After School Nana’s Unbelievable Body Proportion, ‘Is She Human?’

nana, afterschool nana After School's member Nana's unedited body is becoming an issue. On a recent online community, 2 pictures were posted under, "Nana's unedited pictures

nana, afterschool

After School Nana's Unbelievable Body Proportion, 'Is She Human?'  nana

’s member Nana’s unedited is becoming an issue.

On a recent online community, 2 pictures were posted under, “Nana’s unedited pictures.” The pictures are from the diet company, Juvis, where Nana works as a model.

In the pictures, Nana is wearing black shorts or a white mini dress, showing off her body line. The stylist standing next to her was skinny as well, but even her body could not beat Nana’s.

Internet users commented, “The stylist looks really skinny too, but she doesn’t look as skinny when she’s standing next to Nana”, “Nana’s body is so pretty, I’m so jealous” and  ”I think of all women in this world, she has the best body.”

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