JYJ Jaejoong Voted as Best K-Pop Artist during First Half of 2012

JYJ Jaejoong Voted as Best K-Pop Artist during First Half of 2012

JYJ, Jaejoong

JYJ Jaejoong Voted as Best K-Pop Artist during First Half of 2012

JYJ Jaejoong took first place on KpopStarz poll asking Which Artist Best Represents K-Pop During the First Half of 2012?

KpopStarz 3rd poll began midnight of June 24 to June 30EDT took place with active participation from avid K-Pop fans all around the world. On 3rd poll, nominees were chosen from previous poll that places in the top 20, and solo artists have been added in to the nominees. Jaejoong became No.1 with 28.6% after big competition.

Jaejoong best known as a member of JYJ and one of the original members of TVXQ, amassed great popularity not only in Korea and Asia through various activities but Europe as well as South America. Especially through a solo fan meeting held in last December at the Shanghai International Gymnastic Center sold out 4,000 tickets and drew in extra fans that gathered outside the venue to support him. He held another solo fan meeting in Turkey on February 5 this year with 600 hundred excited fans and accompanied South Korean president Lee Myung Bak for a special conference as well as special dinner at the Turkish presidential palace.

Jaejoong not only talented in dancing and singing but also in composing and songwriting as well left hit songs such as Pierrot, Nine, Get Out, In Heaven and more, he was the executive director for the Asian leg of JYJ's 2011 Worldwide Tour.

Jaejoong not only talented in music showed his acting skills through 2 films and 3 dramas. He also won in a landslide in The 14th Nikkan Sports Drama Grand Prix in the category as Best Supporting Actor in July of 2010 and the New Star Award at the 2011 SBS Drama Awards.

TVXQs Yunho took second place with 26.3%, the same group member Changmin was in third with 8.1%. The ranking are as follows.

4. Junsu (JYJ)

5. Yoochun (JYJ)

6. Victoria f(x)

7. G-Dragon(Big Bang)

8. Leeteuk (Super Junior)

9. Kim Hyun Joong

10. Nichkhun (2PM)

It is impressive to note that among the top 10, top 5 consists of former members of TVXQ. The poll has shown their unchanging popularity over time. f(x) member Victoria grabbed first place among female artists and proved f(x)s recent rising popularity. 2PM member Nichkhun received a large support entering within the top 10 as forien member together with Victoria. Kim Hyun Joong was the only solo artist to note at the ninth place.