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Coffee Break: Big Bang (the underrated version)

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Coffee Break: Big Bang (the underrated version)

If you are a loyal k-pop lover, the group name Big Bang may be all too familiar. The group debuted in 2006 with their first single album, Big Bang Vol. 1, not knowing that they would someday become known as the revolutionary k-pop group. Consisting of Seungri (the youngest), Daesung, Taeyang, T.O.P, and G-Dragon as their leader, the nation was finally introduced to a group with one of the most radical styles and talent with which they dominated the stage.

Big Bangs first debut performance of La La La didnt have a wow factor but the song is to not be ignored as it was their first solid stepping stone to their road to becoming one of the best. You can clearly see the overly baggy, one-sized clothes that all the members wore in order to increase the American hip-hop feel to their stage. This is as close to standard hip-hop as Big Bang will get and thats whats so great about this song. The fresh young faces of the members bring out the naive artists pursuing their true passion.

Shortly after Big Bangs debut stage, criticisms flooded in as they made several comments about the members visuals compared to other top idols at the time. But because of this, the anticipation for the groups talent blew up throughout the nation. Big Bang made a breakthrough in 2007 when they came out with one of their most popular song, Lies. It also drew much interest as G-Dragon, the leader was the one who wrote and produced the song. The song proved that he had grown from a young rapper featuring in Sean and Master Wus tracks to a phenomenal artist who knew what the public wanted and gave them just that.

With that being said, while there were songs that stood out like a sore thumb, there were some that didnt quite make it. For example, Dirty Cash (2006), which was written by G-Dragon and 072 and produced by Andy Love and Jos Jorgensen, has to be one of the top on my list for the songs that should have been, but was overshadowed by other tracks on the album.

Dirty Cash is written about how people would go above and beyond for white envelopes full of dirty cash. In other words, rather than giving a sincere apology, all you need is money to compensate for those feelings. Big Bang emphasizes on how money is dangerously poisonous and fantasizes about a world where we all live with the things that we have. Although we all know that reality doesnt work like that people do sometimes sell-out to make a living, the song helps you generate some kind of hope in the future. Your dreams may come with a cost, but at least dreaming doesnt cost a thing.

From their 3rd mini album, Stand Up, released in 2008, the title song Haru Haru stole the spotlight as it was the only one that was actually promoted. But the album included strong supporting songs such as Lady, produced and written by Teddy, and Oh My Friend. The song Lady speaks for itself as its a upbeat song of proposing your interest for the person you have your eyes on in a light-hearted way.  This song will make you feel like as if all 5 men of Big Bang are trying to hollar at you, which is, Im sure something everyone wouldnt mind getting approached by a group of cuties.

Oh My Friend on the other hand, was a song originally sung by indie rock band, No Brain. The boys did a great rendition of the song, emphasizing the upbeat, and the naive yet charismatic charm of the song.

By the time Big Bangs 4th mini album released in 2011, the world was already knew the influence that the group has on generations all across the board. Big Bang had made a permanent imprint in the industry and has been going overseas, even getting recognized by top artists such as Lady Gaga. No matter what song they released next, was a guaranteed hit to their loyal followers and fans.

Tonight was the title track for this mini album and to no surprise, it was a huge hit. With no objections to the song itself, it was upsetting to see the other tracks fall so low in interest as it lacked promotion. In an album full of tracks with electronic sounds and auto-tuned vocals, comes along Cafe. With this track, we can finally listen to the raw vocals of the members the high and the low. Daesungs husky yet smooth vocals streams down the throat like that first sip of coffee, T.O.Ps signature stinging rapping style feels like the bitter after taste of black coffee. And personally would like to one day hear a slower version of this song.

And from their latest album, Alive, released in 2012, every song made its way to the top as YG Entertainment decided to hold a On Air live concert for the boys giving them the chance to perform and perfect each and every song. But because of the level that Fantastic Baby and Bad Boy was at in terms of musicality, Daesungs solo track, Wings, became the underdog of the tracks.

Despite my personal bias to the song, Daesungs clear-cut vocals and crisp layers of instrumentals give a strong feeling of starting over and knowing that things will get better. His voice shines and throughout the song as if it actually had a pair of wings. It may be the way Daesung sings the song with such emotion, but the most important aspect of the song has to be the hopeful message that the lyrics give to the hopeless and the broken. If you cannot understand Korean, make sure to look up the lyrics to the song!

Big Bang has come a long way since their debut in 2006, and in the year 2012, they are already making their way into touring around the world. Lastly, I speak for many when I say that Big Bang will one day have rookie artists celebrating their songs on a much futuristic version of Immortal Song.

On next weeks edition of Coffee Break, well resume to more k-indie groups! Stay tuned to allkpop!

Lee Jong Suk Receives Top Compliment For HEFTY Donation To UNICEF Korea

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Lee Jong Suk Receives Top  Compliment For HEFTY Donation To UNICEF Korea

When asked about his huge sum of donation to charity, Lee Jong Suk replied, I would like togo backthe massive love that I have gained from all of my fans. Even from now on, I wont omit my resolution to lend a hand out and be with the folk in need.

It has been reported that one hundred million won can be spent in making houses for Korean immigrants all around theglobalwhilstthe remainder of the cash will be sent to UNICEF China for childrens education.

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Lee Jong Suk Receives Top Compliment For large Donation To UNICEF Korea

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Lee Jong Suk Receives Top  Compliment  For large Donation To UNICEF Korea

Koreaboo has accrued reactions from Netizens who commented at thelong-established article from our Korean source. The beneath comments are the maximumsmartly liked comments at the time of this text being published.

17 T_T_T My husband Jong Suk T_T_T_T Why is he this type ofbeneficiant guy T_T So great T_T_T__T How may just we no longer like you when your acting this fashion T_T

Netizens Can’t Accept as true with Their Eyes After Seeing Rainbow’s Attractive Frame Suit Photos

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Netizens Can’t Accept as true with Their Eyes After Seeing Rainbow’s Attractive  Frame Suit Photos

The photos integrated all seven of the members dressed in sexy yetnow not too revealing one piece and long-sleeved body suits. Each and every member, dressed in bathing fits in the colours of the rainbow, showed off their sexiness with their flawless bodies.

Koreaboo has amassed reactions from Netizens who commented at thenormal article from our Korean source. The underneath comments are the maximumsmartly liked comments at the time of this article being published.

Finally their comeback!!!Jaekyung unni looks so hot in red hahahaha Im so jealousRainbow fighting!! Please move daebak for your album! Source: Dispatch

Follow A Pink's Eunji on her new Instagram!

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Follow A Pink's Eunji on her new Instagram!

She posted two selcas for her first actual upload and already has practically 60,000 fans on Instagram.  The imagewas oncesubmit just these days and her account is verified, so if you do no longer need to fail to see her next uploads, be certain youpractice @artist_eunji!

Watch: TWICE’s Jungyeon and Veteran Singer Insooni Are a Dream Team in “Muscle Queen”

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Watch: TWICE’s Jungyeon and Veteran Singer Insooni Are a Dream Team in “Muscle Queen”

Watch: TWICE’s Jungyeon and Veteran Singer Insooni Are a Dream Team in “Muscle Queen”notclaira February 9, 2016 0 TWICE’s Jungyeon and veteran singer Insooni currently proved on KBS’s pilot form program “Muscle Queen” that you'll be ready toglancehave compatibilityregardless of how old you are.

The pilot episode aired on February 9, featuring 8ladystaffcontributors and singers who partnered up with well known fitness enthusiasts. TWICE’s Jungyeon used to be paired with veteran RB singer Insooni, who is type of 40 years her senior.

Although the pair’s first assemblyturned into awkward because of the age difference, in the endthe 2 of them were givenrelaxed around every other. At the finish Insooni told the production staff, “She’s like my daughter.” Jungyeon said about her partner, “She’s larger at exercising than me and she has a neater body.”

Kim Bum Soo and Lim Chang Jung Fight It Out for the overall Crown on “Fantastic Duo”

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Kim Bum Soo and Lim Chang Jung Fight It Out for the overall Crown on “Fantastic Duo”

Kim Bum Soo and Lim Chang Jung Struggle It Out for the general Crown on Great brace notclaira February 9, 2016 0 On February 9, Park Myung Soo, Jang Yoon Jung, Lim Chang Jung, and Kim Bum Soo participated in the SBS pilot kind program Fantastic Duo. The display operates belowthe basisthat anybody alongside a mobile phone can stand onstage with a nationally identified singer, pairing amateur singers and non-celebrities with the 4 singers to sing a duet editionin theirmost renowned songs.

The partners for the lastfunctionality were selectedvia a 1 vs. 3 random competition. Park Myung Soo used to be paired with the four-member team Four Ssaem. In combination they sang his song To Idiot From Fool, appearing off a sexy orchestral arrangement in addition amazing harmonization.

Jang Yoon Jung turned into paired with the 74-year-old Chilsoon Taxi, whose genuinecall was Seo Byung Soon. Together they sang her song First Marriage and Jang Yoon Jung burst into tears all through the performance. I cried because I felt the lyrics reflected his story, she stated later. My spouse comforted me with his eyes. Im so sorry to him for crying during the song.

Spoiler Added episodes five and six captures for the Korean drama 'Madame Antoine'

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Added episodes fiveand six captures for the Korean drama "Madame Antoine" (2015)Directed through Kim Yoon-cheolWritten by Hong Jin-ahNetwork : jTBCWith Han Ye-seul, Seong Joon, Jinwoon, Lee Ju-hyeoung, Hwang Seung-eon, Jang Mi-hee,...16 episodes - Fri, Sat 20:30SynopsisA romantic comedy about a pseudo fortune teller named Ko Hye-rim who believes in myth of love and Choi Soo-hyeon who cannot let love in.Broadcast beginning date in Korea : 2016/01/22

Sooyoung is now on Tumblr and she's sharing a boatload of cool birthday pics!

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The singer, who just grew to become 26 (27 in Korea), shared a number of cool, celebratory birthday images on her newly created Tumblr. Sooyoung is taking a look as gorgeous--if now not more so--as ever in those bright, attention-grabbing photos. She is admittedly darling in the ones oversized glasses--leave it to this woman to make the restglancesublime and fashionable.

The way a guy murdered his son on Lunar New Year will disgust you

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On Lunar New Year, Lee's cousin, who had dropped by Lee's house to carry holiday greetings, had witnessed Lee committing a crook act against his 9-year-old son. The cousin saw Lee's son with a plastic bag over his head and also saw Lee slash his son's leg and then fall asleep as despite the truth that he did not anything wrong. After seeing Lee devote the crime, the cousin straight away dialed the authorities.

The cousin explained, "Even although ITbecame Lunar New Year, the front door was locked and there has been no signal of life, so I went over the wall to head into the home and discovered them mendacity down together."

Lee was reported to have testified that once his son looked for his mom and bothered him, he fed him a sound asleeptablet and suffocated him with the plastic bag. He extrasaid that he had also swallowed a sleeping pill. Lee, who suffers from intellectual disorders, was acknowledged to had been living on my own amongst his son after his wife left the family.

How to get dressed for a K-Pop concert, the EXO way

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When going to any K-Pop concert you shouldrealizethe significanceof favor at this infrequent lifetime event! In preparation for EXO's upcoming North American tour, we now have compiled a couple of EXO encouraged concert looks that can lend a hand you get fashionably ready!