5 Scenes From The King Loves That Signal A Dark Change In Im Siwans Character

5 Scenes From The King Loves That Signal A Dark Change In Im Siwans Character

Im Siwans character Wang Won from MBCs The King Loves is turning darker and darker with each passing episode. His undying love for Eun San (YoonA) is getting the better of him, and he will not be satisfied until she is entirely his.

Below are some of the scenes that revealed his increasingly darkening heart.

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1. Wang Wons desire to possess Eun San (YoonA)

To Wang Won, Eun San is someone he wants to keep  for himself. On episode seven, he compared Eun San to a chirping bird while smiling brightly. He then continued, I want to put her inside a cage and keep her next to me, which made Wang Rin warn him, saying that there are birds who cannot live inside a cage. In response, Wang Won naively states, Then I can prepare a garden for her.

2. Wang Wons annoyance about Eun San disregarding his feelings

At the end of episode four, Wang Won indirectly confesses his feelings for Eun San by saying, I will give you the right to kill me. However, Eun San declines the offer and decides to pass on that right to  a dog. Upon seeing this, Wang Won cannot help thinking that Eun San has brushed aside his feelings and angrily mutters, How dare she give it to a dog?

3. Wang Wons obsession and love for the people on his side

Wang Wons shockingly violent outburst of anger on episode nine surprised many viewers. He violently beat the soldier who dealt with Eun San roughly while they were capturing her, and said, See if you can lay your hands on one of my people again. Youll be asking me to kill you instead. His eyes were full of craziness throughout this startling scene.

4. Wang Wons jealousy and desire to fully possess Eun San

Near the end of episode 10, Wang Won showed how jealous he can get. Eun San was speaking to someone else and having fun, but Wang Won was unable to comprehend such behavior. He says, How can you look somewhere else while youre with me? And thinking of someone else while youre in front of me. I cant do that.

5. Wang Wons warning towards Wang Rin (Hong Jong Hyun)

On episode 12, Wang Won told Wang Rin to bring Eun San to the banquet while explicitly stating that Eun San is his woman. Wang Won explained that Wang Rin had always kept appropriate boundaries and was therefore someone he could count on to bring his woman to the banquet. When Wang Rin hesitated, Wang Won firmly stated, Bring her, no matter what. This is an order from the crown prince, and indirectly warned him to know his place.

A source from the dramas production crew explained, Wang Won is a two-faced, multidimensional crown prince. The possessiveness, obsession, and anger are all part of Wang Won. The dark Wang Won that youve seen until now is only the beginning. As the story further unfolds and Wang Won encounters more situations, he will change even more.

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