[NEWS] Winners from Mnet’s 2012 20’s Choice Awards

[NEWS] Winners from Mnet’s 2012 20’s Choice Awards


[NEWS] Winners from Mnet’s 2012 20’s Choice Awards
On June 28th, Mnet held the one and only summer awards ceremony for youth, the ‘20’s Choice Awards’ which took place at The Oasis in Banyan Tree Club & Spa.

The 6th 20’s Choice Awards was packed with a fresh wave of top stars which battled out in a variety of categories, including Male/Female Drama Star, Male/Female Movie Star, Trendy Music, Online Music, Variety Star, Global Star and Social Artist, among many others.

The winners were chosen by combining 50 percent of online votes, 30 percent research results among those in their 20s and 20 percent from expert judge scores.

Check out the full list of winners below:

[20′s Drama Star] (Male)
Kim Soo Hyun*
Song Joong Ki
Uhm Tae Woong
Lee Seung Gi
Ju Won

[20′s Drama Star] (Female)
Shin Se Kyung
Jung Ryeo Won
Ha Ji Won
Han Ji Min*

[20′s Movie Star] (Male)
Ryu Seung Ryong
Park Hae Il
Yoo Ah In
Lee Je Hoon*
Ha Jung Woo

[20′s Movie Star] (Female)
Gong Hyo Jin
Kim Go Eun
Kim Min Hee
Im Soo Jung

[20′s Trendy Music]
Big Bang
FT Island
miss A

[20′s Online Music]
Busker Busker*

[20′s Performance]
Ulala Session
Hyuna & Hyunseung (Trouble Maker)*

[20′s Band Music]
Glen Check
The Koxx*

[20′s Sports Star]
Kang Jung Ho
Koo Ja Cheol*
Park Chan Ho
Son Yeon Jae
Jung Chan Sung

[20′s Variety Star]
Kim Jun Ho
Han Hye Jin*

[20′s Gag Character]
Emergency Planning Committee
Brave Guys

[20′s Style]
Go Joon Hee
Yoo Ah In
Jang Yoon Ju*

[20′s Global Star]
Kim Hyun Joong
Girls’ Generation (SNSD)
Super Junior*
Jang Keun Suk

[20′s Booming Star]
Lee Sang Min
Lee Jong Seok
Im Si Wan
Jo Jeong Suk*

[Upcoming 20′s]
Kang Seung Yoon
Kang Ji Young
Kim Yoo Jung
Yeo Jin Gu*

[20′s Social Artist]
Kim Jang Hoon
Park Jin Hee
Lee Hyori*
Cha In Pyo
Choi Siwon

[20′s Click]
You’ve Got an Ugly Girlfriend
Sound of the Heart
Reverse! Weird Cooking
Who′s on First
Fashion King - Kian 84*

[20′s Do Don’ts]
Park Jin Young*

[20′s Sexiest Performance]

[20′s Choice Blue Carpet Volkswagen Scirocco Popularity Award]
Kim Soo Hyun*

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