YG Entertainment Aims Su:Pearls for September Debut

YG Entertainment, lee michelle, lee jung mi, lee seung joo, lee ha yi, su:pearls YG Entertainment Aims Su:Pearls for September Debut YG Entertainment is preparing Su:Pearls debut to take place in September

YG Entertainment, lee michelle, mi, lee seung , lee ha yi, su:pearls

YG Entertainment Aims Su:Pearls for September Debut    YG Entertainment Aims Su:Pearls for September

YG Entertainment is preparing Su:Pearls debut to take place in September.

According to various media sources YG Entertainment has shared Su:Pearls is currently busy preparing for their debut as preparations are taking place stating a dorm and separate practice room for the group has all been completed.

revealed that he will personally be in charge and involved in the preparations for Su:Pearls debut album.

He said, “Su:Pearls will be making their debut as soon as possible, their first album is to release in September the latest. Su:Pearls already is known for their great talents and are missed by many which is why we decided on an early debut.”

Su:Pearls first made their appearance through SBS ‘’ audition program originally consisting of contestants Lee Michelle, Lee Jung Mi, Lee Seung Joo and first season winner Park Ji Min. Following Park Ji Min, who subsequently signed with Entertainment, her place will be replaced by first place runner-up Lee Ha Yi with all four members singing on with YG.

SuPearls, lee michelle su pearls
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