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ZE:A Makes A “Spectacular” Return

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  ZE:A Makes A “Spectacular” Return

ZE:A, also known as Children of Empire, are fresh off their concert tour of Asia and have returned with a new album Spectacular. Unlike their contemporaries, Infinite and C.N. Blue, and despite their somewhat success in Japan, ZE:A are still amongst the groups that are still under the radar. Theyve had a lot of bumps along the way, including a terrible debut, but even with fairly decent subsquent tracks, they still havent managed to break into the higher rungs of K-pop relevancy. Perhaps with their sophomore album they can gain more attention, but regardless of the albums quality, the odds of doing so might prove unlikely due to the ill-fated timing with the comebacks of 2NE1, T-ara and Super Junior. Originally, their comeback was intended for mid-June, but was delayed because of leader Junyoungs injury. Lets hope their album is good enough to draw attention towards the boys even with the tough competition.

The sound of this song is very haunting, especially with its hook. The song starts with a simple electronic beat, and then completely picks up by increasing the intensity of the electronic beat. The overlaying of the deep, fast raps and the higher-pitched, softer vocals is a great mix because their voices blend so well together. The song does seem to drag in places and the stanzas between the chorus feel very short, especially near the end. Another minor problem with the song is what could only be described as a poor mans dubstep being spliced into the middle, but thankfully it didnt last too long, because it seemed to be randomly placed there and would have detracted for the song.

Finally, a title track that doesnt depend on heavy production and autotune to sound catchy. The haunting sound continues with their title track Aftermath, which is mainly because of the emotive voice of Dongjun, their lead vocalist. The sound of his voice is reminiscent of B2STs Yoseob, and is supported by the deeper tones of the rappers and other vocalists.

The electronic beats and light bass kept the pace of the song while the rest of the song was very light-sounding, but didnt veer into the fluffy. While my complaint for Love is Gone was that it dragged in places, my only gripe with Aftermath is that it ends abruptly and sounds like Dongjun was cut off mid-chorus. It would have been nice to have ended with the slowing down of the bass, but this minor gripe doesnt downplay the good quality of the rest of the song.

The synths and electronica is a lot more pre-dominant in this song, but its really fun-sounding. It has a little bombast and flair, with J-pop elements. In parts, it sounds like it was ripped straight from the soundrack of a Nintendo video game or an anime, which doesnt mean it sounds bad, but it sounds like its been influenced during their time in Japan. I especially like the slow beats during the stanzas in between the chorus, which give the sound a funk and house vibe and helps to provide development in between the powerful sound of the chorus.

Coy Girl is a good song for the club and for those who enjoy club-like music and over-bearing synths. The vocals and rapping is just as strong here as in the previous three songs, but its a little disappointing that they decided to include such a heavily-produced song, especially when the previous songs were cleaner and smoother-sounding; it made Coy Girl sound messy in comparision. It sounded a lot like a song FloRida and the like would churn out, and theyre not people youd like to think of when listening to any song.

Although Body to Body is indeed just another club-sounding song, it was an interesting listen because of the types of sounds and synths within the song. At first it sounded like a typical Euro-pop club banger, but the inclusion of police whistles, random chanting and bleeps was an amusing backtrack to the otherwise plain-sounding melody of the song. It was a nice experimental song, with all of the different sounds all coming together to make a good song. Although, it would be interesting to see how clubgoers would react to the police whistle embedded in the song.

Never End is a return back to the clean-sounding songs and it is a vocal-driven song. The rappers are absent in the song and although I like the balance between the rappers and vocalists, the song is a showcase of ZE:As vocal talent. Its a shame that their vocals arent as appreciated as much as other vocals in K-pop, especially Dongjun. The song has RB tones that blend nicely with the electronica aspects of the song, and the song kept a nice pace, but it still feels like the song ended abruptly. It may be the fact that the song was so good I didnt want it to end, but it felt sudden and without a denouement long enough to make it feel less abrupt.

This was a good pop ballad. The harmony of the vocals are nearly flawless and the upbeat sound of the instrumental makes it very reminscent of Super Junior, during their cute, pop-oriented days. I almost thought I was listening to Super Junior when I first heard itexcept with better rapping.  The flow was really smooth and had nice ups and downs as the song went along, making for a more complete-sounding song. Its cute but in an understated way; its not too overly sweet-sounding. The clapping sound in the background helps to keep the pace steady, when it could have fell flat without it.

Daily Daily is a lot slower than Begin With A Kiss and emphasizes the ballad side of its pop ballad elements. The harmony is just as powerful and strong as it is in Begin With A Kiss, and the instrumental makes it sound like it would be perfect as a song for an  OST of a drama.

The rappers are back with this balladesque song. It has a similiar structure to Begin With A Kiss and Daily Daily, but has a more RB feel to it. The range of ZE:As vocalists is amazingwith them nailing the high notes while being capable of controlling their voices for the low notes. The rapping in this song is really solid, although a bit repetitive at times. I really enjoy the harmony of ZE:As vocals, not since DBSK have I enjoyed listening to a group harmonize together as much. Its a stre tch to equate ZE:As vocalists and DBSKs, but the vocal talent is just that strong. Its a shame that they havent been getting as much recognition as other vocalists.

ZE:A has never really piqued my interest as a group. Their debut song, Mazel Tov, was horrible and easily made them disappear under the weight that was CN Blues Im A Loner. They havent had much luck in the subsquent years after their debut either, and the delay of their 2nd album might cause them to be overlooked again, but this time it would be a shame. Spectacular as a whole exceeds my expectations of the group and actually got me paying attention to them. Aftermath is a good title track to be promoting and might be able to draw some much-deserved attention towards them.

Gems: Hunter, Aftermath, Someday Dirty, and Begin With A Kiss

Worth A Listen: Daily Daily, Love Is Gone, Never End

Weakest Links: Coy Girl and Body To Body

(Star Empire Entertainment)

AOA’s Seolhyun Complimented For Her Acting Potential

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AOA’s Seolhyun Complimented For Her Acting Potential

AOAs Seolhyun Complimented For Her Acting Attainable boxclub February 14, 2016 0 Actor Jung Jin Young has praised AOA member Seolhyun for her potential in acting.

On the February 14 episode of MBC’s “Section TV,” veteran actor Jung Jin Young sits down for an interview with the reporter.

The actor goes directly topercentage his mind on junior actors he recalls from his old works, adding Lee Min Ho, Seolhyun, and Jang Geun Suk.

S.Korea to close Down Kaesong Business Complex

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Seoul has made up our mindsto close down the inter-Korean Kaesong Commercial Complex in retaliation for North Korea's rocket release Sunday and its contemporary nuclear test. The closure of the industrial park just north of the border will fee the regime millions of bucks that it siphons off workers' salaries. "We've been looking tomake certain that the Kaesong Industrial Complex meets global standards, yet North Korea in its place exploited our efforts", Unification Minister Hong Yong-pyo told newshounds Wednesday. "We've made a decisionto fully suspend operations at the Kaesong Industrial Complex to save you our investment there from being used to expand nuclear warheads and missiles and we would like tobe certain our enterprises may no longer be victimized through Pyongyang". Hong stated Seoul notified Pyongyang of the verdict and asked for cooperation in pulling out South Korean staff. The govt plans to install a taskforce to presenttoughento a couple 120 South Korean agencies that run factories there.The government pledged to tap into a cross-border economic cooperation fund to assistthe companies being forced to drag out and glance for choice plots of land for them to use. The government worries that the North mayattempt tohang South Korean controland kit hostage. Some 184 South Koreans are based totallythroughout the complex. Any more South Koreans can be prohibited from entering it as of Thursday. "We will whole the withdrawal of the South Korean work forceonce possible", a Unification Ministry legit said.Hong said Seoul should take a "leading role" in foreign sanctions opposed to the North. He added North Korea has earned a overall of W616 billion in money from the complex so far, and the suspicion is that the cash went into the advance of nuclear hands and missiles (US$1=W1,198).

GFRIEND’s Sowon Is Interested by Joining “We Were given Married”

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GFRIEND’s Sowon Is Interested by Joining “We Were given Married”

GFRIENDs Sowon Is Inquisitive about Joining We Were given Marriedan0ya February 14, 2016 0 Woman group GFRIENDs Sowon has expressed her passion in performing on MBCs virtual marriage display nosotros Got Married.

On the February 14 broadcast of Segment TV, the GFRIEND contributorsspeak about their fresh activities and long run plans at an advertisement shoot set.

She is going on to supply an explanation for the that meansin the back of her grin, saying, I dont would like to say that Identity like to appear on the show, yet I considerthere's a right timing for everything, and makes everybody laugh with her careful wording.

Singer Min Kyung Hoon Supplies Lee Guk Joo a Kiss

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Singer Min Kyung Hoon Supplies Lee Guk Joo a Kiss

Singer Min Kyung Hoon Offers Lee Guk Joo a Kisshellohalcyon February 14, 2016 0 The February thirteen broadcast of JTBCs Older Brother targetedat thesubject of The maximum productive Way to Breakup With Your Lover. All through the show, Buzzs Min Kyung Hoon and comedienne Lee Guk Joo played out a hilarious skit focused in this theme.

Lee Guk Joo first started outvia saying, Ok, In deficient healthget a divorce with you. Yetwe couldfinish IT with a breakup kiss. Whenever you dont do this, we cant end our relationship. We kiss if were going to breakup, or we just stay seeing each and every other. Min Kyung Hoon was once conflicted till he responded, You promise? If I do this, dont ever seem in front of me again. With this ultimate kiss, you'll never appear in front of me again. Lee Guk Joo then said, You know that we never kissed even once during the 3 years we dated?

Min Kyung Hoon then replied, Did you know why I never kissed you? Its because I sought afterto be offeringcoverage to you. Lee Guk Joo then cursed out loud causing all and sundry to laugh ahead of saying, Yeah, you beloved me. Min Kyung Hoon showed his hesitation in kissing Lee Guk Joo by retorting, I may beready to cherish you even more. Whilst they did a pinky promise, Min Kyung Hoon reaffirmed, Dont ever appear in front of me again. With this last kiss, we are finished. Who will have to make it? Ill do it.

Long-Lived Koreans Take Dim View in their Own Health

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Koreans take a dimmer view in their own fitness than any people in the OECD, a survey suggests.The Korea Institute for Health and Social Affairs when comparedexistence expectancy to subjective health self-assessment in the OECD in a file published closing month.Only 35.1 % of Korean respondents over 15 stated they trust they are in excellent health, the smallest percentage in the OECD and just part the moderate of 69.2 percent. Yet Koreans' life expectancy is 81.8 years, upper than the OECD average of 80.5 years. Korea and Japan are the only real countries where fewer than 40 percent of respondents feel well. In Canada, New Zealand and the U.S. around 90 percent of respondents reported being are compatible as a fiddle. Mavens blame the mismatch on mental and environmental factors. "Most Koreans have a long and busy running day and can notmanage to pay forampleleisure and sleep", said Yim Jae-joon at Seoul National University Hospital. "Quality of life isn't great, which is why such so much of Koreans fear roughly their health too much". The institute also pointed to a culture of understatement about how neatly one is doing generally. Choi Jae-wook at Korea University School of Medicine, said, "A surfeit of health knowledge in the media distorts people's belief of their health". But the report also displays that Koreans generally tend to underestimate how fats they are. Even though 24.4 percent of respondents said they suspect they are obese or obese, the real proportion was once 31.5 percent. The discrepancy became even more pronounced among girls with 17.8 percent opposed to a truth of 26.4 percent. In the U.S., the adaptation was minimum -- whilst a humongous 71.3 percent are overweight or obese, 70.5 percent know it. "Untested info readily to be had online and distrust of clinicalexecslead toindividualsbuying groceries around hospitals and doctors till they to findone who tells them what they wish to hear", warned Shin Hyun-young at the Korean Medical Association.

Kim Min Jung Addresses the Debatable Factor of Sponsorship in the Entertainment Industry

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Kim Min Jung Addresses the Debatable  Factor of Sponsorship in the Entertainment Industry

Kim Min Jung Addresses the ArguableFactor of Sponsorship in the Entertainment Industrykminjungee February 14, 2016 0 Actress Kim Min Jung has mentioned her opinion on the controversy at the back of entertainment sponsorships.

On February 14, Kim Min Jung posted on her non-public Instagram an image of SBS’s “We Would like to Know,” at the aspect of a long caption.

The February thirteen broadcast of “We Need to Know” findsthe truth behind sponsors in the entertainment world, and resulted in a gigantic impact.

Kang Ye Won and Oh Min Seok Get Married and Verify Emotions With Lie Detector on “We Were given Married”

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Kang Ye Won and Oh Min Seok Get Married and Verify  Emotions With Lie Detector on “We Were given Married”

Kang Ye Won and Oh Min Seok Get Married and VerifyEmotions alongside Lie Detector on We Were given Marriedleejojoba February 14, 2016 0 Actors Kang Ye Won and Oh Min Seok after all got married at the February thirteen episode of MBC’s “We Got Married.” It was onceactuallyan unbelievable marriage ceremonyrite for the “Oh-Ye Couple.”

Oh Min Seok readyan outside wedding for his bride Kang Ye Won. He pulled off the entiretyvia himself, being the groom, emcee, or even officiating the ceremony. As Kang Ye Won walked in dressed in a pretty white wedding gown, the good-looking groom couldn’t take his eyes off of his gorgeous bride.

The candy romance endured on as the couple arrived in their room. The 2 lovebirds shared a love shot as they exchanged risqué jokes fitting for a newlywed couple.

Taeyeon win #1 on SBS' 'Inkigayo' performances from WINNER, 4minute, AOA Cream & more

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Taeyeon win #1 on SBS' 'Inkigayo'   performances from WINNER, 4minute, AOA Cream & more

SBS' 'Inkigayo' aired its latest episode with full of life and a laugh performances from your favourite idols. Joining us were MCs BTOB's Sungjae, GOT7's Jackson and MC Kim Yoo Jung. In addition, WINNER's Kang Seung Yoon served as a unique guest MC. 

On this episode, AOA Cream debuted with "I'm Jelly BABY", WINNER returned with "Sentimental", Yoo Seung Woo returned with "Whatever", and 4minute made their comeback with "Hate".

As for the winner, Winner, Taeyeon, and G-Friend were the nominees, yet it was Taeyeon who took the win with "Rain" for the 3rd week in a row. Congratulations to  Taeyeon!!

Jeff Bernat Believes G-Dragon May just Be triumphant in the yank Market

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Jeff Bernat Believes G-Dragon May just  Be triumphant in the yank Market

Jeff Bernat Believes G-Dragon MayBe triumphant in the yankeeMarketplace hellohalcyon February 14, 2016 0 Jeff Bernat held a concert for 2 days in Seoul this weekend and sat down with Star News for an interview.

During the interview, he used to be asked about which Korean artists he thinks would have the maximum efficientprobability at succeeding in the U.S. market. He responded, A few of the Korean artists I know, there are 3other people that I suspect who could succeed. One is BIGBANGG-Dragon, who is already very popular. G-Dragon is unique. He'sother than any individual in the world. He is like Koreas Pharrell Williams, Jeff Bernat said.

He continued, Some other artist would be 2NE1s CL. She is already popular in the U.S. and known in the world. The closinguser would be Dean. Dean is at all times making new tune and music that predicts trends. I believe that those three artists can succeed large in the American market.

SEVENTEEN Announces Reputable Fan Club Call at Concert

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SEVENTEEN Announces Reputable Fan Club Call at Concert

SEVENTEEN Announces Reputable Fan Club Call at Concertjun2yng February 14, 2016 0 SEVENTEEN announced their official fan club name at their concert “LIKE SEVENTEEN — Boys Wish” hung on February 14.

After the group’s initial performances of “Mansae,” “NO F.U.N,” and “Rock,” team member Hoshi said, “We have a press release to make.” Leader S.Coups continued, “All of you made us shine so bright. From now own, you're our Carat,” which was once met with wild cheers from fans.

The name Carat for SEVENTEEN’s fan club becomedeterminedby way of a fan vote, with other probabilitiesadding Same and Tinker Bell.