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allkpop TV Guide: Big Ep. 8

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allkpop TV Guide: Big Ep. 8

Official Synopsis: 18-year-old Kang Kyung Joon’s (Shin Won-Ho) spirit suddenly becomes transplanted into the body of 30-year-old Seo Yoon Jae (Gong Yoo). Seo Yon Jae is a successful doctor who is engaged to high school teacher Gil Da Ran (Lee Min Jung). Gil Da Ran just so happens to be the teacher of 18-year-old Kang Gyung Joon. More problems ensue when 30-year-old Seo Yoon Jae falls in love with another woman.

Ratings: MBCs Light and Shadow increased in ratings as it achieved a 19.2%, still holding strong in first place. SBS The Chaser has been maintaining its success with a 13.2%. The same doesnt hold true for KBS Big, however, as it dropped in ratings to a 7.9%.

Recap of Ep. 8: After Kyung Joon reveals Yoon Jaes ring to Da Ran, the heartbreaking moment is interrupted by Ma Ri (miss As Suzy)who threatens shell reveal the truth about Kyung Joons soul if Kyung Joon and Da Ran marry. As Ma Ri is about to tell the truth to Da Rans parents, the parents notice Yoon Jaes ring on Da Ran and ask about their future marriage. However, Da Ran is still unsure about her decision and Yoon Jaes true feelings.

Da Ran visits Kyung Joon, who is watering the plants. They start to horse around, and Da Rans heart begins to beat faster while she watches Kyung Joon. However, as the two dry themselves after the water fight, Da Ran notices her ring went missing. She eventually stops searching for it, making Kyung Joon angry that she gave up so easily.

Despite their fight, Kyung Joon goes to Da Rans house to drop off documents she had left behind. He becomes involved in the search for Choong Shik (Baek Sung Hyun), who ran away after his mother interfered during his confession to Ma Ri. Enlisting Ma Ris help, Kyung Joon finds Choong Shik at a spa, where he advises Choong Shik to return to his mother before its too late. Although Choong Shik agrees to return, both he and Kyung Joon are alarmed to hear that Ma Ri sent Da Ran away to the Seoul subway station. Da Ran looks frantically for her brother, but becomes frightened by the leering homeless men. However, Kyung Joon comes to her side, leaving abruptly and ignoring Ma Ri.

Ma Ri, sad that Kyung Joon was furious with her, revealed to Da Ran how Kyung Joons mother had died. After Ma Ri told Kyung Joon that he should prevent his mom from meeting her dad, who was waiting to confess to her, Kyung Joon and his mother walk into an alleyway where a man suddenly shoots Kyung Joons mother. Da Ran goes to Kyung Joon and comforts him with a back hug.

The next day, Da Ran searches for the ring Yoon Jae had given to her, and Kyung Joon hands it to her. Da Ran asserts that this time she is sticking by Yoon Jaes side for good. Meanwhile, Se Young meets up with Yoon Jaes mother and asks about the Miracle book. Yoon Jaes mother explains that Yoon Jaes father had made it. The book states that if one angel saves another angel, that angel will save another person.

As the wedding preparations move forward, Da Ran and Kyung Joon agree that by the time Kyung Joon has matured, the two will go separate ways even if the body switch hasnt occurred. Kyung Joon drives Da Ran to the airport, where she plans to travel to China alone for their honeymoon. Kyung Joon is disappointed hes left behind, until he realizes that Da Ran left her passport and plane ticket in the car. Kyung Joon purposefully arrives late, and the two agree to travel together. As Da Ran is a little flustered at the idea of a honeymoon with Kyung Joon, Kyung Joon experiences a moment of soul shifting. He momentarily visits his own body but returns back to Yoon Jaes body, shocking both Da Ran and himself.

kdramacrazy’s Thoughts:

[Note : This post reflects the opinions of the author, and not necessarily those of allkpop.]

Maybe the poor editing and the abrupt tonal shifts detracted from my enjoyment of the episode, but it left me a little bored, even during the hot romantic parts with Kyung Joon and Da Ran. The beginning of the episode was a little jarring to start with, from Kyung Joons momentous confession that he would stop liking Da Ran. Not only did it suddenly shift to a comedic tone with Ma Ris arrival, belittling his revelation, but it also was neglected throughout the episode as the relationship dynamic remained the same between Da Ran and Kyung Joon. Bringing me to another weakness in terms of plot. The writers have a lot to work with when it comes to the soul switching mystery, Yoon Jaes mystery affair with Se Young (Jang Hee Jin), the romance, and the growing up, but the plot is being pulled down and dragged by with Kyung Joon asking Da Ran to marry him and Da Ran trying to deny her feelings. And although I love how Da Ran is finally maturing and gaining confidence by getting back together with Yoon Jae, Im a little confused about where this is going to lead us again. Ultimately, even the final moment of soul switching just left me scratching my head. Yes, it seems like theyre getting closer to the moment of soul switching, but it doesnt help us or the characters get closer to solving the mystery on their own. I was so excited that they would be returning to their bodies, especially right after the marriage, so I was a little disappointed.

But, I still like how the relationship between Kyung Joon and Da Ran is going, despite it being repetitive. Im quite interested in how the angel story will come into play with reality. Since Yoon Jae saved Kyung Joon, Im interested in who Kyung Joon will save. I hope that it wont be literal like Kyung Joon saving Da Ran from an oncoming car, but more metaphorical. Because we can see how both help each other grow as Da Ran gains confidence and Kyung Joon gains the comfort and maturity he needs. And Im going to guess that Kyung Joon and Yoon Jae are brothers or half-brothers. I would say half-brothers as they share the same father, but the mothers reaction towards Kyung Joon is way too nice if youre going to consider that your husband had another child with a different woman.

And although Ma Ris character has been annoying me, heres some eye candy for miss A fans.

Nicole To Make Long-Awaited Comeback In Korea

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Nicole To Make Long-Awaited Comeback In Korea

Nicole To Make Long-Awaited Comeback In Koreakminjungee April 29, 2016 0 Nicole might bemaking a return in Korea someday in the following couple of months!

According to her firm B2M Entertainments statements on April 30, Nicole has been running on new songs, with the functionof creating a comeback next month. The nametune has yet to be decided, so her comeback is alsodriven from May just to June depending at the situation.

Former KARA member Nicole made her solo debut in November 2014 with her first mini album First Romance, and its title track, Mama. If she releases a new album in the primarypart of this year as planned, it'll mark her comeback to the Korean music scene in one and a half of years.

Seo Kang-joon rents a complete amusement park for his fans

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Seo Kang-joon rented all of the venue of Lotte International gamble for this event. He may begetting ready performances and a degree inviting special visitors for his fans. They are going to also invite the charity organizations for youngsters and the developmentalso isappropriate for families as well.

An go along with Seo Kang-joon's firm said, "We've planned this matchto precise our appreciation in opposition to our fans" and "Since we are getting ready especialoccasionsother from the former concert. I am hopingwe will be in a position to have a super time together".

Seo Kang-joon's We Like 2Night will take position at Lotte World Adventure from 10:30 PM on May 20th to five AM on May 21st. The participants will be capable ofexperience the ready performances in addition the amusement park rides freely all through the fan meeting.

Girls’ Generation’s Tiffany To Unlock Solo Album In May

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Girls’ Generation’s Tiffany To Unlock Solo Album In May

She these days finalized the arrangements for her album. For a three-day period, beginning April 25, Tiffany filmed the tune video for her identify track, and participated in a photo shoot for the album. Her new album will feature songs of many various genres that wouldshow off Tiffanys authentic charms and musicality. The singer plans on proceeding to preparechallengingso asto turn a more bestfunctionality onstage.

First, Tiffany used to befirstlymeant to make her solo debut closing fall, yet it becomenot on time for more than one months all the manner through the production stage. In the end, the release of her solo album was driven back for around six months.

During the ones six months, there were also several conflicting reports about if and when she would release a solo album. The singer was even stuck up in dating rumors with rapper Gray, when in reality she was running alongside AOMG manufacturers on her solo album.

Giveaway: Win Tickets to look SHINee Are living in Chicago

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Giveaway: Win Tickets to look SHINee Are living in Chicago

Giveaway: Win Tickets to peer SHINee Are living in Chicagoknims April 29, 2016 0 Girls and gentlemen, as you know we've got a momentous instance on our hands. SHINee is having their first solo fanmeet in the U.S. in the very fortunatetown of Chicago on Might 8th and tickets are on sale now here on Ticketmaster.

If you’re a SHINee fan, how are you in a position tonow not attend the fanmeet  and displaythe gang support? More enhancealmost certainly equals more displayssomeday and, as any individual who isn’t in Chicago, I’d actually appreciate the opportunity to get  some SHINee concerts in the future.

But, if you’re in the space and can’t spare the money for tickets correct now, we'vean awesome opportunity to win them! All you will need do is spread the notice about the show!

Yoo Ah-in stars on duvet of Hong Kong men's magazine

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In the revealed pictorial, Yoo Ah-in's trendy charms grabbed the eyeof girls fans. The informalglance is entire alongside a white blouse and jacket matched with a couple of dark jeans. His dreamy eyes and the appearance on his face are swoon-worthy.

Industry Insiders Call Their Best Feminine Vocalists

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Industry Insiders Call Their Best  Feminine Vocalists

Industry Insiders Call Their BestFeminine Vocalistsorionight April 29, 2016 0 There aren’t very many young female vocalists in the K-pop world, in spite of the call for for them in the industry. Thankfully, there are the ones few singers, either idol staffcontributors and soloists, who are regarded as vocalists with true musicianship. Here are the pinnacle3 female vocalists in their 20s selectedby ability of industry insiders.

Topping the list is the leader of Girls’ Generation. With her solo debut with “I” in 2015, Taeyeon used to be given the opportunity to blow their own horns her vocal skills. Industry insiders overwhelmingly chose her as Korea’s top female vocalist, with 19.44 % of the votes going to her.

Insiders showered her with such praises as, “She’s a vocalist with unrivaled visuals and timbre,” “Her solo album turned intostuffed with songs that were utterlyother from the standard Girls’ Generation concept, and her vocal spectrum is extremely wide,” and, “I was shocked at how without problems Taeyeon can sing with her distinct voice and long breath phrases.”

Spoiler 'Memory' Lee Sung-min starts pleasant revenge

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Lee Chan-moo (Jeon No-min) have been committing such so much offurther crimes to hidethe reality his son Seung-ho had killed Dong-woo 15 years ago. He even hired Tae-seok at the Taeseon Law Company and made him to paintings equally a defense attorney for the corrupted lawsuit comparable to Sin Yeong-jin (Lee Ki-woo)'s case. When Park Tae-seok discovered he had been living as a slave of cash without knowing the truth, he shuddered at his stupid beyond life.

After Na Eun-seon heard everything, she flopped to the floor and broke down in tears. She yelled, "I'm going to kill him appropriate now. I are no longertaking a look for law even". Park Tae-seok told her, "I've been living like trash. But, I am goingto exploitthe whole lot left to me to show the truth for Dong-woo".

Video Photos Added new trailer and stills for the Korean film 'Dear..Lena'

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"Dear..Lena" (2016)Directed by way of Chae Heon-jeongWith Park Gi-rim, Kim Jae-man, Ko Hee-gi, Ryoo Si-hyeon, Choi Ho-joong, Park Ran-II,...SynopsisOur silly tale...of other peoplestuffed with hurtLena is a Koryeo girl who lives in Russia. She has a pain that she can never overcome. Where she chose to reside is her mother's land and her country. Soon-goo is an blameless guy who waits for her as he harvests green tea. He comes to a decision to take her in yet he can notassist feeling uneasy...The watercolor of lonely people...Release date in Korea : 2016/05/26

Go Hyun Jung Suffers 3rd Stage Burns; Plans On Proceeding Drama Shoot Regardless

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Go Hyun Jung Suffers 3rd  Stage Burns; Plans On Proceeding Drama Shoot Regardless

They stated, Go Hyun Jung suffered third degree burns on her hands and feet. She was once injured whilstlooking aftera private matter, now notthroughout filming. She is latelybeneathremedy and is recovering. Even if she changed into injured, she strongly insisted on continuing with the filming. We are operating on adjusting her agenda and continuing the shoot. This drama is a pre-recorded drama and because weve already filmed numerous it already, her damagewon'thave an effect on our filming schedule.

Meanwhile, tvNs Dear My Pals centers around lively, immature youths as they grow and be informedclasses about life. It's going to air on Mightthirteen at 8:30 p.m. KST.

Spoiler 'Ms. Mood and Nam Jung-gi' Lee Yo-won vs Yeon Jeong-hoon, and Yoon Sang-hyeon throws one heavy punch

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As Wook Da-jeong (Lee Yo-won) used to bedisappointed with his pompous attitude, she stated angrily, "It's disgusting. After placing some investment into it, you are calling us a family, I did not know here's your taste?" and "I despise the onesmaximum who act awesome with the money that isn't even his". Lee Ji-sang asked Nam Jung-gi (Yoon Sang-hyeon) for advice, "What must ane do to win Wook Da-jeong's heart?"

Nam Jung-gi asked him back, "Don't you suspect making the real efforts to make the work atmosphere for the employees to experience their work may work?" Lee Ji-sang cynically responded, "Then raising salary will work. It iscash after all".

However, Nam Jung-gi said, "Well, what I mentioned is happiness. Money is incorporated in it yetit isn't all" and "Pride, feeling content and taking phase in comradeship operatingin combination and also produce just right products, it's anything called happiness". Wook Da-jeong commented, "You can notpurchasethose money. Do not you think?"