Under the Radar - Naomi

Under the Radar - NaomiUnder the Radar - Naomi

Naomi participated in a high school youth festival held in Cheonan in 2001 and won the grand prize. Lee Young Hyun, of Koreas talented music group Big Mama, recognized Naomis outstanding singing abilities and helped her as a dependable teacher. After seven years of long and bitter practice, she released her catchy ballad 사랑을 잃다 (Losing Love) in November 2007. The arrangement to Losing Love is the same as Jessica Simpsons When You Told Me You Loved Me, as the style of the song suited Naomi, being able to show off her emotional vocals.The song topped various online charts upon its release. She participated in SBSs Power FM Haha Ten Ten Club Corner Battle with new rookie artists in a showdown with three consecutive wins. She was even noted for her 4 octave vocal.

With the Price of Ballad Sung Shi Kyung, Naomi participated in the first part of the Rhapsody, The Soul of Sound single. Other artists who had participated in it were Bobby Kim, Son Ho Young, Drunken Tiger, Lim Hyung Joo, Lee Eun Mi, and Yoon Mi Rae. Naomi has been a guest singer at one of Wheesungs concert as well. Furthermore, she is part of a charity called Compassion Band/Compassion Korea with various artists like Je-A of Brown Eyed Girls, Hwangbo, Ricky Kim, Joo Chan Yang, Park Chan, Jung Jae Yoon and Shin Ae Ra. Naomi has collaborated with other artists like L.E.O. and EZ-Life. She has also participated in many OSTs like Hero, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Road No. 1, Rebirth-NEXT, and Suspicious Family as an artist as well as a lyricist.

Naomi just released a new single The Red with the title track being of the same name. It is a jazzy ballad song showcasing her strong unique vocals. Hopefully she will be able to do promotions for the new song.

Profile 나오미 (Naomi)

Born: October 16, 1984

Physique: 16cm, 52kg, AB

Cyworld  | Twitter

Management: 튜나사운드 (Tuna Sound)

Debut: 2007 Single Album “사랑을 잃다”


2001 CheonAn Youth Festival, Grand Prize

2001 KTF Gold Festival

2002 KBS Radio Grand Prize

2002 KBS Youth Music Contest Young Star 4U


2004 Uhm Jung Hwa Vol. 8 Self Control Chorus

2005 Koyotae Vol. 8 必Up Chorus

2005 MBC Drama OSTLyrics

2005 “미안해요 (환생-NEXT (Rebirth Next) OST)”Lyrics

2006 Typhoon Vol. 1 Chorus

2006 “내사랑 못난이 (Ugly Baby) OST, Game Over

2007 Wheesung Concert Whee Show Nationwide Tour

2007 TTL존 Naomi Mini Concert

2008 SBS POWERFM송채환의 그대의향기Logo Song

2008 KBSCOOLFM이훈.지현우의 미스터라디오Logo Song

2008 Movie Crossing movie premiere concert

2008 North Korea Helping Children project album CRY WITH US

2008 탈북청소년지원기금마련 Beautiful Dream Concert

2008 듀크 김석민 (Duke Kim Suk Min) Digital Single (JUST.1)Party LadyFeaturing

2008 조장혁 Vol. 6The Present 함께 Featuring

2009 컴패션밴드 미주투어공연 (Compassion Band American Tour)

2009 컴패션밴드앨범 I AM COMPASSION (Compassion band Album I AM COMPASSION)

2009 MBC드라마 히어로OST그게나에요발표 9 (MBC Drama Hero OST)

2009 Mighty Mouth SmileFeaturing

2010 산부인과OST(PART.2)you are my everything발표 (Obstetrics and Gynecology OST)

2010 WE Online O.S.T액터스초이스(장동건,김승우,황정민,지진희,공형진,이하나)-WE(우리)참여

2010 리오(LEO) Vol.3 보물섬 SUNNY Featuring

2010 MBC수목드라마 로드넘버원OST 타이틀곡멍하니발표(MBC Drama Road No. 1 OST)

2010 이지라이프 (EZ-Life) Digital Single 그여자를못잊더라 Featuring

2011 경북예술고등학교 실용음악과 출강

2012 SBS PowerFM최화정의 파워타임 logo song 제작노래

Discography Under the Radar - Naomi사랑을 잃다 (Single)

Released: 2007.10.29

01. 사랑을 잃다

02. So Hot

03. 사랑을 잃다 (Club Remix)

04. 사랑을 잃다 (MR)

05. So Hot (MR)

Under the Radar - NaomiVol. 1Bad Love

Released: 2008.02.12

01. PRELUDE 풍경



09. 몹쓸 사랑 (INSTRUMENTAL)

Under the Radar - NaomiSung Shi KyungNaomiRhapsody

Released: 2008.04.24

01. 사랑하는 일Sung Shi Kyung

02. 행복하니Naomi

Under the Radar - NaomiCho Jang Hyuk – The Present

Released: 2008.12.09

02. 함께(Feat. 나오미)

Under the Radar - NaomiVol. 2Soul Child

Released: 2009.10.08

01. Prologue Soulchild

02. Calling

06. I Will Run To You

07. 사랑을 잃다 (Club Mix)

08. Calling (MR)

09. 사랑인데 (MR)

10. I Will Run To You (MR)

Under the Radar - Naomi히어로 (Hero) OST

Released: 2009.12.02

03. 그게 나에요 – Naomi

Under the Radar - Naomi산부인과 (Obstetrics and Gynecology) OST

Released: 2010.02.16

04. You Are My Everything – Naomi

Under the Radar - Naomi리오케이코아 (Leo Kekoa) Vol. 3 –보물섬

Released: 2010.07.08

03. Sunny ft. Naomi

Under the Radar - NaomiNaomis Storming

Released: 2010.07.08

01. Storm (Feat. H-유진)

02. 이유 같지 않은 이유 (Feat. H-유진)

03. You Are My Everything

05. Storm (Sungol Remix)

07. Storm (MR)

08. 이유 같지 않은 이유 (MR)

Under the Radar - Naomi김창석 (Kim Chang Suk) Vol. 1 – 행복한 예배자

Released: 2010.08.04

14. 그 이름 예수 (Chorus김명식, 나오미, 심종호, 이민섭, 정신호, 천관웅, 남궁송옥)

Under the Radar - NaomiRoad Number One OST

Released: 2010.08.04

05. 멍하니 – Naomi

Under the Radar - NaomiEZ-Life -그 여자를 못 잊더라

Released: 2010.09.08

01. 그 여자를 못 잊더라 (Feat. 나오미)

Under the Radar - Naomi산을 넘는 사람들신앙사계 (Four Seasons of Christian Life)

Released: 2012.03.23

04. 내려놓음 – Song Jae KyungNaomi

07. 세움 – Joo Chan YangNaomi

09. 죄에서 자유를 얻게함은 – Joo Chan YangNaomi

Under the Radar - Naomi수상한 가족 (Suspicious Family) OST

Released: 2012.05.31

03. Love is OverNaomi

04. Love is Over (Inst.)

Under the Radar - NaomiThe Red (Single)

Released: 2012.06.22

01. The Red

02. The Red (Inst.)

Videos Music Videos [AUDIO] NaomiLove is Over (Suspicious Family OST)- [MV] NaomiThe Red[MV] Naomi사랑인데 (Love Is)

- [MV] Naomi ft. H-EugeneStorm[MV] Naomi몹쓸 사랑 (Bad Love)

[MV] Ez-Life그 여자를 못 잊더라 (Feat. 나오미)

[MV] Naomi사랑을 잃다

Live Performances[080314] Naomi몹쓸 사랑 (Bad Love)

Naomi사랑인데 @ Music Bank

마이티마우스 (Mighty Mouth)웃어 (Smile) feat. Naomi

[091120] NaomiMercy + 사랑인데 (Love Is) @ Yoo Hee Yeols Sketchbook

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