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[Op-Ed] Proper distribution of the Spotlight, How After School can win in the end

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After School holds a special place in my heart. I initially found it hard to commit myself to any K-pop artist or group when I first began listening. I was a fan of the music, but nothing drew me in so much to make me full-on support and believe in the genre. One night though while browsing music sites, I came across a blog post recommending girl group After School, emphasizing the harmonies and genre-blending of their 2009 single “Because Of You”. I was intrigued, took a listen, and instantly fell in love. A piano ballad mixed with electronic dance elements and rapping blew my mind and, of course, the harmonies were on point (I have a thing for harmonies).

They were After School; a girl group with seven members with a unique system where members would be admitted and eventually graduate. But this was an afterthought as I further explored. From what I could tell, After School’s graduation system was nonexistent and only gaining members; topping off at nine at one point. One member had graduated, but I saw no reporters or fan comments upset about the member leaving. It just seemed like After School would just keep growing in power with new girls. I watched every second of the campaign for their first full album Virgin, watching what I saw as a perfectly staged comeback with the flawless “Let’s Step Up” tap dance routine (after already proving they could create a drumline with “Bang!”) and the “Shampoo” single.

Before After School Red and After School Blue began their respective sub-unit promotions, it was announced that member Bekah would be graduating from the group. While Bekah always impressed me with her rap skills and was the best English speaker, it was not the biggest blow to the group. They were still After School comprised of eight girls with different personalities, such as their visionary leader Kahi, the model-esque NaNa, and the adorable Raina. Why wasnt it such a huge blow to see Bekah leave? Was it because she simply did not stand out enough or had she not had her rightful time in the spotlight? Fans know how hard these groups train; was Bekahs pop career that started with AH about to end now? These are all valid questions.

Then last month, news broke about leader Kahi graduating. Kahi inevitably became the face of After School with her singing, rapping, and dancing skills; even extending her fame with a solo mini-album and acting stints. So when the face of your group leaves, what happens next? As well, what happens when all the original faces of your group leave?

Some may envision disaster but the way I see it, with the right moves, After School could potentially end up as one of the most influential groups in K-pop.

There is the argument that when a member leaves, the members fans leave too. While the group’s newest recruit Kaeun may be special in her own way, she has no following yet. Kahi may have been a core reason fans were interested in After School and one of the faces they could automatically recognize. There were people who supported Kahi as the After School leader and additionally in her non-After School endeavors. Now, with seven other girls, Kaeun could easily be a nameless face amongst the more popular members—but what happens when they leave? Is Kaeun now expected to be a force in After School after stepping in following Kahis departure?

What After School and Pledis Entertainment need to make sure to do is to give each member their time in the spotlight. The comeback single “Flashback” sees a more even distribution of parts compared to past singles, but I couldn’t help but be overwhelmed by the newly shifted focus towards Nana, Raina, and Jungah. Nana particularly in getting her own solo track on their new maxi single with the standout “Eyeline” song plus lots of lines on “Flashback”, which means even more video time. Raina received a large amount of vocals on the title track and there was more emphasis on Jungah than ever as After School’s new leader; the girls also duet on the “Timeless” ballad.

Does it matter that Kahi isnt in the new single Flashback? Do you enjoy seeing new members?

While it may be time to focus on these three members, the other five girls cannot be forgotten. The company is making strides in making sure all have their own projects, as member Lizzy is also a part of sub-unit group Orange Caramel with Nana and Raina, while UEE hosts a music program and takes on various roles in dramas. This should help solidify both the girls, though the other members do risk being cast aside.

Theres two ways to look at this risk though. On one hand, there is the possibility that like Mexicos Menudo, The U.K.s Sugababes, and Americas Pussycat Dolls, that After School will be Koreas music brand. Perhaps thats why Kaeun, Juyeon, and E-Young have all been styled somewhat similarly for this comeback. They are beautiful girls and if they are not going to be the stars, then they will at least give off the brands impression of beautiful, talented girls. Or Pledis could take the challenge of making all their members stars. Perhaps a sub-unit is needed (or coming?) to highlight the three aforementioned members? A hosting gig similar to Tiffany, Taeyeon and Seohyun of Girls Generation?

If After School and Pledis can make sure that all their members are distinct in their own ways when the time comes to graduate, they could very well find themselves with huge presence in the Korean entertainment world. While Bekah left to be a designer and occasionally is written about, Kahi could be a strong solo female force, extending Pledis’ capital as well as After School’s credibility.

Kahi would succeed because of the spotlight that was put on her during After School. Bekah never went soloperhaps for several reasons. She may never have wanted to or it would not have been wise for her to do so as she may have not had strong enough star-power to make it. If the other After School girls are worthy of being in the same class as Kahi, then ideally they could all perform equally making After School a true force in K-pop for years to come.  As other instantly recognizable groups age and are unable to perform as they may once have, After School may be able to do this with any batch of members. As long as the spotlight is fairly distributed making each student special in her own way, After School may have the system that ultimately proves to be the best in the world of K-pop.

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Jeff Benjamin is a Singer, Songwriter, DJ, Photographer and freelance writer who has written works for Billboard, Rolling Stone and now allkpop. Follow him on Twitter @Jeff__Benjamin

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On the early morning of May 24, Kangin crashed into a streetlight pole as he used to beusing his automobile in Gangnam, Seoul, and then drove away. His blood alcohol point later tested primeadequate for license suspension. Previously, CCTV footage from the scene changed into released.

In this weeks episode, Entertainment Weekly stocks footage of the site that shows that the streetlight pole he crashed into has now been taken away. Appropriate after the incident, the pole was seen utterly bent over.

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As a phase of the preparations, they window shopto pick out out up some familymust haves for the hot place. As they are leaving, Solar all at once says, Leggo! much to Eric Nams amusement. He asks her where she learnt that note and she replies, Its used steadily in rap. Eric Nam then asks her to display her rapping ability, and even supposing she is MAMAMOOs major vocal, Solar enthusiastically starts to rap.

With Eric Nams beatboxing as an accompaniment she raps, Im Solar the sun, surprising him with her confidence. She then makes him laugh when she raps, Were moving today!

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She says, For SNL Korea, I'd do anything, and accepts the challenge. When she succeeds, the crowd and hosts cheer her directly to dance again, this time at 4 times the speed, which she also obliges.

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Ji Suk Jin And Kim Jong Kook Grow to be Into LovelyWomen In Red an0ya Might 28, 2016 0 It more or less feelswe could bein a position tosit up for howeverevery other hilarious Running Man episode!

On May also 28, Ji Suk Jin up to date his Instagram with a photo taken with his fellow solidindividualsall the manner througha up to date filming for Running Man. Ji Suk Jin wrote as the caption, Jong Sook, that looks so just right on you, relating to the strangely pretty and female Kim Jong Kook.

The snapshot displays Ji Suk Jin, Yoo Jae Suk, Lee Kwang Soo, and Kim Jong Kook smiling for the camera in their pink outfits, with a partial yet completely cute appearance by Song Ji Hyo.

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S.E.S Contributors Reunite For A Just rightPurpose porshia Might 28, 2016 0 Image by way of's Instagram On May just 28, S.E.S members Eugene, Bada, and Shoo reunited for the sake of charity.

The first-generation womancrew members were givenin combination at the golfing greenMiddle Bazaar, a charity sale where the proceeds are donated to children-in-need. The ladiesthankfully spent the day selling their own collection and donated products for the great cause.

It's far meaningful as it has been many years since the 3 reunited for a public event, yet more meaningful is the realitythat they've come together to fulfil this kind ofsensible deed. They displaylovers that their good looksisn'tsimply skin-deep, surroundingsa respectable example for all.

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Kim Ha-neul will play Choi Soo-ah. Choi Soo-ah is a stewardess of 12 year experience, who married a pilot when she used to be a new employee. She is a mother of 5th grade daughter. She can get together with any one across gender and generation being a natural-born stewardess. Whilst she regards herself a very good mom, with the rating of 85% out one hundred she gave herself as a mom, her existence at the age of 36 gets to stand a new segment as she meets SEO Do-woo.

Lee Sang-yoon will play Seo Do-woo. He's a part-time teacher in architecture, a guy of delightful and well-mannered personality. He falls into confusion because ofa stunning incident while he has been living a glad life with his wife and daughter. In the chaotic confusion he gets to face, Choi Soo-ha steps into his life gradually.

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