51709kim Jin Pyo Releases Sorry That Im Sorry Mv Featuring G Nas Vocals Hello Venus Nara

Kim Jin Pyo releases “Sorry that I’m Sorry” MV featuring G.NA’s vocals & Hello Venus’ Nara

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Kim Jin Pyo releases “Sorry that I’m Sorry” MV featuring G.NA’s vocals & Hello Venus’ Nara

Singer Kim Jin Pyo is back with a new album after a long four year hiatus with the support of G.NA and Hello Venus Nara!

In his official 6th album, JP6, Kim Jin Pyo boasts  featuring from various talented artists including Lim Chang Jung, Cherry Filter, Cho Yoo Jin, Swings, and more! One of those artists is G.NA, who lent her vocals for the title track off the album, Sorry that Im Sorry.

The song tells the story of a man who takes love and the woman who loves him for granted. Hello Venus Nara features in the video as well, so check out the music video for Sorry that Im Sorry below!

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Kim Jinpyo releases sixth studio album + ?I'm Sorry I'm Sorry? MV ft. Hello Venus's Nara and G.NA (vocals)

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Kim Jinpyo releases sixth studio album + ?Im Sorry Im Sorry? MV ft. Hello Venuss Nara and G.NA (vocals)After releasing his last full studio album 4 years ago, solo artist Kim Jinpyo has released his sixth full-length album, “JP6,” with the title track, “I’m Sorry, I’m Sorry” featuring G.NA's distinct vocals.

The album includes a total of 11 tracks, and has a variety of collaborations with artists such as Kim Hyungjoong, Miss $’s J, Cherry Filter’s Cho Yoojin, and Juyeon.

In the "I'm Sorry I'm Sorry" music video, Kim Jinpyo acts alongside Hello Venus's Nara to portray a stressful relationship in need of repair. The track combines string melodies with strong beats that complement the duo's vocals nicely.

Check out the music video for “I’m Sorry, I’m Sorry” and the rest of the album below!

Remember to purchase the album at sites like Bugs, Olleh, and Soribada.

02. "I'm Sorry, I'm Sorry" (feat. G.NA)

03. 바람 피기 좋은 날 (A Good Day To Have An Affair)

04. 내 여자친구는 슈퍼스타 (My Girlfriend Is A Superstar) (feat. Kim Hyungjoong)

05. Brush Your Teeth (feat. Jace of Miss $)

07. If I Could Go Back (feat. Lim Changjung)

09. "Why Did You" (feat. Cho Yoojin of Cherry Filter)

10. "The Second Verse Of Life" (feat. Vasco, Swings, Crybaby)

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2000 Won bring out ‘I Hate Seoul’ MV featuring Hello Venus’ Nara

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2000 Won bring out ‘I Hate Seoul’ MV featuring Hello Venus’ Nara

2000 Won have released the MV for new title track “I Hate Seoul” off their debut mini album!

As mentioned previously, “I Hate Seoul” describes a man”s loneliness after a breakup. Hello Venus” Nara appears in the video as member Kim Hyo Bin“s past girlfriend, and because of his memories with her, he decides to pack his bags to leave Seoul to lessen the pain.

So check it out above to support this duo!

Baechigi Releases “Dduraeyo” MV Featuring Hello Venus’ Yoo Ara

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Baechigi Releases “Dduraeyo” MV Featuring Hello Venus’ Yoo Ara Hip hop group Baechigi has just released their new single “Dduraeyo“!

The track is produced by the Baechigi and group 3B which is composed of Lee Gi, Yong Bae, and Henry. Henry also provides the vocals for the track. ”Dduraeyo” has a disco rhythm with a familiar “Korean melody” that promises to make this a hit track. A 14-member orchestra and the guitar,bass, and piano provide the instrumental for this song.

Hello VenusYoo Ara features in the music video, as well as entertainer Kim Heung Gook who is seen on the drums.

“Dduraeyo” is available on online music stores, and Baechigi’s first comeback stage will be on Mnet’s “M!Countdown” on March 27.

Vibe Releases Video Teaser For “Haeundae,” Featuring the Vocals of Davichi’s Kang Min Kyung

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Vibe Releases Video Teaser For “Haeundae,” Featuring the Vocals of Davichi’s Kang Min Kyung Male vocal duo Vibe will be making their comeback on February 20, with their 6th album, “Ritardando.”

The album’s title track, “Haeundae,” is an emotional ballad featuring the vocals of Davichi’s Kang Min Kyung.

Vibe released a 1-minute monochromatic video teaser for the song on February 17, in which Yoon Min Soo’s powerful, but mournful voice and Ryu Jae Hyun’s keyboard accompaniment meld together perfectly. Kang Min Kyung’s voice is also used to lend a nice finish to the song.

The song is a story of love and heartache, and takes place at Haeundae, a famous Busan beach where every couple should have gone on a date at least once.

The 10-track album will also contain a remake of “Love That Is Too Painful Was Not Love,” a hit by the late legendary singer Kim Kwang Suk.

Check out the video teaser for Vibe’s “Haeundae” below!

M.I.B Releases MV for "Worry About Yourself First" Featuring the Vocals of A Pink's Bomi

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M.I.B Releases MV for Worry About Yourself First Featuring the Vocals of A Pinks BomiThe boys of M.I.B are back with their new song Worry About Yourself First and the music video!

After releasing an exciting teaser and then postponing the original release date, the fans have been eagerly waiting for the full song to come out. On December 2 at noon, the digital single hit the music stores and the music video was uploaded on YouTube. 

Worry About Yourself First features singer A Pink‘s adorable Yoon Bo Mi. It is also the first time for M.I.B to collaborate with a girl group member. The group’s agency Jungle Entertainment commented, “Even though it is the first time M.I.B collaborates with a girl group member, the members’ voices match Yoon Bo Mi’s voice very well, and the harmony is praiseworthy. The song has been composed and arranged by member 5Zic, and all of the members participated in writing the lyrics. Like the title hints, ‘Why Don’t You Start’ is about a couple, who does not understand each other’s stance on their situation. It is a memorable song that through emotional vocals and rapping, reflects the sad feelings lovers have when they are about to break up. It feels like M.I.B and Yoon Bo Mi are having a conversation, the song is that well constructed.”

The music video is filtered black and white, adding to the sad emotions of the song. It shows the handsome members of M.I.B individually walking along a path by the sea with images of female is cut in between. 

What do you think of the track and music video?

Upcoming drama 'Oh My Venus' releases long teaser forward of premiere

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Upcoming drama 'Oh My Venus' releases long teaser forward of premiere

The drama "Oh My Venus" with the star-studded cast, So Ji Sub and Shin Min Ah is almost, practically here. yet before then, you'll be in a position to watch the long teaser that has been released!

It"s our first genuine sneak peek at what the drama might be like, and we already like it. It seems like a lighthearted drama full of comedian moments but also heartbreak. through heartbreak, we mean Shin Min Ah"s persona gets her middle broken.

But how adorable does she glance in her "fat suit"? She still looks great beautiful even with a couple of more pounds on her. Plus, the drama also has Henry. So yeah, in general here is a will have to watch drama.

The drama is set a private instructor who went thru a bad damage as a child, played by So Ji Sub. Shin Min Ah plays a attorney who struggles to reinforce her family, and as an adult, has grow to be obese and (apparently) less attractive.

Check out the teaser above and ensure you track in on November 16 for the premiere.

'Oh My Venus' Releases Suggestive Trailer

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Shin Min Ah and So Ji Sub (Photo : Oh My Venus) Teasers for dramas are supposed to get viewers excited for the drama to come. And the new teaser for Oh My Venus will probably do just that.

The KBS drama released a romantic teaser showing the dramas two stars playing around on a bed, which pretty much assumes the two characters will wind up on one.

In the teaser Shin Min Ahs character reclines on the bed and So Ji Subs character comes closer. At first she seems to welcome his embrace but then she uses the strength in her legs and arms to pin him down.

After that he says a drama you cant excape is coming on November 6.

Fans did not need to be convinced that there is chemistry between these two stars who appeared together in a series of memorable Giordano ads. Maybe the trailer was referring to the fact that So Ji Sub plays a trainer in this drama. He trains Shin Min Ahs character to get in such good shape she could overpower him.

Shin Min Ah plays Kang Joo Eun, a 33-year-old woman who attempts to embrace fitness and a healthier lifestyle, in the midst of her busy career as a lawyer. So Ji Sub is Kim Young Ho, an acclaimed Hollywood personal trainer, whose personality clashes with Joo Eun, as he attempts to whip her into shape.

Joo Eun character is inspired to get in shape when she sees how it changed the life of her best friend and fellow lawyer, played by Yoo In Young.

So Ji Subs fans are already excited that he will make a comeback to the small screen as his last drama was the 2013 Hong Sisters hit The Masters Sun with co-star Gong Hyo Jin. He has been focused on his music since then, releasing the song So Ganzi in July of 2015. His song was a collaboration with the hip hop group Soul Dive.

Shin Min Ah was last seen on the small screen in Arang and the Magistrate in 2012. She has appeared in three films since then, The X, Gyeongju and My Love, My Bride.

What do you think about this trailer?

The drama premieres on November 16 after the finale of Cheeky A Go Go.

f(x) releases the following batch of teaser pictures featuring Luna

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f(x) releases the following batch of teaser pictures featuring Luna

Following Victoria, Luna is the following one to liberate her person teasers for "4 Walls".

Luna displays her upgraded attractiveness during the unfashionable concept, and especially she stares at once at the camera in the entire photos, shooting everyone" hearts with her female charm.

In particular, identify tune "4 Walls" is expounded to be an EDM track of deep area genre with dreamy and complicated atmosphere, raising the anticipation for their comeback even more,

Meanwhile, 4th full-length album "4 Walls" might be released in the dark on October 27th.

·https://t.co/dFMPlue7wu·https://t.co/VrxbPeHFC6 pic.twitter.com/GFzyIrmP6L — SMTOWN GLOBAL (@SMTOWNGLOBAL) October 22, 2015

f(x) Releases Comeback Teasers Featuring Krystal

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f(x) Releases Comeback Teasers Featuring Krystal f(x) is celebrating maknae Krystal‘s October 24 birthday by capability of freeing her particular person teasers for the group’s highly-anticipated comeback!

Krystal looks as beautiful as ever in the lovely teasers as she rocks a varied variety of looks.

SM Entertainment is selling the group’s comeback with a different art showcase this is being held till October 26 in Seoul. On October 24 at 12 a.m. KST, they released a video of the reveal that includes video photos of Krystal posing for the photo shoot.

#Happy #Birthday #Krystal

A video posted by @fx_4walls on Oct 23, 2015 at 8:02am PDT

Teaser pictures for Krystal’s fellow workforce individuals Victoria and Luna were also prior to now released, because of this Amber is up next!

f(x) is these days getting ready to degree a comeback with their fourth album “4 Walls,” which could be brought to 12 a.m. KST on October 27.

Are you counting down the days except “4 Walls” is released?