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Nam Ji Hyun Says 4Minute is making ready for a Comeback Next Year

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Nam Ji Hyun Says 4Minute is making ready for a Comeback Next Year

--> Nam Ji Hyun hinted at a 4Minute comeback.

Nam Ji Hyun attended a production presentation for She′s 2 hundred Years Old, held at the dice Entertainment Cube Cafe in Seoul′s Cheongdam-dong on October 26, where she touched at the members′ whereabouts and comeback schedule.

Nam Ji Hyun said, "The 4Minute individuals are getting ready for a South The usa excursion in November. We plan to make a comeback in Korea next year."

She continued, "We′ve been that specialize in particular person activites since 4Minute released an album in February, and we′re running difficult to turn just right aspects in our respective areas."

Meanwhile, She′s 200 Years Old is a myth romance drama, targeted on Lee Jung Hoon (Ji Eun Sung), a social provider employee who is considering a vehicle accident, and Min Se Yeon (Nam Ji Hyun), who saves his life, and the occasions that follow. The drama, which is decided in quite so much of gorgeous tourist attractions in Gyeonggi-do, can be broadcast by way of Naver television forged on October 27, and all five episodes will be released at once.

4minute′s Hyuna to Make Comeback on ′M COUNTDOWN′ Today (8/20)

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4minute′s Hyuna to Make Comeback on ′M COUNTDOWN′ Today (8/20)

--> 4minute′s Hyuna will make her comeback at the August 20 broadcast of Mnet′s M COUNTDOWN.

Hyuna, who is returning after one year, will carry out lead unmarried It′s Because I′m the Best and Ice Ice.

It′s Because I′m the Best is a song that highlights Hyuna′s signature fascinating voice laced over a thumping bassline. BTOB′s Jung Il Hoon will sign up for Hyuna for It′s Because I′m the Best, whilst MAMAMOO′s Hwasa will take the level along Hyuna for Ice Ice.

SG Wannabe could also be set to make its comeback on M COUNTDOWN after 4 years to accomplish Love You. SG Wannabe is expected to win audience over with its signature medium pace ballad.

Not only that, GD&TOP will carry out Zutter, the massive Bang members′ first unmarried as a unit in five years, whilst Wonder women will carry out I Feel You. As either groups are robust contenders for the #1 trophy, they reportedly poured their efforts into perfecing their performances.

Meanwhile, B1A4, VIXX LR, Baechigi & Bo Hyung, GFriend, T-ara, Yu Seung Woo, HelloVenus, Stephanie, Sophia Pae, Kim So Jung, Kim Hyung Jun and Ha Young, JJCC, ZPZG, 10X10, BU and D.Holic will take the stage. The display may be broadcast live to tell the tale August 20 at 6 p.m. KST.

Cube Entertainment confirms 4minute's comeback is going on prior to the year is over

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Cube Entertainment confirms 4minute's comeback is going on prior to the year is over

HyunA hasn"t even released her solo album yet, yet other individuals are already wondering when 4minute"s comeback will be. previous this year, the ladies had mentioned they would have a collection comeback soon after HyunA"s solo comeback this year. And recently, news reports were announcing the gang used to be set for a September or October comeback.

But Cube Entertainment has denied that they"ve determined on any explicit period of time yet, yet that the gang is making ready to make a comeback someday this year. A rep told Newsen, "4minute"s comeback date has now no longer been concretely decided. But with the objective of a comeback earlier than the year is over, they are running on their album."

At least we know 4minute will have a comeback earlier than the finish of the year! For now, we"ll stay up for HyunA"s solo free up and concentrate to 4minute"s "Crazy" album again!

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4minute is planning another comeback this year!

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4minute is planning another comeback this year!

The press conference for 4minute"s new reality program, "4minute Video," took place on July 6 at the Ritz Carlton Hotel where the girls talked about their future promotions and made a promise for viewer ratings.

Jihyun stated, "We have not grabbed the exact schedule yet, but we will be making a comeback for sure in the latter half of the year." Jiyoon said, "We are in the midst of preparing a 4minute album. We are preparing because we want to make sure to show ourselves in the latter half of the year."

However, it was reported earlier that HyunA was supposed to be making a solo comeback. The fierce rapper stated, "After I come out first, 4minute will make a comeback for sure."

As for viewer ratings, the girls said, "If our viewer rating surpasses 2%, we will accept a situation from the audience members and produce a video."

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4minute′s Hyuna Currently Preparing for Solo Album Comeback

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4minute′s Hyuna Currently Preparing for Solo Album Comeback

--> 4minute′s Hyuna is preparing for a solo comeback.

On June 5, Cube Entertainment told Newsen, "Hyuna is working on her solo album."

"It′s something we′ve been preparing for a long time. We have August in mind for the comeback, but details have not been decided on yet."

It will be Hyuna′s comeback in a year since Red.

Hyuna went solo in 2010 with the song Change, becoming the sexy icon of Kpop through Bubble Pop, Ice Cream and more.

After showing a lot through 4minute and unit group, Trouble Maker, Hyuna is gaining anticipation for what she will bring for this upcoming solo activity.

Photo Credit: Cube Entertainment

4minute spell out sexy & powerful in comeback stages on Show Champion

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4minute spell out sexy & powerful in comeback stages on Show Champion

4minute return in on stage with special comeback performances of "Cut It Out""Crazy" on today"s episode Show Champion.

The girls come back fiercer and stronger as ever carrying their very powerful yet sexy performance and stage presence.

Watch their comeback stages below:

4minute get ready to go "Crazy" for their comeback in next video teaser

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4minute get ready to go

4minute are back to treat us to the most exciting teaser yet for their title track "Crazy"!

They"ve been teasing us with a teaser for each new song coming up in their mini album, but of course, this is the teaser we"ve been waiting for as it is one of their title tracks that will be promoted. The girls make everything look effortlessly sexy, pulling off bucket hats, wild curls, and even bright green hair.

They will be performing their title track "Crazy" for the first time at ELLUI CLUB in Cheongdamdong, Seoul on the 7th ahead for their release on the 9th! So check out the teaser above as you wait!

4minute Reveals MV Teaser For Show Me" Ahead of Their Comeback Album "Crazy"

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4minute Reveals MV Teaser For Show Me

4minute continue to test fans"'patience as they now release a teaser for a song called "Show Me" from their upcoming 6th mini album "Crazy"!

Although not one of the double title track, "Show Me" holds significance as it is a song that HyunA and Sohyun wrote the rap lyrics for. The song is of the pop-rock genre with a trendy beat that has a very different feel compared to their ballad title track and pre-release "Cold Rain".

Stay tuned for its release along with the rest of the mini album on the 9th at noon KST!

4Minute Reveals Audio Teaser For Comeback Album "Cold Rain"

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4Minute Reveals Audio Teaser For Comeback Album

4Minute sparks more curiosity about their comeback "Cold Rain" album by releasing more teaser!

The group released a new teaser video on their official Youtube channel titled "4MINUTE - Coming Soon Ver.1" on January 22rd, which shows three dice rolling and ending up with their faces of numbers one, two and six in order. Many fans have been speculated that the numbers can stand for "January 26th" and have spreaded that there will be something to be released on this day.

The fans" speculation turned out correct as later today on January 23, Cube Entertainment came out with the audio teaser of "Cold Rain", one of the double title tracks for their upcoming comeback. The song is described as an emotional ballad composed by Son Young Jin and produced by Jo Sung Ho, and is set to be released on January 26th, which matched with the date hint in the previous video teaser.

Check out for both the audio and video teasers below

4minute leader Jihyun cheers on HyunA"s solo comeback

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4minute leader Jihyun cheers on HyunA

Jihyun asked fans to make sure to cheer on her fellow 4minute member HyunA"s solo comeback with "A Talk".

On July 16, Jihyun posted the adorable photo above as well as the following message on Instagram, "Whose red fingernails~? It"s her. HyunA comeback fighting!" Though the 4minute leader"s face is in the photo, it looks like it was HyunA"s peace sign in front.

Cube Entertainment previously confirmed that HyunA will be documenting her comeback process via her new reality program "HyunA"s Free Month", which is set to air on the 21st before the release of "A Talk" on the 28th.

Are you excited for HyunA"s solo comeback?!