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"Gaksital Bridal Mask" Episode 9 Recap part 2

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Gaksital "Bridal Mask" Episode 9 part 1 Recap by Softy

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Officers run in with lackey and S. S says from this moment on the circus people will be watched 25/7. If even one person does anything suspicious they will all die. S orders for them to be watched at all times

D remembers how S said he couldn’t send her away cuz she could die

She goes out to speak to S. she asks is it cuz of me? Is that why you became an officer when you didn’t want to. He says don’t be mistaken it was to catch the one who killed my hyung. He rides off

At the club people are practicing dance steps. Even the owner. The girls tell him to stick in his guts

K meets with Lee’s son. The guy talks about S and how S loves anything Korean so how could a guy like him put on a uniform and wield a sword.K says S matured. Lee’s son says how if it wasn’t for S then K could have been promoted to kenji’s former position so you must be furious. K says what’s the point of getting upset- after my mom and hyung died. tomorrow has no meaning. Just today-this moment is the best. the guy says now I can get through to you. this time period is dying anyway so you should have fun. you will have popularity with women and got a kiss from Lala-how do you know her. K: what do you mean how do I know her? she toally fell for me. enough so that she threw away pride and everything. the guy says K brags too much. The lead singer (K calls her madam) comes over and says this is the first time she saw K here at this time. he says bingo and winks at her

As K leaves the club he smiles then looks over at Baek. K signals him so baek leaves

The governor is smelling his gold bricks when goji comes in. goji salutes him and says I was short sighted about giving the promotion to kenji’s younger brother. The governor gives him some gold bricks. The governor did this to play along with taro so the governor is not corrupt. goji says about gaksital – if he shows up how it would look bad for the governor (since the governor gave the promotion to S who lied about killing gaksital)

Director says to taro there are no news about Jo. Officer says the governor is on the phone for taro. The governor mentions that gaksital cant show up. taro says S killed gaksital. governor warns he better not hear about gaksital. so taro says he will make sure gaksital doesn’t show up again. Taro calls for S

Taro meets with S and says if gaksital shows up – it’s the end of you and me. Do you get what I mean

The Koreans at the market place stare at a carriage covered up and sunahwa pushes Abe over there to check it out since he is an officer. Jo is in his underwear and tied up inside. the Koreans recognize him as the banker Jo. They recognize gaksital’s handwriting on Jo’s chest. Abe asks if gaksital did this to Jo. The people say does that mean gaksital is alive, they point to the roof and say it’s gaksital. K is standing up there dressed as gaksital. abe takes out his gun to shoot so a kids= bites his leg and sunwha bites his hand and others beat up abe. Abe and Jo run down the street together. Gaksital shoots something at Jo’s back so abe goes back for Jo and they hold hands and run off.

They head to safety and other officers guard Jo and abe. Koreans yell we punished you (to Jo)

Abe takes Jo into the police station. Jo passes out. abe tells the others about gaksital ….so S takes out his gun and runs outside. He looks everywhere. K is standing there. S calls out to him. K asks what happened. S says gaksital showed up – did you see him. Lackey asks where K was. K says none of your business do I have to report to you.S gives K orders about gaksital

Jo is in the hospital and director is there with him. Taro comes in with S. director says the guy you killed showed up. taro asks him to leave the room.

Taro asks Jo- what happened. Jo says I was kidnapped by gaksital at night and I woke up like this. S asks when he was kidnapped and asks for more details but taro stops S. Jo wants to get back at gaksital but taro says leave it alone. But Jo says trust me and leave it up to me. Jo mentioned Ki group so S repeats it to himself

Governor is introduced to H by Lee’s wife. He says H is pretty as her name. he looks forward to hearing H perform. The governor checks out H’s legs. (ewwww)

The circus is performing. Choe (D’s dad) is there in attendance too. Officerscome in and aim their guns at D (for wearing the bridal mask during her performance) so Choe stands up to go rescue D, but the woman shakes her head no and stops him.

"Gaksital Bridal Mask" Episode 9 Recap Part 3

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BTS Sets “Fire” To The Tune Charts, Achieves “All-Kill”

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BTS Sets “Fire” To The Tune Charts, Achieves “All-Kill”

The group’s special album “Young Forever” used to be released at nighttime on Could 2, with name song “Fire.” The similar day at 7:00 a.m, the song crowned music charts on quite so much of music sites, adding Melon, Genie, Mnet, Naver Music, Olleh Music, Bugs, Soribada, and Monkey3, succeeding in a chart “all-kill.”

This special album is the 3rd and closing in BTS’s “The Most pretty Moment In Life” trilogy. It completes the series, which contained stories of candy sixteen and facing the future, even in insecure and threatening realities.

Give a spice up to the artist viapurchasing BTS – Young Forever from YesAsia Source (1)

Spoiler "Vampire Detective" Lee Cheong-ah warns Lee Joon

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Yo-na told Yoon San, "You may smartly beinvolved in who I'm and what took placein your friends". Yoon San struggled to loose himself but he couldn't get by.

Chen Bolin Asks Song Ji Hyo About Her Courting With Gary

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Chen Bolin Asks Song Ji Hyo About Her Courting With Gary

Chen Bolin Asks Song Ji Hyo About Her Dating amongst Garymcheller Would possibly 1, 2016 0 Song Ji Hyo’s imaginary husband, Chinese actor Chen Bolin, is jealous of Gary.

In the newest episode of “We Are in Love,” the Chinese edition of “We Were given Married,” earlier than leaving for a holiday in Finland, Song Ji Hyo and Chen Bolin have a heart-to-heart discussion.

In reply, the actress says that she’d been out with Gary without the alternative “Running Man” individualshandiest once. She stated since they’d known each and every other for the sort of long time, they were actuallyok withevery one other, and showed that they were just right friends.

iKON Teases Comeback Plans With New MV Filming

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iKON Teases Comeback Plans With New MV Filming

iKON Teases Comeback Plans With New MV Filmingorionight Would possibly 1, 2016 0 image fans, rejoice: the crowd is these days filming a new tune video!

The team is currently recording their new song, and news in their music video filming spread on social media, gaining a huge number of traction among fans. iKON’s agency, YG Entertainment, showedthe within track of the recording, even ifa particular comeback date has now not yet been made up our minds upon.

YG had no remark about the not sure comeback date, yet a representative told OSEN, “Please wait a bit bit, and we can come with just right news.” iKON’s comeback will practice in a string of sturdy comebacks from YG, adding Lee Hi and Akdong Musician.

Song Hye-kyo controversy, NEW should no longer be in it

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Song Hye-kyo could've in truthhave shyed away from the dispute over her symbol rights. "Descendants of the Sun" was once 100% pre-produced. The props used in the drama were pre-prepared and so were the backed items. The contract between Song Hye-kyo and J. Estina ended in January this year after the drama became completed. The drama went on air in February. There has beenquite so much of fourth dimensionto communicate about this matter and it was the production's fault for now not having spotted this factor earlier.

As for the peacemaker, NEW failed. NEW signed a booking contract with Song Hye-kyo and a sponsorship contract with J. Estina. Currently, Song Hye-kyo and J. Estina aren't on contract terms. NEW should've signed an agreement with all sides when the matter started to rise. NEW should've been the onlyto hangthe floor between the opposite two yetin its place IT jumped in the combat too.

BIGFLO Leader Jungkyun Is going On Hiatus Because of Upcoming Enlistment

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BIGFLO Leader Jungkyun Is going On Hiatus Because of Upcoming Enlistment

BIGFLO Leader Jungkyun Is going On Hiatus Because of Upcoming Enlistmentorionight Would possibly 1, 2016 0 Unhappy news for BIGFLO fans: leader Jungkyun is headed off to the army.

In a observation released on April 21 by way of BIGFLO’s firm HO Company, Jungkyun is because of enlist in the military in June, as all male voters of South Korea are required to finish around two years of army service.

Because of that, all of Jungkyun’s promotions with the gang ceased after his appearance at the April 26 broadcast of SBS’s “The Show.” BIGFLO will continue to advertise amongstthe relaxation of their members.

Spoiler "Happy Home" Won Mi-kyeong tells Kim Ji-ho kid custody may be hers

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Bae Sook-nyeo said, "I at all timesconsidered yous as a daughter, yetI have been making you dangle your breath this whole time. If it used to be Hae-ryeong or Hae-won, I would've let them movemany years ago".

"You want toresidea neater life. While you are settled, I will send the childrenthen again I can. Do the entirety you could not do if you are here".

Spoiler "Yeah, That is How It Is" Wang Ji-hye kisses Jo Han-seon whilst doing dishes

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Their grandmother Kim Sook-ja's (Kang Boo-ja) voice used to be heard and Yoo-ri dropped a dish in surprise. She then said, "I broke a dish".

Who Wins The Precious Spot As Kim Ji Won’s Spouse On “Running Man”?

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Who Wins The Precious Spot As Kim Ji Won’s Spouse On “Running Man”?

Spoilers ahead!All the manner through the problem itself, the actress led to laughter on set when she counted the seconds slowly for her co-star Jin Goo, yet counted brieflyat some level in Kim Jong Kook’s turn. Then, all people erupted in laughter when, for the duration of Ji Suk Jin’s turn, she right away counted from “one” without delay to “five. The following challenger became Yoo Jae Suk, and even though Kim Ji Won counted slowly for him, like the alternative members, he also failed.

When Lee Kwang Soo’s turn came, he hit her throat in an try toforestall her countdown, but even then, Kim Ji Won was in a position to count, and predictably, Lee Kwang Soo was scolded.

Spoiler "Five Children" Sim I-yeong plans on being a unmarried mother

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Mo Soon-yeong was once pregnant with Lee Ho-tae's (Sim Hyeong-tak) kidyetcould not tell him. She concept to herself, "How am i ready tolifta kid amongstthe cash ane own on the home and in the bank? He does notwish to get married nor have a child. But I need this child".

"It's alright, baby. We're going to meet soon". Tomorrow she showed that she become pregnant in the sanatoriumthe following day and took house a pamphlet for single moms.