5 Idols Who Perfectly Mastered Trot

While K-Pop is all the rage, the trot genre is another beautiful form of music that can only be found in Korea. Yes, a bit old-fashioned, but that doesn’t stop today’s wonderful idols from singing some classics songs or showcasing their talent with a nice cover of trot music. Check out 5 idols who mastered trot down below!

After starring on ‘Sister Slam Dunk 2,’ Hong Jin Young received all the attention she deserved as a singer! Failing to launch with her debut group Pink Spice, many fans now view her in a different light and enjoy hearing her vocals paired along classic trot pieces.

Eunji of A Pink is known for being a talented vocalist but no one expected her to belt out trot the way she does! As expected, her high notes are well executed and flawless!

Big Bang’s quirky goofball Daesung has lots of tricks up his sleeve – and one of them is singing trot! Believe it or not, he has the charisma trot singers need while performing.

Solji of EXID is another talented vocalist. She effortlessly carries the difficult melody of trot music and elegantly sings like she was the queen of the classic genre.

The boys of VIXX are known for their edgy songs, but they have even more talent and variety than you’d expect! VIXX’s Leo is quite the talented member as he showcases his charms and can sing any trot song with ease.