Ivy doesn’t like her bare face

Ivy doesn’t like her bare face

Ivy doesnt like her bare face?

Singer and musical actress Ivy posted a set of selcas to her blog on July 5th, along with the message: A sharp bathroom-mirror selca of my haggard face. At Little Saigon after getting my makeup done. [Wearing my] sunglasses like this because they might leave a mark on my nose. Botox, want you.

In the photos above, Ivy appears to be eating at a restaurant with a friend. Despite her remarks about how her appearance, Ivy still looks beautiful.

Netizens commented, You mustve been busy because of your concert, I will definitely watch Chicago, How is it that you eat like this but dont gain weight, I heard that its noticeable in the musical that her actings improved, Shes both sexy and cute, and Ivys fashion sense is excellent.

Source: Newsen via Nate