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I Do, I Do: Episode 10 part 3 (Live Screenshot + Recap)

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I Do, I Do: Episode 10 part 3 (Live Screenshot + Recap)

Kim Sun Ah as Hwang Ji An : JA

Lee Jang Woo as Park Tae Kang : TK

Park Gun Hyung as Jo Eun Sung : ES

Im Soo Hyang as Yeom Na Ri : NR

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tae gang gets scolded by seung mi later. and ji an can only listen from a little ways off, regretfully.

she calls him in to the office. she thanks him for coverign for her. she holds out the textbook and asks him about his progress. (i missed part of the convo again, sorry… ^^; )

she observes that he’s not wearing the shoes from na ri. he says these shoes (the crappy ones) were made by his father. he shows her a miniature of children’s shoes that he had made from an eraser.. the one she has in her shoe closet that he’d admired before. she’s taken aback in surprise. he’s quite pleased with himself but then she says something and pushes it back to him. he’s upset, takes it back, crumpling it in his hand.. then throws it in the trash. he walks out, upset. (i think she tells him that if he has time to do something like this, then how about memorizing a page in the book instead?)

she gets a call from lady jang, who tells her that there’ll be a documentary about her by MBS. she tells lady jang that she doesn’t think she can do it.

na ri and jake have another pow wow about the shoes that tae gang fixed.

bong soo comes by the team office, and calls tae gang over. he asks if tae gang has heard. apparently they’re looking for a new patterner. what about his dad? tae gang sucks in a breath and says, no way. if ji an were to find out… he tells tae gang the salary. “really!? but still no way.”

later, we see bong soo puts a wig on dad.

they walk out together… and na ri comes across them. she stops and turns around.. saying hold on. he’s looking down. bong soo says thi sis the new patterner.. but then she looks down at dad’s shoes.. the shoes that she gave tae gang. then says, never mind.

later the minions are having a meeting. seung mi wonders.. time is running short, but what have they been doing all this time? does jake now? does na ri even know? they all sit to think.

lady jang arrives then, and they show her in to ji an’s office. she sees the paper that’s covering the painting lady’s face. then she sees the pill bottles on the visitor table. she wonders.

later, ji an and tae gang are out textile shopping, while drinking juice. at some point, he holds both cups for her.. and as she’s picking out textiles, he holds up the cup for her to drink… “vitamin c”, he coaxes. they continue walking, while he holds all the materials.. and tries to keep people away from her.. pretty much trying to give her a wide berth. at one point, he hugs her over trying to move her out of the way. then later she sits down, her back hurting. he says she must be tired.

lady jang is sitting; an employee is talking to her. she’s suspicious. (missed the convo)

eun seong presents a baby to its parents. and they’re so happy; he fondly looks at them. he signals the nurses to come in, and they have brought a baby cake.

he remembers when ji an was touching the preemie’s hand.

later, in his office, he remembers the talk with ji an outside the restaurant. he texts ji an. he tells her that a baby was let out of the clinic that day.

as he’s about to get out of his car.. he sees tae gang driving ji an’s car (in slo-mo).. eun seong stops for a bit.

tae gang parks. then he looks over at the sleeping ji an. he carefully tries to unbuckle her, but she wakes up. she asks, we’re already here? why didn’t he go to the office? she leans back asleep.

he comes around to her side, and opens her door. he’s about to lift her up, but she jerks awake, asking what he’s doing. he coaxes her to just let him carry her. he takes an arm and puts it around his neck. she hesitantly puts the other one up as well…

I Do, I Do Episode 10 Live Screenshot Recap part 3

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