[Spoiler] "Dr. JIN" Song and Park framed for murder of the queen

Song Seung-heon and Park Min-yeong were framed for trying to kill the queen.

On the tenth episode of the MBC drama "Dr. JIN" on the 24th, the first vice-primer Kim Byeong-hee (Kim Eung-soo) ordered his son Kim Dae-gyoon (Kim Myeong-soo) to add arsenic to the donut Queen Jo (Jeong Hye-seon) was eating.

The donut was made by Song Seung-heon and the vice-primer's gang decided to frame Hong Yeong-rae (Park Min-yeong) and Song Seung-heon to kill Lee Ha-eung (Lee Beom-soo).

Jin Hyeok and Yeong-rae argued that they didn't try to kill the queen but Dae-gyoon tried to get them to talk by brutally torturing them. Yeong-rae lost her consciousness from the pain and Jin Hyeok cried out loud watching this.

The changes Lee Ha-eung made to take care of the people had brought danger to Jin Hyeok and Yeong-rae. Now the attention is on how the two will prove that they didn't try to kill the queen.

Kim Kyeong-tak (Kim Jae-joong) found out that Yeong-rae's brother Hong Yeong-hwi (Jin I-han) was the head of Mumyeong.

Meanwhile, "Dr. JIN" is a fantasy medical drama about a talented doctor who travels through time into the 1860s.