Super Junior Leeteuk Says, “I Hope Your Musical Fails” To Sungmin

Super Junior, Leeteuk, Kang Sora, We Got Married Lee Teuk Sung Min Recently on "We Got Married 3," Leeteuk and Kang Sora went on their first couple trip to Nami Island

, Leeteuk, Kang Sora,

Recently on “We Got Married 3,” Leeteuk and Kang Sora went on their first couple trip to Nami Island. During their trip, Leeteuk found out that Kang Sora met with another guy secretly.

That guy was none other than Super Junior Sungmin. After seeing Kang Sora caught off guard, Leeteuk called Sungmin and the three of them discussed the real story.

A jealous Leeteuk surprised Kang Sora by telling Sungmin that he hopes Sungmin’s musical is unsuccessful.

The tension in this love triangle will be revealed on June 30 at 5:15PM on “We Got Married 3.”



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