‘Runway Cop’ is coming to Los Angeles

‘Runway Cop’ is coming to Los Angeles

Runway Cop is coming to Los Angeles

Actor Kang Ji Hwan and actress Sung Yuris latest film Runway Cop (Korean title: Detective Cha) is coming to the CGV Cinemas in Los Angeles for a limited time.

Runway Cop is a comedy directed by Shin Terra whose most popular work to date is the 2009 action-comedy My Girlfriend Is a Secret Agent. Runway Cop is director Shin Terras second work with actor Kang Ji Hwan.

Kang Ji Hwan (Lie to Me, Coffee House) stars as detective Cha Chul Soo. Though hes got a beer belly similar to the likes of Homer Simpson, he is a dedicated detective who will do whatever it takes to catch the bad guys. Cha Chul Soo winds up being assigned to go undercover to investigate a drug deal case in the fashion industry.

Sung Yuri (Feast of the Gods) stars as fashion designer Ko Young Jae who is about to make her fashion industry debut. Unfortunately, authorities force her to include Cha Chul Soo in her upcoming runway show. Ko Young Jae takes Cha Chul Soo through his entire makeover project.

For those of you who were hoping to see some eye-candy youll be glad to know that three of Koreas fine male models star in the film as well. Model Lee Soo Hyuk whom many of you may recognize from 2NE1It Hurts MV stars as South Koreas top model and prime suspect in the investigation, Seon Ho. Model Kim Young Kwang (Love Rain) stars as Seung Woo, a model who used to be at the top before Seon Hos domination of the industry. Lastly, the winner of 2006 Mnets ‘I Am a Model, Shin Min Chul, makes his acting debut with the role of Min Seung.

Runway Cop will be opening at the CGV Cinemas in Los Angeles on Friday, June 29th. Make sure to check it out if you are in the neighborhood.

Check out some of the Korean movie posters below.

Runway Cop is coming to Los AngelesRunway Cop is coming to Los AngelesRunway Cop is coming to Los AngelesRunway Cop is coming to Los AngelesRunway Cop is coming to Los Angeles Check out the trailer below.

Source: CJ Entertainment