SISTAR’s Hyorin under fire for criticizing ‘M! Countdown’

SISTAR’s Hyorin under fire for criticizing ‘M! Countdown’

SISTARs Hyorin under fire for criticizing M! Countdown

An online community board recently posted screen captures of SISTAR during an interview on one of Mnets TV programs. The post has received explosive attention from netizens as they shared mixed reactions towards Hyorins comments about Mnets M! Countdown.

On June 15th, a user uploaded the screen captures along with the title, SISTARs Hyorin directly dissed a broadcaster. According to the captions on the screen captures, Hyorin answered, Well, they never give 1st place [to us] and A broadcaster that doesnt understand SISTARs feelings? when asked, What is M! Countdown to SISTAR? Member Dasom also chipped in by saying, A strict broadcaster?

After reading the post, some online visitors commented, Hyorin is cute. I guess they never won 1st place at M! Countdown. Soyu looks worried? How cute, I like Hyorin, and They said it for laughs. Calm down.

However, some thought Hyorin spoke before thinking twice and commented, Honestly, I think they have become a little arrogant after getting popular, This is considered cute? That pose looks arrogant to me, and Its good to be careful with words that could mislead people.

Do you think the girls went too far, or are online users blowing this up unnecessarily?

Source + Photos: Sports Seoul via Nate