddenly the 3 guys's phone ringing (except Dojin)

First, Ahri met with Yoon.

Ahri asked if collin is his, Yoon just told him to not care about this.

ahri said not to worry, she will take care Collin well.

Jungrok come and told her to go while threatening caling Teesan.

Jungrok told Yoon to consider Ahri more

The waiter in the bar told all the condition to Minsong.

Jungrok was meeting with Minsong

Jungrok said Collin is not his, but he was still curious, saying collin is handsome etc

Minsong said she know, it's not jUngrok's

saying that Jungrok will try to hide Collin if he's Jungrok's son

Minsong asked if Jungrok want to have dinner together.

Jungrok asked if he should go or sleep after dinner. Minsong answered sleep, jungrok was happy.

Jungrok got inside the room to change his clother.

he come out with Sera' car keys, asking whose it is

Jungrok checked it in the garage and found out it was Sera's

Teesan was meeting sera.

Sera asked about Teesa's condition, but teesan said they already broke up.

Sera said she miis him, but Teesan said how come u don't want to marry me but still missme

Teesan just left leaving Sera's crying.

Ahri come to Yisoo's house. She showed Yisoo Eunhee's picture.

Ahri asked if Dojin already contacted him.

Suddenly dojin called Yisoo, asking to meet her, and willing to go to her house.

Yisoo said, she will go there, since waiting time is like hell.

Yisoo was thinking while driving, almost got into accident

Yisoo arrived in Dojin's house. she acted strong.

Dojin said sorry, not just about not contacting Yisoo but about the conversation he will have.

He said "i want to cancel my words, about living together, promise making her happy, and promise not to leaver her"

Dojin said he was a bad guy. Yisoo asked if Collin is Dojin's son

Dojin said yes, Yisoo asked again, not believing it. Dojin said yes.

Dojin told Yisoo to forget him.

Yisoo then said"and meet a good guy?"

Dojin said yes, he hope so. Yisoo asked if there is another words.

Dojin said " just go carefully"

Yisoo answered "Yes, I'll go then"

Dojin suddenly get up and called the security guard.

he told the guard to stop the crying woman from driving.

Downstairs, Yisoo was crying heavily forcing the guard to let her drive.

Yisoo was crying when Dojin come and told her to take taxi, Yisoo was just crying, so Dojin just drove her home.

Yisoo was crying all the way home.

Yisoo just run out the card, turn back to Dojin and got angry

Yisoo said sojin was a bad guy and asking if he has another past, another unknown children

Yisoo just broke down and cried as she got into her room.

Dojin was also entering his room with sad face.

In the morning, at school

Yisoo's fave student was talking with the student he used to threatened.

But this time, he was nice with him.Suddenly a woman calling his name

The student's mother slapping the fave student saying he was hitting his son.

Yisoo come to therescue, but failed.

The student just left feeling lost.

Yisoo was drinking in softball field, when teesan found him.

Teesan asked if she is okay, but Yisoo said no, his student and Dojin

Yisoo said Dojin should give him time, maybe she can understand

Teesan said Dojin did all this just to protect Yisoo

Teesan said he will leave her alone. Yisoo said thank you and said she really once liked a cool person.

Teesan found jungrok in the bar. Jungrok told Teesan about Sera's car and the money problem.

Teesan found Minsong and asked about Sera loan.

Minsong told Teesan to just be silent protecting Sera's pride.

But Teesan said as his pride, he will pay back Sera's loan

Teesan come home with sera's car key

Sera was comforting Yisoo who was lying in the bed.

Yisoo told Sera Collin was Dojin's son

Collin and Dojin was in lunch again. Collin asked why dojin always asked him to go lunch.

Dojin said he was trying now, to build relationship with him

Collin asked for Dojin's hair for DNA test

Collin toke the hair to Yoon asking for DNA test.

But Yoon said he already did the DNA test.

The dna test was 99.9%, but whose is it?

Yoon asked Dojin to come to his office

One of the teacher come to Yisoo's house.

SHe said the student's mom was presing charge to Yisoo's fave student.

Yisoo went to Yoon's office.

While waiting, Dojin come with Eunhee.

Yisoo said to Dojin "look like you just didn't find a son after all, you also found another thing"

Yisoo walked through Dojin then Dojin suddenly caught her hand

He said "le me introduce you guys. This one is ex girlfriend eunhe..."

"And this is Yisoo, the woman i just lost..."

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A Gentleman’s Dignity Episode 14 Screenshot

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