[NEWS] Seohyun Accidentally Hits Taeyeon During ‘Twinkle’ Performance

[NEWS] Seohyun Accidentally Hits Taeyeon During Twinkle Performance

Fans were slightly bemused when Seohyun was suddenly isolated during a encore performance of Twinkle on the May 24th broadcast of M! Countdown. It turns out there were reasons for that.

Midway through the main performance, Seohyuns long limbs apparently got in the way of Taeyeon, bumping into her microphone and hitting her teeth. To Taeyeons credit though, she grinned it off and resumed her performance as usual.

The result of this was that after the award presentation, when it came to Seohyuns dance part, Taeyeon made an active effort to avoid her during the encore performance.

Check out the comical cuts of that weeks performance here.

The main performance (Starts at 1:47)

The encore performance (Starts from 1:36)

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