5 K-Celebrities Who Think Social Media Are Pointless

5 K-Celebrities Who Think Social Media Are Pointless

Social media like Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat seem like a good place to interact with fans. However, these 5 big stars in the industry are still reluctant to share a little piece of their daily lives to fans.

Koreaboo has wrapped a list of major K-celebrities who don’t do social media. Check out the list below!

Song Joong Ki emerges as one of the most prominent figures in K-showbiz. His good-looking face, decent personality, and marvelous act in K-dramas are what have got people rooting for him. Since his appearance in top-grossing drama “Descendants of The Sun”, people are getting more interested to know more of him, including his personal life. However, Song Joong Ki doesn’t seem to will his personal life on social media, simply because he thinks he’s not familiar with technology.

Park Bo Young loves the old-school way to express her feelings, by writing them into a diary. The “Strong Woman Do Bong Soon” actress doesn’t think her personality is big enough to keep up with social media. She also reveals that malicious commenters also take part to add more reasons for her to not do social media since she sometimes gets hurt easily.

Gong Yoo is probably one of the celebrities who respect private life more than anything in the world. That’s why he refuses to open up his private life through social media. During his fan meeting in Taiwan, he said it himself that social media have made people try too hard to seek approval from others.

“Why I personally don’t like social media is because you’re intending to show photos to others that are most likely to make you create things, and it’s a little uncomfortable for me,” said the “Goblin” actor as cited by Allkpop.

Park Hae Jin is extremely cautious when it comes to social media. According to his observation, social media do more harm, although he admits that he could communicate or promote his works through social media. Besides, numerous incidents and scandals stem from social media, so that’s why Park Hae Jin tries his best to avoid using social media.

Yoo Jae Suk thinks that social media make their users engrossed and distract them from doing actual works in real life. The “Running Man” member prefers to focus on his works in real life than being captivated by social media,