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Power of Asian Filmmakers, Fantastic Film School 2012

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Power of Asian Filmmakers, Fantastic Film School 2012

Fantastic Film School (FFS) is an intensive training program for genre film professionals at Network of Asian Fantastic Films(NAFF) organized by Puchon International Fantastic Film Festival (PiFan). For its fifth edition entitled with Asian Filmmakers Lab, FFS focuses on the core process of filmmaking reflecting the rapid changes in current filmmaking trends.

This year, with generous supports from Media Development Authority (MDA) of Singapore, Taipei National University of Arts, Create HK and Korean Academy of Film Arts (KAFA), FFS has selected 24 participants from Asia, including South Korea, Hong Kong, the Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand and UK. With competitive submissions from emerging and established filmmakers alike, the selection process was the most contested in the programs history.

FFS 2012 is filled with inspiring film experts from all different backgrounds. John HEINSEN, the CEO of Bunnygraph Entertainment, will open up with the class focusing on transmedia and storytelling strategy through social media services. Shinho Lee, the professor at NYU Tisch Singapore known as the co-screenwriter of Korean genre blockbuster film The Chaser (2008), will conduct script analysis emphasizing on structure, character, and genre.

Also, Theron PATTERSON, the professor at Bahe?ehir University in Istanbul as well as the acclaimed director of an award-winning film Dark Cloud (2009), will focus on directorial concepts on developing production value. Meanwhile, Tim Kwok, a prolific producer of Vampire (2011) and The King of Fighters (2010) among other films, will give a lecture on shaping of international co-production strategies, and, last but not least, Mick GARRIS, an esteemed filmmaker known for his collaborations with Stephen King including Bag of Bones (2011) in addition to being the creator of SHOWTIMES Masters of Horror series, will share his filmmaking experiences with his genre insights.

FFS 2012 will take place July 19 through 25, in Bucheon, Korea.

Mick GARRIS (Filmmaker, Screenwriter)Director of Bag of Bones (2011), Masters of Horror: Valerie on the Stairs (2006), Masters of Horror: Chocolate (2005), Sleepwalkers (1992), and others, Screenwriter of Masters of Horror: Haeckel's Tale (2005), Riding the Bullet (2004) and adaptations of Stephen King's stories, such as Sleepwalkers (1992). Lifetime Achievement Award at the 2006 New York City Horror Film Festival

John HEINSEN (Executive ProducerCEO of Bunnygraph Entertainment)MFA in Producing from The American Film Institute (AFI), Director of Digital Production (Lead) of the 84th Academy Awards for ABC/ (2012), Former Manager of Primetime Programming, FOX Broadcasting Company, Recent guest lecturer on Transmedia at New York University (NYU), Northwestern University, Kellogg School of Management, and University of Southern California (USC).

Tim KWOK (Film ProducerCEO of Convergence Entertainment)Producer of Vampire (2011), The King of Fighters (2010), and Super Hybrid (2010) and others, Co Producer of Bunohan(2011), The Medallion(2003), and Manhattan Midnight(2001)

Shinho Lee (Screenwriter, Professor at NYU Singapore)MFA in Dramatic Writing and BFA in Film and Television from NYU, Co-Screenwriter of "The Chaser" (2008), Screenplay, "The Red Snow" won the Grand Prize Winner of The 2003 Harley-Merrill International Screenwriting Award and The 2002 CAPE (Coalition of Asian Pacific in Entertainment) Foundations New Writers Award.

Jongjin PARK (CEO of MOG Interactive)Executive Producer of "Night Fishing" (Paranmanjang) (2011) and "Share the Vision" (2011)Promoting 3D short film project, Beyond 3D at Puchon International Film Festival 2012

Theron PATTERSON (Director, Professor at Bahe?ehir University in Istanbul)MFA from California Institute of the Arts (CalArts), Feature film, Dark Cloud was screened at the 2010 Toronto International Film Festival, Nomination for four awards in the 2011 SIYAD (Turkish Film Critics Association) awards: Best Film, Best Director, Best Actor, Best Supporting Actress

ContactJegal SONG, Fantastic Film School Staff, NAFFPhone: +82 32 327 6313/ext.124E-Mail:

TWICE Chaeyoung and IOI Somi’s Old Boulevard Interviews Resurface Online After Debut

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TWICE Chaeyoung and IOI Somi’s Old Boulevard Interviews Resurface Online After Debut

The interview was once from an Afreeca TV streaming consultation where the broadcasting jockeys (BJs) asked a couple of questions from the participants after wastingall alone date, no longer knowing the two were trainees below JYP Entertainment at the time. In spite of being foreigners, Chaeyoung and Somi also agreed for a fast song as they finished the jockeys’ dare.

Before leaving the program, the two members, however, presented themselves and publishedthat they are going to be performing on Mnet’s Sixteen.

Chaeyoung went directly to win Sixteen and sign up for TWICE, whilst Somi joined Produce 101 for I.O.I.

Bambino Leaves Audience Drooling With Hot Skinship On Level At Contemporary Performance

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A fancam taken from their functionalityfinalMight 11th drove loversloopy after the individualsincorporated a provocative form of skinship onstage. The members were givena noisy cheer as they made an impromptu go from their choreography, danced and touched every other earlier thanproceeding their performance.

Spoiler 'Master - God of Noodles' Cheon Jeong-myeong completes preparation to get started out revenge

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When Hwang Seong-rok (Kim Joo-wan) published that Moo-myeong was once Choi Soon-seok whom Kim Gil-do (Jo Jae-hyeon) changed intohaving a look for, Moo-myeong faced a deadly situation. However, Moo-myeong had already erased the burn scars and he drew the curtain and pretended he did now not know who Choi Soon-seok was.

Kim Gil-do apologized to Moo-myeong. Moo-myeong may get out the unhealthystate of affairseffectively After Moo-myeong mightconquer the volatilecondition in which he can have been killed via Hwang Seong-rok, he in spite of everything could inputthe middle of Kim Gil-do's realm.

Spoiler 'Entertainers' Kang Min-hyuk clears up false accusation, Ji Seong, Hyeri romance would possibly speed up

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Ha-neul have become worried about Green, who was having tough time looking after him. Green told him, "Take care of yourself first. What an affection between siblings". Ha-neul said, "Do you watchedI'm worried about you simplyas a result of affection as siblings?" He was about to show his emotion against her. But the workers of his firmgot herethrough at the moment. Ha-neul lost his timing to confess.

Seok-ho held a press convention and Jin-woo showed up and confessed he was the culprit. At the similar moment, Joo-han also held a press conference and printed Jin-woo was the onlywho isliable for the sexual assault.

VIXX’s Leo Apologizes To Fanatics For Making Them Worry

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VIXX’s Leo Apologizes To Fanatics For Making Them Worry

VIXXs Leo Apologizes To Fanatics For Making Them Fear orionight Would possibly 25, 2016 0 VIXX’s Leo has taken to social media to say sorry for making his fans worry.

Both Leo and fellow member Ravi fell ill during their concert in Mexico, reportedly because of altitude illness and overheating, prompting them to acquire emergency clinical treatment.

Following the incident, Leo posted an image from when the crowdwas once in Toronto to his Instagram. The accompanying caption read, “Sorry for being concerned you.” Leo is flashing a peace check in the picture, and it type of feels he posted that distinctiveimage to guarantee fans he’s okay.

Koreans Use Those K-Pop Idols As Examples Of The maximum typical Type of Korean Beauty

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Koreans Use Those K-Pop Idols As Examples Of The maximum typical  Type of Korean Beauty

However, other feminine idols have been praised for being historically beautiful, having capabilitieswhich arerelativelynot unusualyetlikedthrough Koreans. The use ofparticipants of woman groups Lovelyz and Oh My Girl as examples, lovers discussed the definition of the averagegood looks in Korea.

Spoiler 'Lucky Romance' Ryu Jun-yeol and Hwang Jeong-eum encounter every other

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Je Soo-ho went to the casino to play some games and Bonnie Sim was onceoperating there as a cleansing lady. Bonnie Sim changed intotrying to find her old boss who ran away without paying for her salary, whilst she was operating equally a server and a cleaning woman there. She was muttering, "As soon as I am getting you, I amin a position to get the entirecash back from you addingthe completepassion and expenses".

When Bonnie Sim spotted the formidable man, her past boss, she began sprinting and bumped into Je Soo-ho. When she fell down, Je Soo-ho stretched out his hand. Bonnie Sim concept he was looking toassist her and lifted her and to clutch his. However, Je Soo-ho just grabbed his sun shades and left the spot.

Girls’ Generation Taeyeon Presentations Off Her Informal And Original Style In New Airport Photos

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Girls’ Generation Taeyeon Presentations Off Her Informal And Original  Style In New Airport Photos

And whilst the contributors of bestlady group Girls Generation have been known for their robust sense of fashion, leader Taeyeons fresh airport outfit undoubtedlybecame some heads in confusion. Dressed in an effortless white sweatshirt, the SM Entertainment singer carried out off her at ease outfit with what seems to be a small black hoodie, yet only had the hood section on her head. Despite the truth that the ensemble actually didnt appear to bethe commonsuperstar airport fashion, Taeyeon was oncedefinitelysnug for her trip.

Photos Up to date solid and added new stills for the Korean film "Canola"

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Updated solid and added new stills for the Korean film "Canola" (2015)Directed via Director ChangWith Yoon Yeo-jeong, Kim Go-eun-I, Kim Hee-won, Sin Eun-jeong, Yang Ik-joon, Minho,... MoreAlso referred to as "Canola"SynopsisA lady who went lacking after an twist of fate returns 10 years later and reunites with her grandmother.Release date in Korea : 2016/05/19

“Oh Hae Young Again” Gets Prolonged By way of tvN

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“Oh Hae Young Again” Gets Prolonged  By way of tvN

A member of the “Oh Hae Young Again” production team says, “After starting tomoviecreator Park Hae Young’s sparsely planned scripts, there were such so much offeelings and experienceswe would have likedto turn to the viewers. With the mix of Song Hyun Wook’s meticulous directing, the actors’ passionate performances, and the staff’s detailed work, the volume of pictures naturally increased.”

“Although we attemptedto chop out one of the footage because we had planned for sixteen episodes, we’ve made up our minds to upload two more episodes to permit us to teach it all at the show,” they add. “As we aren’t looking to stretch out the story, the display will continue to waft at the similarfast speed.”

“Oh Hae Young Again” stars Eric Mun, SEO Hyun Jin, and Jeon Hye Bin, and airs each and every Monday and Tuesday on tvN. You'll be in a position to watch the primary episode below!