KBS2 Big Episode 9 (Screenshot + Recap)

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KBS2 Big Episode 9 (Screenshot + Recap)

KBS2 Big Episode 9 (Screenshot + Recap) by Softy


Starts from the car ride back. She asks if he felt the body in the hospital. He says it was for a short time – 5 or 6 sec but I felt it. if I felt it then the body lying there would have moved too. Nurses go in and see that KJ’s body fell off the bed and wondered what happened. S took YJ’s body in for a scan

The uncle and aunt wonder if he really woke up.

D and K see that YJ didn’t wake up- he is the same. D says since you felt something, it started. S asks what they are doing here. he asks about KJ so S says nothing has changed much. S asks if the two of them came here cuz of KJ. I know you are concerned about that patient so I will call you so K says I can find out on my own so don’t call me

Uncle asks if the doctor asked about KJ. S says yes. They think doctor is waiting for KJ to wake up cuz there is something the doctor doesn’t know and needs to know.

D and K walk about the trip – what would have happened if they left and this happened. She says how she almost got happy about the trip so K asks if she was happy about going on the trip with him. She lies and covers up saying she wasn’t happy about going with him. So they bicker and decide to have separate honeymoons. She tells him to go on his school trip and she will go on her honeymoon. He tells her not to call during her 3n4d trip. She tells him not to call her too. K drives off alone

D wonders what to do alone for 3n4d.

M waits outside K’s home. She says even though your body married Gil teacher today, I will think in your heart you married me

Na and AK meet. He thanks her for her help with D. He offers to buy the beer today. she is about to confess but she doesn’t and orders soju.

D goes to a sauna but her family is there too

K goes home and doesn’t realize M’s shoes are there. he is in the dark when he finds the amulet. He wonders what it is. From upstairs the door opens. M comes walking out like a ghost. He hears her call out his name and she looks over the railing and makes both of them scream

K asks why she is here. she says he didn’t go on the honeymoon so the amulet worked. He tells her to go home. She mentions his room upstairs so he goes up and asks what this is. She says when he gets confused he should come here and come to his senses. He says he doesn’t get confused. She thinks if she stays here it will help him more. but he says she cant stay

D is getting a body massage from a chair and says it’s better than a Chinese foot massage

CS tells his parents he saw someone who looked similar to his sister. He decides to call her and asks if she likes china. D lies and says it’s nice here. he asks if she is having dinner. She makes up a lie about what she is eating. He sees her from the back and asks if she is really in china. She says yes and asks where he is – at home. But he says no I came to the sauna with mom and dad. he walks closer to her and asks if she is eating eggs. He calls out to her and asks to see her face. He runs after her into the women’s changing room. His mom hits him for doing that.

K draws on the map of the wall of china and says how nice it would have been to hold hands with her as they walked. He wonders if she really went to china. Why isnt she coming. He goes outside to look for her.

D’s parents and CS are in the car. CS thinks she isnt in china cuz after he spoke to her D isnt picking up. they pass by and CS sees K and thinks it is brother in law. He tells the dad to back up and CS calls out to K. they ask what he is doing here

K tells them that urgent matter came up at the hospital with a patient so he sent D alone to china. CS says how he thought he saw noona at the sauna but she left his brother in law. They wonder what D is doing alone in china. They guess what D is doing

D says since she saw her family go home they wont come back again. She gets a call from K. he asks if she is in a good place. She asks where he is. He says at her home. He told her parents D went alone to china. She wonders if K got in a lot of trouble cuz of her. K lies that he got in some trouble (but he really didn’t)

K is getting a really great dinner. They keep saying how refreshing the stew is. K argues that it’s not refreshing (Cuz he took their words at face value- during this dinner the meal is suited for someone with older taste buds so K asks for something simple like fried egg and so does CS cuz they both have the same taste in food) The mom mutters that D shouldn’t have gone alone so K tells her not to talk ill of her own daughter. He insults YJ and says there is nothing that great about him.

S meets with YJ’s mom and asks if she is going back to America. The mom says something happened so I am going back early. S mentions how Y didn’t go on his honeymoon and came to the hospital cuz he was worried about his patient. The mom says she needs to scold YJ and asks who the patient is. S gives her the name KKJ so the mom repeats it. S says he is a young student and doesn’t have his parents. The mom asks how old KJ is. S says a high school student.

YJ’s mom calls YJ’s dad and asks for (KJ’s mom’s name) son’s name. the dad gives her the name KKJ. The mom gets mad and says do whatever you want cuz I don’t want to find that child. After she hangs up she wonders if YJ found that child. (you can tell YJ’s dad is concerned about KJ but YJ’s mom isnt)

Aunt wonders what if KJ doesn’t wake up. she says how KJ’s mom saved up a lot of money raising her son alone. Uncle worries about his restaurant and the aunt worries why the kid wont wake up

D calls K and asks if he is sleeping at her home. Her parents told him to stay in her room till D comes back. D is at his place. He says how her room is like her but she says this home isnt like him so he says it’s cuz his uncle threw out all of his stuff. He talks about how her dad made him something to eat and gave him to drink. K asks if she ate. She says she is about to eat ramen but he tells her to wait

He packs up the food and runs to his home. She is outside waiting for him.

He runs over and says I am going to throw this away so wanna eat it? she smiles

K says it was hard to come out quietly so should I just stay here since it will be hard to go back in quietly. D tells him to go back to her home.  he asks if she is getting rid of him after his delivery and asks for room payment (cuz it’s his home) but she wont pay him. She drinks the alcohol her dad gave K. she says the alcohol is older than him. Cuz it’s been aged longer than K. he says how her dad told him to drink it when he needs energy (for those honeymoon nights). He talks to the alcohol and says you shouldn’t have come here. K says if D gets frisky – I don’t have the confidence to turn you down. She tells him to stop talking nonsense and go. K: Uh oh you don’t have confidence huh? She walks him out and tells him to go carefully. He leaves but comes back and says: just say you came back from china tm and come and get me. He walks back to her home. She smiles

Na carries a drunk AK and she sort of indirectly confesses to him. He calls out to her after he puts her down and she throws the bouquet at him like a baseball. She calls out strike and says out. na thinks her drunk habits are odd

K gets a text from D- if you are bored read one of the books in my room. If you are doing well after eating breakfast then I will come and get you. K is happy

He looks through her boxes and stuff and finds the photo of her and YJ. Then her couple socks. Then a recorder that is broken. Then another photo of YJ. He says to the pic- ajussi hurry and come back cuz I am about to not want to go back

YJ’s mom goes to the hospital room where YJ is. She is about to touch his face but she doesn’t. when you were born I didn’t see you but I get to see you here for the first time KJ. She quickly walks out

M asks why his brother didn’t go to his honeymoon. CS asks if she likes that a lot. She offers to deduct more pans for CS cuz he helped with the amulet but he tells her to deduct just one at a time

K goes to see YJ. The nurse says someone at night came to visit. She looked like a rich wealthy older woman like his guardian. M comes running in and says to the body I heard you moved yesterday so are you coming back. K says I waited for you to come. You know my where my uncle is right?

When they get to his uncle’s restaurant, K asks M to ask his uncle for his stuff back if the uncle didn’t throw it away. There is a photo of KJ’s mom on the wall cuz this restaurant is the same as his mom’s in LA. M mutters about how there are no customers cuz the food tastes bad. The aunt and uncle hide and think the doctor came cuz of the money. they think M is on the same side as the doctor. Uncle tells the waiter to tell those people we aren’t here

K mutters how the food tastes bad. The waiter says the owner is at the second branch location. M mutters the first location is failing but he is still opening a second one. K gives the waiter the card and says tell the owner to come and see me if he wants the second location to do well.

Uncle goes over to speak to K. K tells him to give KJ’s belongings to M and I will give you the contact number of the Russian cook my mom used.

K gets back his stuff from the uncle. M says K could have gotten his stuff back without giving away the cook’s number

Uncle and aunt wonder what to do

K says he has someplace to go and asks where he should drop off M. M says I wait at your home. He says how he is at D’s home until she comes back to get me.

K meets with YJ’s mom. she asks how YJ  knew his patient. He says from the accident. She asks if they knew each other from before but he says just after the accident. He asks if the mom is going back. She says yes. He tells her to go back and be comfortable. She says there was someone you were looking for from a long time ago. I didn’t want you to meet that person. Even if you met him by accident I didn’t want you to meet. K says I am not interested in anything from the past. When he is alone he wonders who YJ was looking for

The uncle and Kim meet at D’s family restaurant. Uncle and kim talk about how he had a crush on D’s mom. Kim thinks D’s dad is regretting now too that he married his student. Uncle says let’s leave both of them to regret together. They overhear about D’s mom unable to do math so Kim says she is the same. But D’s parents don’t fight about it. so kim and the uncle are in denial and say: inside they are regretting for sure. Uncle agrees

CS tells M how K is staying at his sister’s room. Cuz he is our family. But M says KJ will be my family. CS moves D’s stuff and M sees all the stuff (that show D still likes YJ) so M says let’s go give it to your sister.

M whispers to D that K met YJ’s mom. M lies and says K said he was uncomfortable being here. he isnt uncomfortable with me. This is all your stuff so you wont be confused. M hands D all of D’s memory box (of YJ)

D calls K and says you don’t need to come here and just go home. K asks if she is coming right away too. She says yes. She goes through her stuff

D goes back home with the box with YJ’s stuff. K looks sad that she brought that with her (cuz it means she still cares about YJ) so K is abrupt with her. she asks what his stuff is so he explains he brought it from his uncle. K snaps at her about stuff

He goes to his room and says there is no room for my stuff. This is all SYJ’s stuff. He takes her YJ’s stuff and tells her to keep it in her rood. He knocked over her stuff so she says the recorder is broken cuz of him but K says it was already broken. She says how it was precious to YJ and he gave it to me to study better. They fight about making each other confused. He says let’s live separately. She brings up how he was uncomfortable at her home. K: I am not the one who really become that family’s member. He walks away hurt. He kicks his stuff out of anger.

Next morning she tells him to eat breakfast but he says no thank you. she offers him fresh juice but he says no. she say he has to water the grass but he says it will rain.

She knocks and goes to his room but he isnt there. she wonders if he left. She sees his bag unpacked

K is at YJ’s office. The doctor thanks K for his help. K asks him for a co sign so the guy gives him tickets and tells him to go and see it with D.

At the school AK calls out to Kim that AK wants to go on a blind date. Kim looks at Na and says to AK: you don’t need to go on blind dates do you? But AK says we don’t have that kind of relationship. Na agrees so AK sadly agrees to the blind date Kim will set up

CS waits for M. he shows movie tickets and asks to see it with it. she runs off with both tickets saying I want to see it

K is with the kids again. The girl keeps trying to play with the boy but he wont. The boy says this stuff is childish cuz K told him to play with the girl. D calls K and asks him to bring bread cuz she is going to make him pizza. But K says I don’t want to eat it. the boy remarks K is doing the same thing. K says I am going through a similar thing right now. The  girl asks K to play house with her so K says I have to go buy bread

K goes home and his stuff is hanging out to dry. He says it’s mine and it’s been washed

When he goes in there are pics of him with his mom and his books everywhere

K calls D and says you did my laundry. Where are you? D: I came out to buy bread. He says how he bought bread. This is your last day of vacation right? D: yes. K holds the free tickets and says I will throw something away under the bread so look for it carefully. He mutters if he went alone he would have had to throw them away. he runs out and gets YJ’s recorder fixed for D

D goes home and finds the tickets. She wonders why he threw this away. D:  Since it’s a waste not to go since it was thrown away. She gets ready to go and meet K

M goes home and asks if K went somewhere. D says K is going somewhere with me and shows the tickets. M asks to go in D’s place. M: Teacher –do you like K? Cuz K doesn’t need to pretend to be YJ there. D reluctantly says K will have more fun with you. M thanks her and takes the tickets and goes

K listens to the recorder while waiting cuz he got it fixed. It’s a boring lecture

YJ’s dad says to YJ’s mom over the phone: How is that his (KJ) sin that (his mom) died. YJ’s mom: What does that have to do with me. That kid is not my kid. He was born to save YJ. I don’t know KKJ. S overheard all that

M goes to meet K. he asks why she is here. she says teacher gave me this to watch with you and I gave her movie tickets to see with CS. She asks if he is disappointed that she came instead of D. He says how he fixed this recorder and wanted to make it up to teacher and reconcile. She says don’t reconcile with teacher cuz she is the grownup. He leaves so M wonders if he likes the teacher

D waits with tickets and wonders why she is upset she didn’t get to see it. maybe it’s cuz I didn’t get to watch it with him. K shows up. he asks why she is here. K: do you like it that I came? You don’t like it? should I go? She holds him back so he says I will stay. He says this movie isnt the kind I like cuz it has blood. I got this fixed. He gives her the recorder. He talks about how boring the lecture is. He puts the ear buds in her ear and they listen together. They look at each other and smile. K: why is your reaction like this. D: it’s cuz I like it. K: it’s good that I fixed it then cuz it put you in a good mood. He listens to it alone. Since he is listening to that, D says aloud: I feel strange. Why is it so good that you came. He looks over at her. (not sure if he heard her)

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The landscape of Korea"s retail industry has shifted over the outdated few years because of the developing selection of singles, online purchases and frugal procuring patterns. classic retail giants like branch and superstores have observed revenues drop, whilst convenience shops and online buying groceries malls are booming. Shinhan Card analyzed spending patterns via 700,000 heavy spenders who account for 10 % of general credits card users in 2010 and in March to would possibly of this year.It discovered that the share of credit-card spending at department stores, supermarkets and television house looking channels fell from 46.1 percent to 31.1 percent during the last five years, while that of convenience stores and online shopping malls rose from 30.1 percent to 43.5 percent.

◆ unmarried Men Convenience stores stood out among 14 retail sectors regarded as in the survey. according to credit card spending, convenience stores" percentage of the retail industry rose from 1.6 percent in 2010 to 5.7 percent this year, a 3.5-fold increase. In contrast, department stores" share dropped by 25.7 percent, and superstores" 34.2 percent. The share of television domicile shopping channels plunged 37 percent.One 36-year-old single administrative center employee on a normal basis department shops for groceries at the local convenience store. He buys principally milk and beverages and ready-to-eat foods for 2 to 3 at a time, with an eye on special offers. "Products are more pricey in convenience stores, yet I don"t actually purchase much", he said. He hardly ever buys brand new produce since he does now not cook at home. most effective once each and every two to 3 months does he cross to the supermarket. in terms of garments be buys online. Single men in their 30s are most commonly liable for boosting convenience shop sales. One out of each three consumers or 32.5 percent are men between the ages of 28 and 37. But a rising variety of men in their 40s also are switching to convenience stores. The intake patterns of singles here are very an identical to the ones in Japan, which saw a upward push in one-person families and an aging society 10 to twenty years previous than Korea.◆ Online Shopping Malls Online shopping malls have also received a cast share of the domestic retail market, accounting for 37.8 percent of credit card spending, which is upper than the marketplace stocks of supermarkets (18.6 percent) and superstores (18.4 percent) combined. when it comes to per-capita per month credit card spending, Koreans spent W365,000 at online shopping malls, in comparison to W159,000 at superstores and W122,000 at department stores (US$1=W1,164). cellular shopping accounted for 48.5 percent of online shopping center revenues.◆ Prudent SpendingAs unemployment remains prime among young people, buyers in their 20s are keeping their wallets shut. Credit card spending in March to may just by men in their 20s rose only W50,000 as compared to 5 years ago, and credit card spending by ladies in the age crew only W90,000. In contrast, credit card spending among shoppers in their 30s to 60s rose by around W100,000 to W220,000. Kim Dae-jong at Sejong University said, "Women in their 20s in maximum cases invest in cosmetics, clothing and accessories but are scaling down on needless purchases due to the the harsh task market. But as increasingly folks eliminate marriage till later in life, spending by running women in their 30s has increased".

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Over 10,000 reports of kid abuse were won ultimate year for the primary time as public awareness of the difficulty rises.The 10,027 reported situations last year marked a 3.7 fold building up from 2001 and a 47.5 % upward thrust from a year earlier. Reports of repeat abuse more than doubled from 494 in 2008 to 1,027 last year. Some 81.8 percent of abusers were the child"s parents.The surge is because of creating public awareness and bolstered regulations. In September last year, a different law used to be passed toughening punishment for kid abuse, and whilst that ended in more cases being reported, mavens say it has done little to curb baby abuse. "Children who were abused generally tend to abuse their own children when they grow up", stated Ki Seon-wan, a psychiatrist at World St. Mary"s Hospital. "We want to be offering coverage to abused children and train oldsters who abuse their youngsters as well".Child abuse is classified into physical, emotional and sexual abuse and neglect. Last year, 48 percent of reported cases concerned more than one of the ones categories. Abusive language, overlook and denying children food may also be just as destructive as physical or sexual abuse. Hong Chang-pyo of the National Child defense firm said, "Parents might idiot themselves by potential of thinking that they"re just disciplining their children, yet verbal abuse and punishments regularly get worse over time".The scarcity of childcare amenities could also be a bar to prevention. Last year, just 364 monitors at childcare centers in 54 spaces checked up on 61,242 reported cases of child abuse, which boils down to 168 cases being treated yearly by every person. youngsters who are sufferers of serious abuse are separated from folks and placed in one of 37 shelters around the country, but the full housing capacity of such facilities is simplest 250 children.Also wished is a program to stay watch on abusive parents for the explanation that victims themselves hardly ever file abuse. Experts call for larger vigilance and larger awareness of the various bureaucracy child abuse can take. Reports might be made by calling 112.