Thailand's Popular Singer Mike Is U-KISS Fan!

Thailand's Popular Singer Mike Is U-KISS Fan!


Thailand's Popular Singer Mike Is U-KISS Fan! [PIC] [PIC]

World famous idol group U-KISS has stolen the heart of Thailand singer, Mike from the group GolfMike.

Mike had always been a fan of Korean entertainment shows and happened to find out about U-KISS member Dong Ho. While trying to find more about Dong Ho he stumbled on a music performance on U-KISS. He became a fan right away.

After Mike heard about his father going to visit Korea, he quickly found a way to meet U-KISS. He followed to Korea where U-KISS welcomed him warmly.

GolfMike had debuted in Korea back in 2007 and had debuted in Thailand in 2005 and gained a lot of popularity with their great looks and fun performances. They are currently very popoular in Thailand as the brother duo.

In 2007, they collaborated with Japan group New member Yamashita Tomohisa and Kitty GYM for a project group and placed 1st on the Oricon charts. Also in 2007, they were the leaders for Thailand at the Asia Song Festival.

U-KISS has been busy performing in many parts of Asia and has especially been popular in Thailand. The leaders in Thailand and Korea meeting together will be the start to a greater "K-pop wave."

U-KISS has just finished their special album performances and is now getting ready for their Japan tour.