5 Male Idols Reactions To Seeing Yoona

5 Male Idols Reactions To Seeing Yoona

The way these male idols react to Girls GenerationYoona is just adorable.

Yoona is known as one of the top idol visuals, so it comes as no surprise that she will have a lot of male fans even amongst her fellow idols. These 4 idols specifically have been caught displaying cute reactions to being in Yoonas presence.

Whats even more interesting is that the age range of these male idols spans almost 10 years, proving that Yoonas beauty has the same effect regardless of the generation theyre from.

Fans have captured these adorable interactions between the male idols and Yoona. You can check them out below!

Even though he is from the same company as her, it seems that Kai just cant maintain his composure whenever he is around Yoona.

It would seem that V gets so shy around her that he cant even look at her directly.

V getting all giggly beside when hes beside her.He has to keep looking straight because he cant look her in the eye.

Johnny has always been a big fan of Yoona, so he was asked to confess his love for her on a variety show. He was able to deliver a manly confession before become extremely shy and hiding behind his hands.

4. NCT Dream Members, specifically Jaemin and Jisung

The members started smiling really brightly when the MCs mentioned Yoonas name and Jaemin and Jisung even high-fived each other after Yoonas introduction.