[Spoiler] "Big" Lee Min-jeong and Gong Yoo go off on each other

Lee Min-jeong and Gong Yoo's honeymoon didn't occur

On the ninth episode of the SBS drama "Big", Da-ran (Lee Min-jeong) and Kyeong-joon (Gong Yoo) quarreled with each other right before they were going on their honeymoon.

Kyeong-joon, in Yoon-jae's body felt dizzy and felt his soul visit his real body at the hospital. He thought something might've changed in the body and ran to see it but Kyeong-joon's body was still and unmoving.

Da-ran said, "Things have started to change so your body is going to change too. Lucky we found out before the plane took off, before we were on our honeymoon. Kyeong-joon became jealous and said, "If I changed on our honeymoon, you would've built the Great Wall on the Great Wall" and "Don't mind me" when Da-ran said she'd been worried about him and not having fun.

Da-ran told him, "I'll be on my vacation so you enjoy your school trip" and he replied bad temperedly, "Don't contact me for 3 nights, I will never answer it".

Meanwhile, instead of going to China, Da-ran stayed in a public bathhouse and avoided her family.