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Gaksital Bridal Mask Episode 7 Live Screenshot Recap

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Gaksital Bridal Mask Episode 7 Live Screenshot Recap

Gaksital Bridal Mask Episode 7 Live Screenshot Recap by leegloria22

Bridal Mask Episode 7 office Preview

Kangto is at the funeral site. He says "Why didn't you tell me brother?!" He cries and beats himself up for it. He grabs both the weapon and mask and heads out.

Then it's back to the scene where he fights and kills Kenji.

Shunji tries to fight gaskital but he flees before hurting anyone else. Father Kimura sees his son dead.

Gaksital flees by horse and he is chased by Shunji.

Mokdan knocks out and steals the keys from the guard. She runs away with her circus friend.

Shunji is able to shoot Gaksital, gaksital falls off a cliff and into water.

At night,Shunji is trying to find gaksital's remains in the water. Shunji goes into the water to try and find the body. He is absolutely furious but is persuaded to take it easy by his friend.

Shunji returns back to base and he is told by a underling that Mokdan escaped as well as his brother dying before getting to the hospital.

Shunji walks into his fathers office, and the father is calm and cool and is putting golf. Shuji says he couldnt find the remains of gaksital. Father Kimura says to tell the imperial officers that Shunji has killed Gaksital. Shunji says "how can you say that? I'm not even positive he died". His father says, "Gaksital must die by your hands"

Shunji says if Gaksital isnt dead, he will make sure he definitely will be.

Shunji visits his dead brother and vows to take revenge.

Mokdan gets up early in the morning and runs to find what happened to Gaksital.

She runs to the wilderness because she believes he would be there.

Kangto wakes up after passing out in the water, hooked up to an IV and a hospital bed.

He's dizzy and delirious.

He walks and sees Kenji dead and Shunji is saying Gaksital killed my brother! and he passes out.

A paperboy spreads fliers around town saying Gaksital is dead. The people mourn. The imperial rich man rejoices.

Mokdan reads the paper saying that Gaksital is dead. The circus friend didnt tell Mokdan about Shunji going to find Gaksital and now Mokdan is a bit angry at her.

Mokdan refuses to believe that Gaksital is dead. She says, there is no picture of Gaksital dead on the paper, so she doesnt believe.

The japanese leader tells Hongju about the plans after Gaksital is truely rid of. His plans to take over Kangto and any remaining threat to the japanese army.

She starts by giving KAngtos party friends all expensive gifts. to win their hearts.

The imperial army and its leaders, pay their respects to Kenji at his funeral.

The army is at the river trying to find Gaksitals body, Mokdan dives in trying to find him first.

She finds the dagger that she held so dear!! She believes that dagger gives good luck and believe Gaksital is still alive.

Kangto wakes up back at the hospital.

Kenji's mother cries in front of Kenji's portrait. Shunji opens a door to find his father crying his heart out.

To his father, Kenji was everything.

The circus manager prays to hope for Gaksital to come back and protect them. The circus women find out that Shunji/kenji are the police chiefs sons.

Kangto is in the village and doesnt get good service at a restaurant and storms out.

The villagers look at him strange and also they are afraid of him. One kid isnt afraid, but he asks where is Kangsan?

The villagers throw rocks and food at Kangto for being so rotten.

Hongju waits for Kimura inside her car. She says sorry about his son. She says not to make a mistake about Gaksital, if he still is alive, that would be a huge mistake.

Back at the village, the imperial officers come and beat the villagers up.

Shunji and Kangto go home but he says, thats okay. He starts to walk off. Shunji says what is he going to. Kangto believes he will never die, so dont worry about him. Shunji believe in Kangto to catch Gaksital.

Kangto finds his brothers get away spot and inside there are pictures of the imperial leaders and what they really want to go after, which is to eliminate the Korean population, not to live together. He takes the mask and weapon and heads out.

Kangto hears his calling... that is.... to become.... Gaksital!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you everyone. See you all tomorrow!

Starts from the mountainside as K sits by the graves and looks at the mask and cries. He remembers his brother saving his life and he calls out “hyung” then he recalls how he shot his brother. He cries out what do you want me to do now. What’s so great about that – Was this that important – more than our family. Baek stands nearby and keeps vigil. K remembers how his mother prayed over him –for him to live like a person and for her to pay for all his sins. So K beats himself on the chest and holds his head and yells. He suddenly grabs the mask and club and leaves

Kenji and his lackey are at the station. The guy says K’s brother and mother burned and are dead of course. Kenji says I worried for nothing. Suddenly Gaksital shows up and kicks both of them down. S rides up on his bike and goes inside the station.

Gaksital kills kenji with his bare hands just as S comes in and sees that. S looks at kenji and yells hyung. Then he goes after Gaksital. as they fight the lights in the basement flicker and alarm goes off that Gaksital is here. D smiles

S and Gaksital are fighting. S almost stabs Gaksital but Gaksital runs off. S was going to go after him but stops to look at his brother. He grabs kenji’s pistol and goes after Gaksital

Taro comes in and says what is this about Gaksital. he sees his dead son on the floor

Gaksital rides off on his horse and S shoots after him. He gets on the bike and goes after Gaksital. Sunhwa watches S leave chasing after Gaksital

As her guard goes to check out what’s going on upstairs D kicks him and gets free from her restraints. Sunwha watches officers chasing after gaksital. Sunwha sees D escape and calls out to her. they go together

S is shooting at gaksital. they go thru a tunnel and the horse goes down so gaksital is thrown over the cliff and into the water below. S stands on the cliff overlooking the water and tries to shoot again but he ran out of bullets.

In the water the mask comes off. The lackey orders the other officers to shoot into the water

As D runs away with sunhwa she looks back.Camera shows K drowning in the water. Sunhwa grabs her hand and runs off with her

At night the officers are looking in the water for gaksital’s body. S asks the divers if they didn’t find anything. They shake their head no. The lackey asks where the bast&*^ disappeared to. S says they have to find gaksital. the lackey says it’s too dark. S goes into the water himself. The guy stops him so S says how can I face my father if I go back empty handed. The lackey says wait till light to keep looking.He stops the search

Nearby someone picks up the mask out of the water

S goes to the hospital and asks abe what happened to his brother. Abe says kenji died as soon as he was moved to the hospital.Abe tells them how D escaped. The lackey gets mad cuz on top of everything D escaped. The guy says he will do everything to capture D. S says the important thing is to find gaksital.

S knocks and goes in. his dad is practicing his golf swings. S looks shocked that his dad is not mourning. S says they stopped the search cuz of darkness so they weren’t able to find the body. His dad calls in and says put in the paper that S shot and killed gaksital. S tries to say it hasn’t been confirmed. Taro says even if gaksital is alive he will die by S’s hands. S puts the gun down and says he will help K capture the murderer gaksital.

S goes and looks at his brother’s face. He lowers the sheet and kenji’s eyes are still open. S cries looking at him and closes kenji’s eyes for him. S stands over him and cries. Hyung I am sorry.

In the morning, D is awake and remembers how gaksital rescued her and left her in the woods. How she gave him her name and asked for his. How he just rode off

She goes outside and runs off so sunhwa asks where she is going. She runs after D. D says she thought she could meet him if she came here (to the forest). sunhwa asks is this where gaksital dropped you off. sunhwa remembers how S went after Gaksital. she tells D how she saw gaksital run away before D came out. D asks if she wasn’t able to reach S. S says I told you many times I tried but I couldn’t reach him. D says S promised to check on what happened to gaksital. sunahwa leaves first and D calls out “young master”

K is lying in bed with an IV drip. He wakes up and looks at the light. He sees the governor’s picture and Japanese flag framed on the wall. He calls out for Abe. He gets out of bed and staggers to his feet. The room spins. He takes out the IV. He goes down the hall and sees a body being rolled towards him. S calls out to him and says gaksital killed my hyung. What happened. You shot gaksital so how could he be ok. What’s wrong with you. can you hear me. Kangto ya. K passes out

News spread that gaksital is dead –he was killed by S. Koreans are upset

Lee is happy that Gaksital is dead. He does a happy dance. He wants to celebrate tonight. His wife gets up and dances with him. She says they can rest easy now (cuz of gaksital’s death) the son watches them be happy and shakes his head

Leader Jo asks D – is this true. Did the teacher (S) kill gaksital. sunhwa didn’t know S was taro’s son. Sunhwa mentions how she saw S chase after gaksital. she didn’t say anything cuz she thought she saw wrong. She wonders why S had to be the one to kill gaksital. she defends S and says since gaksital killed his hyung S couldn’t help it. her little brother says his teacher wouldn’t kill. He runs off to ask S. sunhwa goes after her brother. D asks the leader if he thinks gaksital is dead. He thinks gaksital is dead but she says he cant be dead or else they would have put his dead body pic in the paper with S and not just S by himself

H talks to UH and tells him about what happened. She talks about kenji’s death too. UH wonders why gaksital wasn’t caught. we have to know the reason. She repeats how gaksital cant be a hero to the people. She gets instructions from UH. She asks jun and asks where she needs to go to see cute (I couldn’t hear the word here)

Jun drives her to the club. H gives the girls gifts. H offers to help mari debut too. They girls are excited about the makeup they got as presents. The owner takes it and wants to use it so the waiter says it’s for women. The owner looks at H like he is interested in her. H asks the woman in charge permission to perform. The girls want to practice again with H.

H sings and the girls dance in the background.

There is a funeral for kenji. Taro doesn’t look sad at all. Goji bows to taro. He says you got in charge of gaksital and this happened. Taro says anyway they killed the guy. Goji says the papers are talking (about how gakistal might not be dead) but you must feel comfortable. He asks isnt that right teacher (to S) but S says the dead body will float up

The lackey and officers are still looking in the water for gaksital’s body. D goes over there and watches them. She takes off her shoes and dives in the water to look for herself. She comes up for air and then goes back down again. She finds her knife in the water. She goes back up with it. she remembers as a kid how he told her to stay alive. D says aloud: I guessed right. Young master is Gaksital. she hears the officers call out so she gets out of there

There are flashbacks to everything that happened in K’s head. He wakes up in the hospital bed again. The director comes back inside so K pretends to be out of it. another doctor says K was found injured on the streets. If the director didn’t recognize K they wouldn’t have treated K (since he is Korean). The director asks if K didn’t wake up yet. The other doctor says there is nothing wrong with K from looking at his x-ray. Abe comes running in and worries over K so the director yells at him for yelling.

Abe says K looks really unwell. He holds K’s hand and says I am here. they should tell me how hurt he is. He goes back out to ask.

K finally opens his eyes and sits up

The nanny is crying over kenji’s photo. S comes over and sits by her. he asks how long she is going to cry. She talks about kenji and their dad. S holds her hand to comfort her. she tells him to wait while she packs up some food for him

S goes to check on his father but Taro is weeping so S is shocked

The circus guy is praying and trying to honor the dead gaksital so the woman says you really think gaksital is dead

At the Korean market, K is drinking and asking for more alcohol but he is being ignored. Koreans are watching him through the window.

When K goes out everyone scatters. The guy who set fire to his house trips and falls. He expected K to hit him but K ignores him and keeps walking. K watches kids sing and march the way his brother always did with them. The kids see K and scream out his name and run away. One kid stays and faces K. he says I am not scared of you. my teacher said you aren’t a bad person. Where is my teacher. He starts to cry and call out for his mom. his mom takes him away. All the Koreans stare at K. that guy who burned K’s home throws a rock at him. K yells out “come out – who is the one who set fire to my home. Who is the one who beat my brother. All of you come out.”Suddenly K remembers how he beat his brother. Another guy throws a rock at K’s head then the rest of the Koreans throws vegetables and stuff at K. he just stands there and gets hit.

S rides by on his bike and hears someone say K is getting hit. Officers go and surround K so people don’t throw things at him. S runs over and calls out K’s name. K almost faints so S holds him and takes him away.

S takes him on his bike and says you are really hurt – let’s go to the hospital. K: I am not hurt. S: you are crying. you think I don’t know. you weren’t able to come to my hyung’s funeral. If we only caught gaksital sooner. If you were at home then how would he be able to do those things. My father cried. I thought he didn’t have tears but my father cried. If gaksital is alive – now what do I do. K cries listening to him cry. K says in his head: I am sorry S.he cries more as S cries.

Taro and the rest of his group are drinking and having fun with girls. (Omg this scene is hurting my eyes.) A woman says taro has changed. He asks what that means. She says someone is outside.

Taro goes outside to the car and H is there. he gets in the car with her. she brings up kenji so he says don’t mention it again. She says she is surprised he came back to work so soon. She says how gaksital went to K’s home and Koreans are talking about it. he talks about the koreans as barley and she asks if he can do that. he says just wait and see

Officers go to the market and beat up the Koreans

S brought K to his home and wakes him up. S: you are hungry right. Let’s go in. K tries to leave so S asks where else will you go this late at night. S worries that K will try to hurt himself (like commit suicide) so K says: why would I die when those guys did that to my brother and mother.S says you are Lee Kangto. If gaksital is alive. You be sure to capture him. K walks away

K goes to Baek’s home and looks at the photos of all the Ki group members. He focuses on the director and others. He remembers his brother’s words before he died. I am sorry- I wanted to take care of everything and not give you any burden.K looks down at the mask

Baek comes home and finds K coming out holding the mask and club. K walks away in the dark. Baek kneels down and bows as K walked away.

K goes to the mountain and finds the horse waiting for him.

In the morning K is dressed as Gaksital and he puts on the mask in slow motion. He looks out over the city. He suddenly gets on the horse and rides off.

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