2NE1 Officially Coming Back On July 5th

2NE1 Officially Coming Back On July 5th

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2NE1 Officially Coming Back On July 5th

2NE1 have officially announced their comeback on July 5th and released Sandara Park's teaser.

YG Entertainment unveiled Sandara Pakr's shocking half-shaved hair teaser image through its official blog on 27th and announced 2NE1's comeback on July 5th, 2012. It has been a year since their mini 2nd album on last year.

And yet Sandara Park's hair draws more attention than 2NE1's comeback. With a leopard printed dress and shining gold accessories, Sandara Park shocked people with her hair: half long wave hair, half shaved hair.

Ever since her debut, Sandara Park has surprised people with palm tree hair, Vegeta hair, lion hair, and other styles that girls won't dare, but this half-shaved hair would be enough to surprise them once more.

Following with comeback, 2NE1 will start the tour on July 28th and 29th from Seoul Bangidong gymnastic stadium and will meet fans through the global tour 'New Evolution' which will be staged in 7 countries, 10 cities.

2NE1's first ticket reservation had been sold out for Seoul concert and will be open on July 9th for 2nd ticket reservation.

2NE1's this tour will feature Travis Payne from Michael Jackson's 'This Is It' concert, Divinity Roxx from Beyonce tour band, and famous set designer Michael Cotton, fashion designer Jeremy Scott.