Who has the best chance of winning the Outstanding Korean Actress Award?

Six popular Korean actresses have been nominated as the Outstanding Korean Actress in the Seoul Drama Awards. Along with the TV series they worked for, they are all loved by viewers

Six popular actresses have been nominated as the Outstanding Actress in the Seoul Awards. Along with the TV series they worked for, they are all loved by viewers. However since the nominees are evaluated by foreign viewers, it is important to have global appeal abroad in addition to acting skills or any other characteristics.

Who has the best chance of winning the Outstanding Korean Actress Award?

It seems that one of the probable winners now is Suzy from Dream High1, considering that her popularity is drastically increasing in and outside of Korea. People all over the world started to pay attention to this little girl as she stepped into the limelight. However, the fact that she is originally a singer, and she doesn’t have that much acting experiences compared to the other nominees can be an obstacle to her winning the award.

Another probable actress for the award is with her drama series . Her partner in the series was Park Yoo Chun(), who has a tremendous number of fans in Asia. She might some benefit from his fans, too.

, well known for her acting skill and numerous hit films, has a chance to win, but her series The King Two Hearts barely became known overseas.

from Deep-Rooted Tree is famous for her pretty appearance. Nevertheless, her inadequate acting had been an issue.

and are great Korean actresses as well, but it seems that they have a bit more to go before they will be acknowledged by global audiences.

It will be interesting to see who wins the award.


Source: Korea.com

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