Ulala Session Reveals Their Lucky Numbers “Are They Lottery Numbers?”

ulala session ulala Group Ulala Session revealed their lucky digits. The numbers 06 08 10 12 20 25 hints at their future activities

ulala session


Group Ulala Session revealed their lucky digits.

The numbers 06 08 10 12 20 25 hints at their future activities. The meaning of the numbers will be revealed officially on the 11th of July.

Because there are 6 different sets of numbers, the numbers can also be used as lottery numbers. About this, leader Im Yoon Taec commented “though the numbers were not meant for the lottery but if anyone wins the lottery with the combination of these numbers, that is definitely someone to congratulate. It would become lucky numbers not just for the winner but also for Ulala Session”.

Photo Credit: Ulala Session Twitter

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