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I Do, I Do: Episode 10 part 4 (Live Screenshot + Recap)

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I Do, I Do: Episode 10 part 4 (Live Screenshot + Recap)

Kim Sun Ah as Hwang Ji An : JA

Lee Jang Woo as Park Tae Kang : TK

Park Gun Hyung as Jo Eun Sung : ES

Im Soo Hyang as Yeom Na Ri : NR

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I Do, I Do: Episode 10 part 4

eun seong watches from across, as tae gang carries her.

she’s stoic, but tae gang is ecastatic. eun seong stos for a bit.. then moves to get out of the car with the bags. then stops himself, heart heavy.

tae gang carries ji an all the way to her bed. he asks if he should call that guy for her. she says, no it’s fine. tae gang says, that’s what that guy is here for. besides, isn’t he a doctor? he asks if there’s anything wrong with that guy… he’s got a good career, good looks, makes good money. she asks if he really wants them get along that much. he responds that he can’t be next to her all the time.

he asks if he should clean. she says, just go. he asks if it’s ok to take photos of her shoes then. he says that he’s been practicing drawing shoes by copying them. she says, fine.

he goes to her shoe closet and starts taking pictures of shoes… one shelf at a time. then notices that his eraser miniature is now on the shelf next to the original shoes. he happily picks it up. he smiles widely, and then puts it back.. admiring its place.

back in her room, she’s tiredly thinking.

then she hears him call out.. asking if he could look at her sketches. she says yes.. then realizes something.

he’s flipping through her sketchbook, and looks at shoes. then sees a sketch of his feet… then both their feet together. then about 4 pages of him sleeping.

she arrives at the shoe room. he stands, and asks, why did you draw this? she says, no reason. give it to me.

she goes over and she tells him again to give it to her.

he pulls her over as she’s turned to leave. he says, let’s both be honest for just one minute. why did you really draw this picture? she’s quiet. so he holds her face in both of his hands, and slowly, painstakingly, kisses her.

we pan out. and the sketchbook is on the ground.

he pulls back. and she’s quiet with her eyes closed.

it seems so painful as he stares at her.. and she opens her eyes.

the air is heavy as he says he’ll leave now.

he runs out of her apartment. holding a hand to his heart as he laughs. he quietly says that he thought his heart would burst. he runs, clicking his heels.

in the office parking lot, eun seong is still there.

at chung baek’s restaurant, bong soo, dad, and chung baek are celebrating his new job.

tae gang rushes in, “dad!” his brows are furrowed.

they worry that he might have found out. they start to get flustered… but then tae gang comes over, and hugs dad from behind.. saying, “dad! dad, i love you~~~!” dad says he loves him, too.

just then na ri and jake walk in.

they take tae gang to a restaurant. apparently jake wants to take tae gang to america. he has a worried look in his face. right now, he’s only working as in intern.. if he does this, his pay could go up by five times. he asks why. jake tells him he’s got talent.

he still looks worried. na ri asks what’s wrong. he says he has to go to the restroom.

he looks at himself in the mirror, and laughs a bit. talent?

ji an is drawing in her shoe closet.. and remembers the kiss from earlier.

just then her doorbell rings. lady jang has come for a visit.

she wonders that lady jang should come all this way. lady jang hands her a bag. ji an comments about how simple her place is. she takes a seat. lady jang picks up a pregnancy book. ji an starts to say, “well, that’s…” lady jang then congratulates her, when’s the wedding? ji an apologizes, she’s the type for whom marriage is hard. she’ll be raising the baby alone. lady jang says that as an icon for the company, to be a single mother would be… ji an says, she’s giving up the position of president. lady jang: “what?”

I Do, I Do Episode 10 Live Screenshot Recap part 4

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Spoiler "The Flower in Prison" Jin Se-yeon faces Kim Mi-sook

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However, Kang Seon-ho told her there used to be intervention with the government and it changed into all below Yoon Won-hyeong's (Jeong Joon-ho) orders. Kang Seon-ho begged, "It's all my fault. Just kill me" and Ok-nyeo have becomesusceptible hearted. She left without hurting him.

Ok-nyeo have shyed away from the radar with Yoon Tae-won's (Ko Soo) help. She then determined to own up tothe realityyet Yoon Tae-won stopped her with the fact that she may smartly be used as a political prey.

At the similar time, Jeong Nan-jeong (Park Joo-mi) and Queen Moon-jeong (Kim Mi-Sook) who was suspicious about Yoon Tae-won, ordered for Ok-nyeo to be arrested. Ok-nyeo was soon brought in front of Queen Moon-jeong.

Spoiler "Five Children" Ahn Jae-wook proposes to So Yoo-jin

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However, Ahn Mi-jeong used to bemade up our mindsto wreck up with him or evenmade a decision to hand over her job. She did not like the theory that Lee Sang-tae turned into breaking clear of his circle of relativeson account of her when she knew that he was with regards to them.

Lee Sang-tae met Ahn Mi-jeong, gave her a necklace and said, "I have to inform you anything today. I'm about to answer tofor yourbreaking apart with me". In the necklace case he gave her, was a wish list saying, "Getting married and living fortunately with our children'.

Lee Sang-tae told her, "I idea about getting a ring but I believe we will have todo thisevery other time. I am done thinking. Let's get married". Ahn Mi-jeong looked at him with tears in her eyes and didn't say anything.

Jonghyun Drops All Pretense with “She Is”

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Jonghyun Drops All Pretense with “She Is”

Jonghyun Drops All Pretense with She IsWritten through Camiele On Would possibly 29, 2016I wasn’t relativelycertain how Jonghyun was once going to best his solo debut, ultimate year’s BASE. Yet lo and behold, in the thick of summer, he drops his first full-length album and surprises me yet again. However, as an alternative of number onecolours and giggly romps at thecoastline equally his album art suggests, he’s taking a otherway topreventingthe warmth switching off the AC, cooling us down with a little of ice trailed along the skin.

As soon as the album starts Jonghyun is going in for the kill. Lead unmarried and namemusic “She Is” is a brash song that’s all dips and curves. With assist from either Philtre and Crush, the song is a bright piece of RB. Instead of smoky and stuffed with temptation, it’s flirtatious and playful. With Crush’s signature cadence at the bridge, Jonghyun makes the song his own, despite the watermark of his collaborators.

While lyrically it’s what you’d be expecting from a spritely piece of RB, “She Is” changed intoglaringly penned with a wink and a smirk. Our protagonist gets a thrill as his love pastime leads him on, and the couple plays their game of cat and mouse where everybody displace see: “I like how you seem to be you lot don’t know anything. (Cool) I love how you act coy (Relationship) I adore it like that.”

Gap Between Normal and Non-Regular Staff Getting Worse

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The moderateper thirty days wages of normalemployeeshigher W123,000 a month over the last year, yetthe ones of the creatingmilitary of non-regular staff rose simplest W44,000 (US$1=W1,183). The rage underscores a widening hole between steady and contract workers and bodes sick for hopes that more folksmight beready to land regular employment with right kindadvantages and process security. Statistics Korea on Thursday acknowledged the average monthly salary of regular workers stood at W2.84 million as of March, whilst non-regular workers made W1.51 million, an opening of W1.33 million. The salary gap has widened 6.3 % from W1.25 million a year ago, two times Korea's GDP expansion and inflation. Statistics Korea said the wage gap between regular and non-regular workers shrank 1.4 percentage issues to 10.6 percent if differences in gender, age and instructionaldegrees are ignored. But if fact exist toldthe variation in the money regular and non-regular workers take house continues to grow.The gap does now notfinish at the paycheck. The average employment length for regular workers grew from 87 months to 89 months. But for non-regular workers it remained the similar at 29 months, basicallyas a result of a lawthat says they should be given a normalrole after 3 years. In its placecorporationsregularlyfireplace and then rehire them. The share of regular workers who get bonuses rose from 84.4 percent to 86.1 percent, but among contract workers and temps it shrank from 40.7 percent to 40 percent. The proportion of regular workers signing up for the state 401-k plan grew 1.2 percentage facets to 83.2 percent, but among non-regular workers it fell 0.2 percentage points to 37.5 percent.

Meanwhile the choice of non-regular workers mushroomed from 5.73 million in 2013, when the Park Geun-hye management took office, to 6.15 million this year. The ratio of non-regular workers to all workers stagnated at 32 percent suggesting that executive efforts to create more right jobs haven't been successful. Lee Jang-won at the Korea Hard work Institute said, "There's a larger deviationin the case ofoperatingstipulations between giantagencies and small and mid-sized corporations than in complicated countries, and the gap between regular and non-regular workers results in a wide difference in the quality of jobs.Young individuals are shy of non-regular jobs and employment in small and mid-sized companies, but the variety of regular jobs in enormous businesses has stayed much the same, resulting in a soaring unemployment rate among young of us (12.5 percent in February of this year). But a rising number of senior voters are taking up contract or transient jobs. Humans in their 40s accounted for the biggest proportion of non-regular jobs till 2014, but now it's far people in their 50s, and those in their 60s have overtaken 40-somethings.

QUIZ: Did you know Those Male K-Pop Stars’ Genuine Names?

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QUIZ: Did you know  Those Male K-Pop Stars’ Genuine Names?

QUIZ: Did you knowThose Male K-Pop Stars Genuine Names?t0ky0nights Might 29, 2016 0 All K-pop fanaticsthat experience been occupied with K-pop for some timein finding themselves finding outall the artists names, yet are you even more engrossed? Do you observed yous know all of these artists real names and no longer just their level names? Learn howsome distanceyou've gotin reality fallen into the gloriousinternational of K-pop by potential of taking this quiz!

Has your existence been totally taken over by these good-looking idols, or are you simply getting started? Let us understand how you did in the comments!t0ky0nights is a K-Pop enthusiast, whose interests come with many sorts of Japanese, Chinese, and Korean entertainment. She may also bediscovered dancing or writing articles, in addition fiction and lyrics, many of the time. You'll be in a position tolocate her on Instagram here.

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Young Koreans Are Satisfied to move It Alone

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Young Koreans are an expanding number ofsatisfied to eat, drink and cross to the videos alone. Film theater chain CJ CGV says 10.1 % of all moviegoers final year watched motion picturesby way of themselves, and 37 percent of those solo moviegoers were in their 20s. In line with Statistics Korea, 56.8 percent of Koreans revel in their recreational activities on their own, up thirteen percentage issues from 2007. Time used to be when those that went out by themselves would wereclassified loners or weirdos, yet now even in a other way sociable other people enjoy outings by themselves. Choi Kwang-nam (21), who reports at a personal university in Seoul, said, "I watch filmsby myself around once or two times a month. It isn't like you'llcommunicateon your friend whilst you scouta film together, so I do not see the desire for company. Choi says this fashion he avoids the trouble of having to agree on a time and date that fits everyone, and he no longer gets pitying looks when he's out by himself.

One activityseek portal asked 1,277 individuals in their 20s if they feel uncomfortable doing things alone, and an overpowering 74.7 percent stated no.

The varietyof itemsfolks do alone has grown wider, from just going to the movies or gambling games in dimly-lit Web cafs. Now karaoke booths stock up amongst lone employees who wish to take a singalong without torturing the ears of friends.A staffer at a coin karaoke near Ewha Womans University in northwestern Seoul said, "Half of our consumers are scholars who come alone. People who are ridiculed as being tone-deaf can come here and sing their hearts out with no needto stress about other people". Comediane book reading rooms, which used to be popular in the 1990s earlier than the Cyber web spread, have also made a comeback in university neighborhoods thank you to an build up in loners. Incessantlythey have gotat ease sofas and serve snacks. "Most of our users are university students who spend 4to 5 hours here reading comics and taking naps", said a staffer at one of a comic reading room in Seoul. "Places like pool halls and board game cafs, where you will want causeno less than one friend with you, have disappeared, but comic book reading rooms are thriving".

SM Entertainment to Open K-Pop School

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SM and Jongro Academy be expectinga widechoice of Chinese students to observe given the largeapproval for K-pop in China. A recruitment pressure in China is planned for November, the similar month local variety takes place. Typically if a teen is enrolled in a skill factory, all of the dancing and making a songeducation disrupts their categories at school. Yetthe recent school would deal with that hassleby way of seamlessly integrating the activities. SM will take care of the creativea section of the curriculum, whilst Jongro Academy will look after Korean, English, math and other instructional subjects.But the school is almost definitely notcompletely accredited, so students will must take a high-school equivalency exam at the end. Students may bereadyto select either a Korean or American curriculum.If the school is a success, the 2firms say they may open branches in a foreign country as well.

"Five Children" increases by way of 5% to 29.8%

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MBC drama "The Flower in Prison" rated 18.7%, "Happy Home" 16.5%, SBS drama "Beautiful Gong Shim" 11.2% and "Yeah, That is How It Is" 10.1%.

Go Champ Donates Smartphones to Disabled Kids

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Baduk or cross champion Lee Se-dol has donated to charity all of thecash he gained from LG Electronics beneath a sponsorship deal for a sequence of suitsopposed to Google DeepMind's proto-artificial intelligence program AlphaGo in March.

He used the cashto shop for 50 each and every of LG's newest G5 smartphones and CAM Plus, a camera grip that adds physical controls to the G5's camera, and donated them to the center. "I hope they're going toassistthe kids there pursue their dreams", Lee said.

KCON LA: SHINee and I.O.I sign up for line-up & KCON NY: Special Visitors Si Wan and Park Bo-yeong

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SHINee is a modern popular son band that is composed of five members, following the lead of present trends in music, dance and fashion. The call "SHINee" is coined term that added the suffix "-ee" to the be aware "shine", and is supposed to be interpreted as "the one that is in light". For the group, that mild is the spotlight, and reflects the group's aspirations to drawquite so much ofloversvia pursuing quite much ofkinds of music. SHINee has released over ten albums and prolonged play albums to-date, with each one member also creating in their own authenticperson projects out of doors of music. SHINee maximumlately released their album "Married To The Music", which is a deluxe repackaging in their album "Odd", and are currently traveling at over 30 othertowns to advertise it.I.O.II.O.I is a South Korean girl community consisting of 11 members, and used to beshaped by CJ EM viathe preferred Korean factdisplay "Produce 101". The provechanged intothe primary of its kind, as it brought in combination trainees from various entertainment agencies in Korea. The organization advert I.O.I stands for Ideal of Idol, since they are the sole group to debut with this exclusive format. Their debut mini-album "Chrysalis" was released on Might 4, 2016 with the 1st official unmarried being "Dream Girls".Below are the trailers for and bios for every special guest:Special Guest YouTube trailer:

Si Wan is a tv host, actor and singer. Since debuting in 2010, he has seemed in popular Korean dramas comparable to "The Sun and the Moon" and "The Equator Man", and won "Best New Actor" for the movie "The Attorney" at either the Max Film Awards and Marie Claire Film Awards. He continues to look and big name in a wide range shows, movies and more.

Park Bo-yeong is an actress, best known for her roles in the film "A Werewolf Boy" and the television drama "Oh My Ghostess". Early in her career, she has earned the name of "Nation's Little Sister" and has grow to bewidely recognized for her herbal beauty. She made her acting debut in "Secret Campus", acting along Lee Min-ho, and rose to popularity from her paintings in "Speedy Scandal", where she won 8 "Best New Actress" awards.For a complete list of artists announced, talk over with Further artists will be announced in the approaching weeks for KCON LA.Tickets for KCON NY are already on sale and promoting out fast, and KCON LA tickets will cross on sale starting June 3:6/3 1PM EST KCON LA Combo/Platinum Tickets6/6 1PM EST KCON LA Single TicketsPrices will variety from $50 to $250 for single tickets and $800 for platinum price ticketthat givesget access to to all concerts and the convention.For additional info and the newest KCON news, stopover at and apply @KCONUSA on Twitter, where artist lineups and ticket data volition be announced. Sign up for the communique alongside #KCON16NY and #KCON16LA.