Performances from the June 23rd episode of Music Core!

Performances from the June 23rd episode of Music CoreOn the 313th episode of Music Core, After School returned with their recently released tracks, "Rip Off" and "Flashback", while rookie group Gang Kiz returned with their title track, "Love Again".

Wonder Girls rocked the stage with their latest title track, "Like This", while Juniel continued her debut promotions with a performance of her title track "Illa Illa". f(x) also continued their comeback promotions with a performance of "Electric Shock", and Dal Shabet promoted their comeback title track "Mr. Bang Bang".

U-Kiss and VIXX performed exciting stages with their latest tracks, "Believe" and "Super Hero", respectively, and M.I.B performed their track, "Only Hard For Me" as Baek Jiyoung performed her goodbye stage of "Good Boy". G.NA delivered another performance of "2HOT" as well, while B1A4 and A Pink performed their goodbye stages featuring their latest tracks "Baby Good Night" and "Hush", respectively, as Infinite performed their own goodbye stage of "The Chaser". Lee Taekwon and Kim Hyeri performed a special stage of "Only Once", and Guckkasten returned with "Montage" to complete the setlist for this episode of Music Core.

Check out the rest of the performances from tonight's episode of Music Core below!

♬ Good-bye Stages

Baek Ji Young – "Good Boy"

B1A4 – "Baby Good Night"

A Pink – "HUSH"

♬ Special Stage

Lee TaekwonKim Hyeri - "Only Once"

♬ HOT Stage

Wonder Girls – "Like This"

f(x) – "Electric Shock"

Infinite – "The Chaser"

Teen Top – "To You"

G.NA – "2HOT"

U-Kiss - "Believe"

♬ Sound-HOLIC

Dal Shabet – "Mr. Bang Bang"

Boyfriend – "Love Style"

Juniel – "Illa Illa"

M.I.B – "Only Hard For Me"

♬ Power Stage

Dalmatian – "E.R"

A-JAX – "One 4 U"

VIXX – Super Hero

♬ New Song

Guckkasten – "Montage"

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