Wonder Girls win double crownMutizen on Inkigayo with "Like This" + other performances

Wonder Girls win double crownMutizen on Inkigayo with Like This + other performancesOn the 678th episode of Inkigayo tonight, After School returned to the stage with a double track comeback stage of "Rip Off" and "Flashback." Cross Gene made their debut with "La-Di Da-Di."

VIXX continued their promotions for "Super Hero" and f(x) continued their comeback promotions of "Electric Shock." Infinite performed their latest hit track, "The Chaser," and the Wonder Girls sang, "Like This."

The "Take 7" nominees on tonight's episode were f(x) ("Electric Shock"), Baek Jiyoung ("Good Boy"), Infinite ("The Chaser"), G.NA ("2HOT"), Teen Top ("To You"), B1A4 ("Baby Good Night"), and the Wonder Girls ("Like This"). B1A4 did not perform "Baby Good Night" on tonight's episode of Inkigayo.

Other artists that performed on tonight's episode of Inkigayo included Dal Shabet, JJ Project, M.I.B, MYNAME, Dalmatian, A-JAX, A Pink, Boy Friend, U-Kiss, 2BIC, Gang Kiz, and more!

Congratulations to the Wonder Girls on their double crown Mutizen win with "Like This" on tonight's episode of Inkigayo!

Check out all of the performances from tonight's episode of Inkigagyo, below!

Winner: Wonder Girls with "Like This" (double crown Mutizen)

# Take 7 #

f(x) - "Electric Shock"

Baek Jiyoung - "Good Boy"

Infinite - "The Chaser"

G.NA - "2HOT"

Teen Top - "To You"

Wonder Girls - "Like This"

# Hot Music #

M.I.B - "Only Hard For Me"

MYNAME - "HelloGoodbye"

VIXX - "Super Hero"

JJ Project - "Bounce"

Dalmatian - "E.R."

A-JAX - "ONE 4 U"

A Pink - "Hush"

Boy Friend - "Love Style"

Dal Shabet - "Mr. Bang Bang"

U-Kiss - "Believe"

MC cuts:


Next Week:

Jokwon - "Animal"

SISTAR - "Loving You"

Which performances from tonight's episode of Inkigayo were your favorites?

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