CHI CHI releases 3rd single "Love Is Energy" + full MV

CHI CHI releases 3rd single Love Is Energy + full MVAfter revealing a music video teaser earlier this week, girl group CHI CHI finally revealed the full MV for their anticipated comeback track "Love is Energy".

The five member girl group made their debut last year with seven members through their single, "Don't Play Around." After a line-up change, they released their first single in Japan last April 25th. The group is expected to split their time between the two countries for promotions.

Along with the music video release, the group also revealed their full single release. It's their third single since their debut with "Don't Play Around" early 2011.

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You can purchase the single at Bugs, Soribada and Olleh Music.

01. Love Is Energy

02. Leon

Source: Trophyentertainment1 and AsianDreamAudio2