The Best Of the Best Idols Chosen By 100 K-Pop Idols

Recently, Sports Korea conducted a survey for their 27th anniversary. The survey was titled, “The K-Pop Idols of 2012…We Ask 100 Idols

The Best Of the Best Idols Chosen By 100 K-Pop Idols

Recently, Sports Korea conducted a survey for their 27th anniversary. The survey was titled, “The K-Pop Idols of 2012…We Ask 100 Idols.” Sports Korea asked currently active 100 idols in the following categories:

Best Vocals, Best Looks, Best Body, Best Acting Idol, Best Variety Program Idol, Post-/Post-Rain, Best Representative of K-Pop, Best Performers, and Best Harmony.

The following groups took part in the voting: Nine Muses, , , Boyfriend, B.A.P., BTOB, BEAST, VIXX, , SISTAR, CN Blue, APink, , EXO-K, ZE:A, Jewelry, 4minute, , JJ Project, and .  

Best Body: 2PM’s Taecyeon (33 votes) & G.NA (23 votes)

 (Male 2nd: Super Junior’s Choi Siwon; 3rd MBLAQ’s Lee Joon, 4th: 2PM’s Kichkhun; 5th: Big Bang’s Taeyang) (Female 2nd: 4minute’s HyunA; 3rd: After School’s UEE;4th: f(x)’s Krystal)

Best Looks (Ulzzang): Big Bang’s T.O.P. (21 votes) & Girls’ Generation’s (24 votes)

(Male 2nd: 2PM’s Nichkhun; 3rd: Super Junior’s Choi Siwon; 4th: ZE:A’s Im Siwan) (Female 2nd: ‘s Suzy; 3rd: Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon; 4th: ‘s Goo Hara and Wonder Girls Sohee)

Best Vocals: JYJ’s Junsu (26 votes) & SISTAR’s Hyorin (44 votes)

(Male 2nd: SHINee‘s Jonghyun; 3rd: Big Bang’s Taeyang; 4th: BEAST’s Yoseob) (Female 2nd: Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon; 3rd: Ailee)

Best Acting Idols: JYJ’s Yoochun (26 votes), Big Bang’s T.O.P. (26 votes), miss A’s Suzy (35 votes)

(Male 2nd: ZE:A’s Im Siwan; 3rd: CN Blue’s Jung Yong Hwa, Super Junior’s Choi Siwon) (Female 2nd: Girls’ Generation’s Yoona; 3rd: T-ara’s Jiyeon; 4th: After School’s UEE)

Best Variety Program Idols: ZE:A’s Kwanghee (30 votes) & Jewelry’s Yewon (16 votes)

(Male 2nd: 2AM’s Jokwon; 3rd: Super Junior’s Shindong; 4th: Super Junior’s Leeteuk) (Female 2nd: Secret’s Sunhwa; 3rd: Girls’ Generation’s Sunny; 4th: After School’s Lizzy; 5th: SISTAR’s Bora)

Post-Lee Hyori/Post-Rain: 4minute’s HyunA (52 votes) & Big Bang’s Taeyang (28 votes)

(Male 2nd: MBLAQ’s Lee Joon; 3rd: Jay Park; 4th: BEAST’s Lee Kikwang) (Female 2nd: G.NA; 3rd: SISTAR’s Hyorin)

Best Representatives of K-Pop: DBSK (34 votes) & Girls’ Generation (75 votes)

(Male 2nd: Big Bang; 3rd: Super Junior) (Female 2nd: Kara; 3rd: Wonder Girls; 4th: 2NE1)

Best Performers: 2PM (21 votes) & Girls’ Generation (22 votes)

(Male 2nd: Big Bang; 3rd: B.A.P.)

Best Harmony: 2AM (47 votes) & Davichi (29 votes)

(Female 2nd: Girls’ Generation; 3rd: ; 4th: SPICA)

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