Girls’ Generation’s Hyoyeon enters the Top 4 on ‘Dancing with the Stars 2′!

Girls’ Generation’s Hyoyeon enters the Top 4 on ‘Dancing with the Stars 2′!

Girls Generations Hyoyeon enters the Top 4 on Dancing with the Stars 2!

On the July 6th episode of MBCs Dancing with the Stars 2, Girls Generations Hyoyeon and her partner Kim Hyung Suk competed for a spot among the Top 4 finalists.

During this episode, Hyoyeon and Kim Hyung Suk presented a jive performance for the second time. Specifically, they danced to Propose from the broadway musical Mama Mia. Without missing a beat, the young couple impressed with their quick feet movements and slides, once again confirming their great potential and skill as dancers.

After the performance, judge Song Seung Hwan commented, The jive dance really suits you two well. It seems like this youthful dance suits you two amazingly well.

Alex Kim added, I enjoyed watching your jive movements. Your keep, ball, chamber, and sweep [moves] were awesome.

Finally, Kim Joo Won concluded by referring to a nickname Hyoyeon is sometimes known for in Korea, saying kindly, Hyoyeon, rather than simply being the Korean Britney, you seem to be even better than Britney. Youre beautiful.

In the end, Song Seung Hwan, Alex Kim, and Kim Joo Won, gave a 9, 8, and 9 score respectively, giving Hyoyeon and Kim Hyung Suk a total of 26 points. The pair has thus secured a place in the top 4 along with Lee Duk Hwa and Kim Gyuri.

Source: TV Daily via Nate