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Korean B-boys rock the world

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Korean B-boys rock the world

It seems that Koreans have traditionally had rhythm in their blood. Street group performances have been an integral part of Korean culture for centuries. Whenever there was a village event, samullori (a.k.a samul nori; a traditional Korean percussion music genre featuring four percussion instruments) or a mask dances were staged for all to see and to build solidarity. Today, South Korean b-boys are recognized around the world, and b-boying is an important part of Korean culture.It was in the early 2000s that Korean b-boys came into the limelight in the world of b-boying. It was rather surprising since b-boying had been introduced relatively late in Korea.B-boying is a kind of hip-hop dance that originated in the United States. It was in the late 1980s when b-boying, also called break dancing, became known to South Koreans. In 1997, the first South Korean b-boy group was formed under the name People Crew. Before then, they were dancing in clubs in Itaewon, the foreigner district of Seoul. In their footsteps, DMC, Expression, T.I.P, and many other b-boy crews formed. These groups have performed extremely well in international competitions, and the South Korean public began to notice them and the genre of b-boying.

South Korean b-boys are sweeping international competitions with powerful moves and incredible technicality. Being incorporated into gugak (traditional Korean music) and musicals, b-boying is nowadays becoming a major part of South Korean culture. (photo courtesy of Showboy)

Korean b-boys are good at creating new moves by adding creative elements to existing ones. They are also appreciated for their balancing power and ingenious techniques.Sweeping competitions across the worldWorldwide, there are five major international b-boy competitions: the Battle of the Year (BOTY) which is dubbed b-boy's World Cup, UK B-Boy Championships, Red Bull BC One, Freestyle Session, and R-16 Korea. They are the stages for Korean b-boys to dance on and rock the world. When the JinJo Crew won the BOTY 2010, they emerged as one of the hottest b-boy crews in the world. The team also won R-16 Korea in 2010 and again in 2011.The Gamblers formed in 2002, and won BOTY 2004 and R-16 Korea 2008. They are the most popular b-boy crew in the world, especially for their spectacular performances. The Extreme Crew is well known for the musical The Ballerina Who Loves a B-Boy. They also won at BOTY 2007 in Germany. These wins were all noteworthy, but the most surprising was when the Expression Crew won at BOTY in 2002 as this was a first for an Asian team. A crew called Project Soul has been especially strong in the UK B-Boy Championships. They were ranked first three times and second once. Never before had a crew won the competition for two consecutive years. Individual b-boys have also fared extremely well. Kim Heon-u, the leader of the JinJo Crew, won the Red Bull BC ONE, an annual one-onone battle competition, in 2008. Kim Hyo-keun, a member of the Rivers Crew and formerly Project Soul, is better known overseas by his nickname Physicx. He won both the team and solo titles in the UK B-Boy Championships in 2004. Dancing in the cultural frontlineSupported by one palm on the floor, their bodies bounce high up in the air. Muscles quickly contract and relax to create waves by the body. It's more than dancing, and just watching it makes you want to groove with excitement. In Korea, b-boying is not simply defined as a genre of dancing, but it is becoming a broader artistic genre. This change was catalyzed by the musical The Ballerina Who Loves a B-Boy in 2004. This was a major watershed. Since then, non-verbal performances that are amalgamated with b-boying have diversified. Such new attempts include b-boying to traditional Korean instruments played on the traditional Korean pentatonic scale, and musicals featuring taekwondo and b-boying together. B-boys who used to dance on the street are now dancing on the stage and creating a new cultural phenomenon.

The musical The Ballerina Who Loves a B-boy was the first musical to successfully bring b-boys on stage. (photo courtesy of Showboy)

"I saw a performance about b-boys, and I was impressed by how the Korean b-boys danced", said Tsukiko, a Japanese tourist aged 28 after seeing The Ballerina Who Loves a B-Boy at Lotte World Arts Theater. "Their faces didn't show any sign of fatigue, but were beaming with joy. I could see how much effort they must have poured into it, and it was beautiful". She and her company said in unison that the time had gone by so quickly. B-boying is expected to continue evolving to become a significant part of Korea's signature cultural performances. And competitions will also continue. The sixth R-16 Korea 2012 is slated for July 7 and 8 in Seoul. This international competition drew over 60,000 spectators last year. This year, crews from 24 countries will compete in the preliminary rounds of seven regions to dance for the final triumph in Seoul. Non-verbal musicals with B-BoysThe Ballerina Who Loves a B-BoyThe musical The Ballerina Who Loves a B-Boy premiered in 2005 and has since been staged more than 4,000 times. In the musical, a ballerina falls in love with a b-boy, gives up her dream of becoming a prima ballerina, and becomes a street dancer to become his love. The musical has inspired 1.5 million theatergoers in 130 countries. People who were at the 2007 Edinburgh Festival Fringe probably remember this musical since it was dubbed the best of the 2,050 performances that were staged. When it hit Broadway, New York, it was so successful that it was staged 50 times. Website: www.showbboy.com BibapThis must be the most delicious musical in the world. The musical Bibap was produced to introduce bibimbap, one of the most representative Korean foods, to the world. The performance involves four cooking battles of b-boying, martial arts, beatboxing, and singing a cappella . To chop ingredients, they b-boy; to saut and roast them, they beatbox; and to mix them, they sing a cappella . If you still cannot figure out what is happening, go to the theater and see it yourself. The title Bibap is from bibimbap, beatboxing, and b-boying. Slapstick is also an ingredient of this spectacular, tasty musical, which the audience can enjoy seeing, hearing, and eating. An exclusive theater cooks this scrumptious musical every day. Website: www.bibap.co.kr TalThe musical Tal is truly out of the box. It consolidates taekwondo demonstrations with dramatic elements such as a story and characters, percussion performances, traditional Korean dances, and b-boying. The main theme of the music is taken from Arirang, Korea's most loved traditional folk song, and human conflicts and confrontations, love and hatred, and other diverse emotions are expressed in Tal . The musical has been seen by roughly 120,000 theater goers in over 20 cities in ten countries on four continents starting in the United States in 2010. Its powerful dancing and sophisticated demonstrations have garnered enthusiastic responses from all audiences. Website: www.taekwonin.com KungThe b-boying musical Kung is simply fantastic. There is a theatre that exclusively stages Kung in Hongdae, Seoul. Gorillas, a crew that has been invited to Japan, China, the UK, and many other countries, come onto the stage to dynamically dance out the story of a dancer who finally realizes his dream of becoming a b-boy after overcoming challenges. Website: www.sjbboys.com *Article from Korea Magazine (June 2012)

Rock Star Jeon In Kwon Team Up With Dok2 For 'That’s My World' Soundtrack of 'Punch' OST Collection

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Rock Star Jeon In Kwon Team Up With Dok2 For 'That’s My World' Soundtrack of 'Punch' OST Collection

1llionaire rapper Dok2 and Korean rock star Jeon In Kwon have formed an unlikely duo for a new OST single “That’s My World” from the SBS drama, Punch.

For rock group Deulgukhwa‘s vocalist Jeon In Kwon, this is the first OST track he has worked on in 13 years. “That’s My World” was originally a song by the famous rock group’s first album in 1985, and was written by band member Choi Sung Won.

Jeon In Kwon revealed that he had watched the drama before recording and had “spent a lot of time deciding which emotions to bring out for this song.” For this version, he uses a new style of singing and collaborates with Dok2’s rap skills to add a fresh, trendy feel to the old 1980’s track.

“That’s My World” was released on December 26th through various online music sites, including Naver Music. The Punch OST single features two tracks in total and includes an orchestra version of the song.

The track was featured on the fourth episode of Punch, which aired on December 23rd, during a sad scene by actor Kim Rae Won‘s character Park Jung Hwan.

Jeon In Kwon, who recently formed the Jeon In Kwon Band earlier this year, plans to hold a concert in Seoul at Yonsei University’s Baekyang Concert Hall on December 30-31st.

Boys of BTS Rock Hanboks in Special “Danger” Dance Performance

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Boys of BTS Rock Hanboks in Special “Danger” Dance Performance

The members of BTS have put on their hanboks (traditional costumes) to celebrate the beginning of Chuseok, also known as the Korean Thanksgiving.

The video was released on September 6 through the groups YouTube channel, just in time for the holidays.

Usually known for their dark and stylish looks, the boys have taken a step back by dressing up in traditional clothing. Despite their unique attire, the members can be seen flashing their cute side for the camera, making it impossible not to smile.

Danger belongs to the groups latest album, DarkWild, which was released on August 20. The track has a catchy hip-hop inspired sound with elements of electronic music, and BTS has been actively promoting the song on weekly music shows.

Boys Republic Reveal What It's Like to Be K-Pop Idols At MTV World Stage Malaysia

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Boys Republic Reveal What It's Like to Be K-Pop Idols At MTV World Stage Malaysia

(Photo : Emi/Liza) With colourful neon lights shining across the Surf Beach, Sunway Lagoon together with blazing firepower ligniting the stage, you have seen their amazing debut at the MTV World Stage Malaysia 2014. Boys Republic 2nd visit to Malaysia certainly went beyond the sugar-candy K-pop performance in that prestige World Stage. This five-membered group consists of Onejunn, Sunwoo Sungjun, Minsu and Suwoong also shared some interesting stories and revealed some facts exclusively for their fans.

For some, to be able to land their foot on a foreign soil definitely created a moment of bliss and painted an amazing feeling. When the members of Boys Republic were asked on their feeling of this recent visit, they stated that it felt like a battery that has been recharged; like power energy, metaphorically to express their excitement to be back in Malaysia and they further added that being in Malaysia for the second time felt like breathing the air of Korea hence there were no differences and it felt like Malaysia is their 2ndhome.

What is being a Kpop idol meant in the eyes of Boys Republic?

Their challenges: Regardless whatever career paths we chose, it certainly came after "swimming" across the river of challenges along the way. There"s no free ride in this world and success do came from hard work. Being an idol was no difference. For Boys Republic, they believed their visuals (the overall image) is the main challenge; to portray, maintain, and carried out a good image in front of the public all the time certainly the hardest. Secondly, they believed the music also contribute to one of the many hurdles that they have to face. With the Kpop industry booming and being recognised globally, this has drove to an increased of Kpop idols being debuted to bring more colours to the industry, hence increased the competitions. Therefore, Boys Republic wanted their music to be different and enjoyable; soothed the ears of the listeners and easy to sing-along.

Their styles: Fashion in Kpop could be considered as one of the factors why Kpop was recognised globally. Their unique fashion concepts every time a group debuted or promoting their comebacks set a new fashion trend among fans. Boys Republic was not excluded. They were dressed and styled handsomely by their very own style and visual director, Mr Ko Tae Yong, one of the finest South Korean"s designer. They also teamed up with several style coordinators in order to bring the brand "Boys Republic" to the public"s attention.

Their uniqueness: Debuted only a year ago, Boys Republic was known for their love and friendliness towards their fans. Well, without being prejudiced towards other idols, Boys Republic"s friendly demeanour with their fans was rather unique. Their motto was to create their own fan base and to personally communicate with the fans (breaking the barrier between idol-fans) instead of the fans coming to see the group, it"s the group who came to the fans. The fans (Royal Family, Boys Republic fan club) were definitely receiving a royal treatment from Boys Republic. For example, if in a particular month the fans were celebrating their birthday, Boys Republic will organise a birthday party for the lucky fans and for those who were graduating, they will also going to receive a congratulatory message from the group; not through Youtube but in person! Therefore, due to these first class treatments for the fans, Boys Republic have been ranked no-1 in TV show for their friendliness and how they treated, bonded and attached to their fans.

(Photo : Emi/Liza) (1) Boys Republic will...

Sunwoo: Reading a book and sipping a cup of coffee in a caf to ease his mind.

Sungjun: Shopping is definitely the best therapy- no money? No worries! He will always opt for an alternatives ie window-shopping!

Minsu: Being a David "Minsu" Copperfield perhaps? He loves to play some magic tricks with cards and showing off his skills to the members. What a "magic" way to boost up yourself during your rough day.

(2) Boys Republic want to try...

Sunwoo: Acting in a drama is something that he would love to participate in or alternatively singing for an OST of the dramas.

Suwoong: Definitely acting, but if an opportunity knock on his door to join any variety shows, certainly a show that pumped up his adrenalin suits him better e.g. Running Man.

Minsu: The excitement in an entertainment definitely not just on-camera but to be the man behind-the-scene attracts him better; hence he would love to try directing, be it in movie directing or directing a music video. Who knows, one day he might be the director of Boys Republic future MVs.

Sungjun: As for now, he will maintained his career as a singer. He loves singing hence he did not have any thought of pursuing others- A TRUE SINGER indeed. Alternatively, he would love to try composing songs.

Onejunn: Acting, variety shows, composing... he will let the other members try and participate. It"s not that those were not catching his attention but he believed producing suits him better. He would love to produce the whole album of Boys Republic.

(3) Boys Republic"s love thermometer (towards their fans)

LOVE INFERNO- Crazy things they would love to do for fans

To be the wedding singer for their fans" wedding ceremony. Do send them an invitation to your wedding

CALL THE FIRE DEPARTMENT- Most extreme they have ever done for fans

They personally went to their fans" graduation ceremony and congratulated the graduates in person.

HOT TO TROT- Boys Republic love their fans

They organised a "Chicken party" last year to bond and communicate with their fans better. Seeing the fans in person is way more a precious than sending messages via SNS or Youtube.

(4) If you are Boys Republic"s girlfriend, this is how your boyfriend going to be.

Sungjun: The boyfriend who will worry a lot. He was a man with full of worries. He will worry if you got sick, he will worry if you fell down. He will just worry anything might happened to you. Sweet right? He is more like a father figure; like a father who"s worried a lot about their daughter.

Wonjun: The boyfriend who will always have you on his mind. 24/7 he will think about you, girl. Wow! Lucky girlfriend.

Sunwoo: The boyfriend who is very caring about his girlfriend and definitely a kind one too.

Suwoong: The boyfriend who will take care of his girlfriend"s needs.

Minsu: The boyfriend who preferred to be with a "noona" (a lady who is older than him) and the boyfriend who loved someone who is played-hard against him. He loved when someone dared to say NO to him and felt more attracted to a girl who gave this kind of rejection.

So, do you think you know Boys Republic now? Do not stop reading as Minsu have one last (funny) story to share with all of you.

(Photo : Emi/Liza) Reminiscing back their journey becoming to be Kpop idol, he stated that there was one incident after their training, they went home (back to their dorm). It was already midnight and Minsu was shocked to see the door was slightly open. He was definitely scared. Was it a thief who broke into their house? Was it this? Was it that? Too many questions filled up his minds and he was so nervous but still pretended to act brave. When he tried to confront who ever was in that house, unfortunately no one answered back. Then he suddenly realised that he was the last one who left the dorm in the morning and clumsily, he forgot to close the door properly! Woah...what a dangerous act by Minsu.

It"s a Wrap! Thank you Boys Republic for an exciting evening at MTV World Stage 2014! Special thanks to MTV Asia (Viacom International Media Networks) and Edelman for the media invite to Kpopstarz.

Written by : Amalina A | Photos credit : Emi/Liza

[EXCLUSIVE] Boys Republic Ready To Soak Up The Sun And Party For MTV World Stage 2014

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[EXCLUSIVE] Boys Republic Ready To Soak Up The Sun And Party For MTV World Stage 2014

The biggest show on earth in Brazil (World Cup 2014) is over but the summer party is about to begin. YES! MTV World Stage 2014!

Grab your party pants and get ready to soak up the sun with world-renowned artists in the one-night only outdoor concert in Surf Beach at Sunway Lagoon, Malaysia. With multi-genre talents being invited to perform every year including some biggest K-pop acts, the invitation card has been sent to Boys Republic to heat up the summer for the 6thinstallment of the show which is going to be held on 16 August 2014.

This five-membered group consists of Onejunn, Sunwoo (previously known as Dabin), Sungjun, Minsu and Suwoong, debuted in June 2013 with "Party Rock" certainly bring more colours to the music industry. As the MTV World Stage 2014 is going to be held in less than a month, join us to get an inside view of Boy"s Republic through our recent exclusive interview, as the boys are preparing for the showdown.

Q1: "Video Game" was released in February and the concept is realizing your dreams fantasies. Being chosen to be in MTV World Stage this year, do you agree that this opportunity was also a dream come true for the group to perform on the stage with a world-renowned artist?

Yes! MTV World Stage Malaysia 2014 is something that we"ve been always dreaming about. In fact, it"s still hard for us to believe that we will be performing at this year"s event. As South Korea"s representative, we will try our best to show you what we have!

Q2: Do you have any international artist that you would like to collaborate with? Since Boys Republic and Malaysia"s own Yoona are on the same stage for MTV World Stage for the first time, would you like to collaborate together in the future?

Absolutely! We would love to work with Yoona if the opportunity comes up.

Q3: Your debut song, "Party Rock" seems a bit too much of auto tune and in your recent comeback single, "Video Game", it has a heavy mixture of H.E.T (hybrid-electronic trap), intense electro bass and game sound effects. With two different genres being released so far, how far do you think your music has matured and what kind of music genres you would like to try and featured in your next album?

We think we still have a lot to develop. In order to do that, we are listening to and trying many different genres of music. Then eventually, we will be able to showcase new songs and different styles! Our upcoming single will also sound different from what we have released. What will never change is our determination to give fans positive, healthy energy from watching us and listening to our music.

Q4: The tagline for "Video Game",Childish Boys Growing Up to be Superheroes where each one of you transformed into some of the world famous superheroes like Batman, Spiderman, Ironman, Super Mario and Wolverine. With your involvement in "Eye Camp Expedition", a charity campaign to help virtually impaired in Vietnam, do you think more or less you are becoming their "superhero"?

Actually, we think the people we met in Vietnam were the real superheroes because we learnt how to feel the true joy from them while we were doing the charity volunteer work.

Q5: Since this "Fantasy Trilogy" gives space for the fans to make their dreams come true, can we anticipate more direct involvement of your fans in the future? For example in your next MV, your fans will (i) be your stylist, (ii) your makeup artist, OR (iii) to a certain extent directing the mv?

Those are great ideas - becoming music video directors or make-up artists! Apart from that, we are also looking for ideas from fans to get closer to them by hashtagging #whatisyourfantasy on our social media. Please send us through... more!

(Photo : Boys Republic) Scheduled to make their comeback on 25 July 2014 with "2ndFantasy Trilogy" and a collaboration track with Double SideKick, please anticipate the kind of magic that the boys will perform specially for their fans. This comeback will be a great opportunity for the group to promote themselves on a bigger platform as they are heading to Malaysia for the MTV World Stage 2014. "We are very excited to share a stage with many top-class musicians from all over the world. We are attending the festival as representatives of Korea, and we will do the best preparation that we can do," stated Boy"s Republic.

MTV World Stage 2014 will be held on 16 August 2014 at Surf Beach@ Sunway Lagoon, Malaysia and hosted by the dynamic duo MTV VJs, Alan Wong and Hanli Hoefer.

Log on to http://worldstage.mtvasia.com/passes/ and play a multiplayer game to win free passes to the show. Hurry up and the contest ends on 31 July 2014.

For more info, visit http://worldstage.mtvasia.com/

Special appreciation to Edelman for the exclusive interview arrangement.

Boys Republic releases 1st episode of “Boys Republic TV News” – Party Rock Profile Shooting

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Boys Republic releases 1st episode of “Boys Republic TV News” – Party Rock Profile Shooting

Having completed their latest comeback with “Video Game” four months ago on March 20th, Boys Republic has now returned to their fans through a reality show series on YouTube, called “Boys Republic TV News.”

The first episode was uploaded via 1thek’s official YouTube channel on Tuesday, July 8th, beginning the series with a behind-the-scenes story for their debut song profile shooting. The group’s debut song “Party Rock” was revealed during July 2013, and showcased the five members – Suwoong, Minsoo, Seongjun, Dabin, and Wonjun – with a colorful pop and slight hip-hop appeal. However, the profile shooting additionally included some charismatic and mature photos of a collection of members as well, showing more than one side that the group could offer in the future.

The various members further revealed bits of their personality through funny or cute antics, and introduced themselves throughout the nearly three-minute clip.

Watch the video below, and get to know how Boys Republic first started as an idol group! What do you think of both their professional and genuine sides?

Source: 1thek Official YouTube Channel and Boys Republic Official YouTube Channel

Boys Republic to Represent Korea at “World Stage Malaysia 2014″

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Boys Republic to Represent Korea at “World Stage Malaysia 2014″ Boys Republic has been invited to MTV‘s “World Stage Malaysia 2014” to perform as a representative of Korea, according to an announcement made by their agency Universal Music Korea on May 28.

“World Stage Malaysia” is a big music festival that invites artists from around the world every year. Previously, artists like Wonder Girls, BEAST, KARA, Jay Park, and EXO have performed at the festival.

It is a notable feat for Boys Republic as they are a new group that only debuted last year.

A representative of Boys Republic announced, “Boys Republic has come number one on the Malaysian music cart and has been scouted for events in Malaysia before. Through “World Stage Malaysia,” they will be able to interact with their 15,000 Malaysian fans.”

On appearing at “World Stage Malaysia,” members of Boys Republic said, “we are already excited, thinking about being on the same stage as other global musicians. We will prepare and do our best to represent Korea.”

“World Stage Malaysia 2014″ will take place at Surf Beach, Sunway Lagoon on August 16. Malaysian songstress Yuna will also be performing at the festival, with more artists to be announced in the future.

Boys Republic Receives Invitation To 'World Stage Malaysia 2014' As Korea's Representatives

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Boys Republic Receives Invitation To 'World Stage Malaysia 2014' As Korea's Representatives

Group Boys Republic received an invitation to MTV "World Stage Malaysia 2014" as Korea"s representatives.

Boys Republic will be attending this event on August 16 at the Kuala Lumpur Sunway Lagoon Resort and perform on stage as Korea"s representatives.

This particular festival invites representatives from different countries and brings them to one stage.

From Korea, artists such as Wonder Girls, BEAST, EXO and others have been representatives before for this festival.

Boys Republic commented, "Just thinking about the fact that we will be on the same stage as other world famous artists is so exciting. We are currently preparing hard as we will be representing Korea."

Chad Future “Rock the World ft. VIXX Ravi” On-Set Exclusive

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Chad Future “Rock the World ft. VIXX Ravi” On-Set Exclusive I met with Chad Future a few months ago on the set of “Rock the World” at around 9:30 p.m. I stumbled onto the set holding two bottles of champagne and a vanilla cake with “You did it!” scrawled amateurishly in chocolate along its bottom edge. Future had emailed me a few days ago with their schedule; assuming they were on track, they had been on set since at least 9 a.m. with no intention of stopping until the shoot was over. Smaller artists and companies don’t have the same luxuries the Big Three can afford: multi-day movie shoots, extravagant locations, actual pyrotechnics. I figured the cake and champagne would provide some consolation from a grueling work day, what with the glamour and lifestyle of these big-headed entertainment types. Much to my surprise, I found out less than 15 minutes after arriving that Future is: (1) hardly a big-headed entertainment type, (2) does not treat his work as Work, and (3) doesn’t drink.

By the time we sat down, Future was still in high spirits and certainly in a much better mood than an average person would be after listening to your own voice played back to you for the past 12 hours. It had occurred to me before that everything I had assumed about the infamous Chad Future was probably littered with inaccuracies but after conducting the interview, “foot in mouth” is a definite understatement for myself. Despite fandom’s very vocal opinion towards him, Future’s all passion, drive, and opportunity. It would be a shame to judge a dude badly for that.

For the Soompi people that might not be familiar with you, please introduce yourself.

What up y’all, my name is Chad Future. I’m from Detroit Michigan, born in Detroit! I live in LA now and I’m an A-Kpop artist which is American pop blended with Korean pop. I got really inspired by Kpop but [my music] has its roots in America because I’m not Korean, I’ve never even been to Korea, actually! So for me it’s a blend. In a way, it’s combining the best of both worlds.

Tell me more about your single.

Today we are filming the video for “Rock the World” featuring Ravi from VIXX. The song is very powerful! I think the message of the song is international music; Ravi’s verse is all in Korean, and my verse is in English and I have two lines in Korean that I rap as well. It’s a really nice blend of both styles and cultures together. It’s produced by a Korean producer called A-Dee, he’s a good producer and friend of mine. It was also co-written by Drew Ryan Scott (producer of Rainbow “So Cool,” TVXQ “Tone,” Seo In Guk “Shake It Up”). He also did a few of VIXX’s songs and is in my opinion, one of the most prolific Kpop producers out there. It’s really interesting to me because he’s not Korean either! So it’s a good blend because we have some really amazing producers and writers who are American and Korean. The song was recorded in November when VIXX was here for their Starlight tour, so the day before their performance in LA we recorded it in a top secret studio in Hollywood. That’s when I got to meet Ravi for the first time! And the song! It’s my favorite song I’ve done so far, and when I listen to it, I feel like it really exemplifies what A-Kpop is, it really illustrates what my concept has been.

What do you hope to accomplish with this single? How do you plan on releasing it?

We have big plans to roll out a few different singles! “Rock This World” is gonna be the lead single off of my mini-album that’s gonna be out later in the summer time. I also got a track called “Got It Figured Out” with Aron from NU’EST. He was in town about two or three months ago to record that song and video with me. Aron really exemplifies A-Kpop too because Aron was born in LA but works in Korea. We really hit it off since he’s from LA; he’s a homie. That single is produced by Ichiro Suzuwa, who is formerly of Duble Sidekick (Sistar’s “Loving U,” B1A4 “Tried to Walk,” B.A.P. “Stop It”).

Everything in my project is really coming together so amazingly because I had this idea maybe four years ago to do Kpop as an American. Everyone laughed at me in the beginning; “You can’t do kpop!” and I’m like, “Ah, but I love it.” So I’ve been working towards this goal for four years now – even longer before then – but really on just this one thing. So to see it come together now is really a gratifying experience for me. I get to see my dream come to life, and being together with Ravi, it’s really like, “Wow, it’s real.” We get to hang out and spend time together and it’s just really cool! I hope this story inspires people too, because a lot of people, maybe they have a dream too. They have a dream… they wanna do something that seems impossible. When most people, being an American Kpop artist is impossible, like, “You’re white, you can’t do Kpop, that’s impossible, you’re stupid.” They’ll hate on you, whatever. But I hope through this I can inspire people to be more motivated to follow their dreams too no matter what it is like, “I really wanna be a fireman, but it’s impossible because of this.” But you know what, if I can do this, then imagine what you can do. so i really want to continue doing this even more so just to inspire people out there that they can follow their dreams too.

So speaking about that dream, am I allowed to ask about Heart2Heart?

May I ask… whatever happened to that?

You know, with Heart2Heart, that was my first try at all of this. Because like I told you, I am passionate about what I do, I’m passionate about Kpop, I’m passionate about music, I’m passionate about combining American pop and Korean pop. What I think people need to realize is that no one knows the answer yet. I don’t know the answer, you don’t know the answer, no one knows the answer of how exactly to how to bridge the gap and combine american Kpop and Korean pop. so, Heart2Heart was just the first try because I knew in my head “I don’t know if this is right or wrong. I don’t know if this is right way to go or the wrong way to go but I have to try it.” And I think in life that’s the most important thing, that maybe you don’t know if it’s right or wrong but you have to be bold enough to try it. I’m still proud of the video! People need to realize that we did that ourselves. I paid for that video myself, I saved up money, I paid for that video, Lance Bass did a cameo in it – I know it was reported that he was managing the group – he did a cameo. I did the video, I paid the money, there’s backstage footage of me building that set with everybody from the group. We built that set, we rehearsed ourselves, the choreographer was a part of our group and the whole project took four days to film. I edited it myself, I did all the visual effects and everything. So what people need to realize is that, yeah, maybe you thought this about it, but it also was a very honest attempt at trying because I didn’t know the answer. People really didn’t… I guess… I guess you could say love it, but it went viral and people talked about it. Still, at the end of the day, I said “Maybe I should kind of reposition.” But it was good, I’m proud of it still because I did it, I created that. It’s a really nice video. Visually, it looks like a $100,000 video and that’s an accomplishment that I proved to myself I could do this with my team.

So, that was the start of this team today, most of the people on that Heart2Heart video are still with me and all of them are passionate about Kpop too. They love Kpop like I love it so the lighting guy even has been studying Kpop for four years because nobody in LA does Kpop lighting. People in Korea do it, but not in LA! So I’ve had to, together with my team, we’ve all trained ourselves on how to do a Kpop style video with an American style. So even the lighting guy, he studies every day. The camera guy. Everyone in the art department. We’ve all started from that point and gotten better and better to where we are now, where it feels more right for everyone. Now it’s like, “Oh, this is how you combine it.” Heart2Heart was where we started, like, oh okay, let’s rehash it, let’s try this. You just gotta go for it. If you love something, you gotta go for it.

I actually didn’t know that about Heart2Heart. Wow… But bringing it back to your mini album, how many tracks are gonna be on that?

Five. We could even do another mini-album if we wanted! But there are definitely five tracks on this album. Some of the songs are solo, some features. We have another feature in the works too that we’re gonna be doing in the next couple of months, and we’re working with more Kpop producers in the next tracks. Everything’s been top notch. I only want the best and I really work hard to make sure that we get good quality stuff.

So you’re gonna be releasing this iTunes, maybe?

Yeah, we have distribution too, so it’ll be available worldwide. It’ll be available in Korea, America, Japan, a worldwide release!

The first reason is I think if you talk about boy groups in the Kpop scene, he’s definitely one of the dopest rappers in the industry. I was talking to a lot of different people and who would be a good match, and everyone said “We think it would be cool to get a boy group rapper that would fit with your concept really well.” So we kind of took all the rappers and laid them all out and talked about them, and Ravi turned out to the be the one that would be really great. And as luck would have it, he was actually in LA when we were finishing the song so fate kind of put it together. I had help from a friend help to organize it, so it was a team effort! When Ravi walked into the studio for the first time, it was kind of surreal, like…

Like a, “Oh man, this is actually happening?”

Like “This is so crazy!” I was so nervous, too!

Yeah! [laughs] I think we were both nervous because Korea and America is different, you know? Like when you shake someone’s hand in America, it’s like “Oh, what up?” Bam! [does hand motions] But in Korea, they bow. So when we first met each other, it was like this weird limbo where I was kind of bowing and slapping high five and he was kind of like shaking my hand. We both just wanted to make a great song!

How long did it take for you to record that?

Well, it took me a long time. But Ravi recorded maybe 20 takes and was in there for about an hour and a half. In my opinion, he killed it. He did amazing. His rap sounds so cool in the song.

It sounds so cool. Like, the demo exists in English; I performed the second verse in English at KCON and I like the song, the song is good. But when Ravi came on and did the second verse, the song got so much better. I was like, “Oh. This is it.”

He wrote it. Ravi writes all of his raps. I wouldn’t say it’s unusual for a Kpop rapper to write their own verses, but I think it’s definitely commendable that he writes everything. It’s a feather in his hat and it makes him, in my eyes, even more legitimate as an MC and a rapper and he really takes it seriously. He’s an amazing producer, lyricist, MC. He’s really good, man. He proved himself. I think people are gonna like it. I played the track for my American friends and they were like, “I don’t know what he’s saying, but I love it.” It just has a feeling to it. Especially when it gets to that [fast part of Ravi’s verse] it’s like HE’S GOIN’ IN!

[laughs] That’s true! Do you have any part of the video that you’re excited to show us?

The whole experience has been something noteworthy in my life and I hope for other people as well.

Is this your biggest production?

It feels like it! It’s only a one day shoot, usually we do two days, but this is definitely one of the biggest we’ve done to date. For sure. I’m excited for people to hear the story! That’s the most exciting part for me for this whole thing, that we can really combine so much together and do things people thought wasn’t possible!

Do you consider this, like, your rebirth? Your rebranding?

I didn’t think about it like that! It’s definitely a comeback.

Comeback without a space.

[laughs] Yeah, it’s definitely a comeback without a space. I don’t know if it’s rebranding, but there’s been phases in what I’ve done.

So the first phase was the Heart2Heart band. It was doing our best to combine the two together and that was phase one. Phase two was, okay, let’s do a solo project and our best to make songs and combine the language. And then there was phase 2.5, where I really wanted to do covers of well-known Kpop songs and spin them into English. I felt very fulfilled because we ended up getting ranked #1 on Soompi’s Best Kpop Cover and we got tweeted by BAP! They reached out and said they loved it and that video has well over 400,000 views. Then the “Wolf” EXO remixes are well over 500,000… So I felt accomplished with the covers. I spent a year doing just covers and honing it in. When I saw all those numbers, I was like, “Okay, from now on, we’ll just do phase three” which is what we’re on now, actually working with Kpop artists, not just covering them. And this feels the best. It takes awhile to get there. You can’t just say “I wanna work with this person!” You have to work your way up to it. So I’m proud to say I’ve stuck with it and the team is stuck with it! We’ve gone through everything we’ve done: adversity, a lot of hate, a lot of people that said we should “kill ourselves and stop.” You have to either be passionate as hell and keep going or you quit. And I couldn’t quit.

Did you ever think about quitting?

Yeah. Of course. I think I have. You know what it was? It was a combination of the team being so supporting and saying “Man, you gotta do this.” And them saying to me, think about that girl in Indonesia who loves Kpop, who loves Chad Future. You can’t just quit. You have too many fans that look up to and are inspired by you. You can’t just quit. So there’s definitely been ups and downs and I get it harder than most people because I’m not Korean and delving into the Kpop industry. I definitely would be lying if I said if it was easy the whole time. I try to make it look easy because you can’t show them that.

Yeah. You can’t show them that. You can’t be like “Hey guys, could you be a little nicer? This is Chad Future, signing out.” So I’m grateful for my team. Everyone you see here. They all really support and care about me as a person. Not just as an artist, a person. They wanna see it happen too. They put the hours in.

Did you come up with this concept yourself, then?

I think I was inspired by the beat A-Dee made first. I met him at a coffee shop and he was like, “I think I got a beat for you, man.” And I was like, “Alright.” He gives me the iPod headphones, hits play. Thirty seconds into it, I ripped off the earphones and was like, “Yeah.” It was that instant for me. Thirty seconds. I was like, “Yeah, man. That’s the song.” I knew it right away. So when I was writing it, I just visualized a party, a worldwide party. It felt very international, it felt energetic and party-like. It might kind of be an easy concept but it really felt like a worldwide party! I really liked how my voice sounded in the certain filter we put onto it in the chorus mixed with a strong yell, and that motivated the rock vibe to it. Then Drew Ryan Scott helped create the hooks and it came together!

I just wanted it to be big. I wanted 12 dancers, I wanted cars, I wanted fire, I wanted a lot of fire. I wanted fire everywhere. So the concept is powerful. Breaking cars. It’s a Kpop video. Kpop videos don’t have a lot of storyline sometimes, it’s just, “Oh, it’s cool.” I hope people enjoy it too.

What else do you have planned for other concepts? Clubbing? Fire inside the club?

That’s gonna be expensive. The next one, I have everything already planned. I’m not sure how much I should say. [laughs] Basically, it’s gonna be another high profile feature. The song itself is a dance song with a really unique twist to it and a very unique dance that people can copy and share. And it’s so cool, fun, and it has even more of that A-Kpop style and blending to it. It’s exciting!

Girls’ Generation ‘The Boys’ album places high on Billboard’s “Heatseekers” + “World Album” charts

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Girls’ Generation ‘The Boys’ album places high on Billboard’s “Heatseekers” + “World Album” charts

Girls Generation US album The Boys has placed high on the Billboard chart.

The album has ranked 22nd on the Heatseekers Albums category of Billboard, while impressively placing 2nd on the World Albums Chart.

This is quite the achievement for a Hallyu artist who has recently made their debut in the US.

Congratulations! The ladies are scheduled to appear on both The Late Show with David Letterman and ‘Live! With Kelly‘ next week.

SourceImage: Billboard, (2)