This isn’t your Babushka’s Rice Cooker

Not long ago I wrote about rice cookers from a Korean company called CUCKOO . But it seems that I left something out. I've now learned that these rice cookers do more than just cook rice

This isn't your Babushka's Rice Cooker

Not long ago I wrote about rice cookers from a company called CUCKOO . But it seems that I left something out. I’ve now learned that these rice cookers do more than just cook rice. In people are using them to speed up the process of cooking a wide variety of dishes.

The company claims that dishes that used to require two or three hours in front of the stove take a fraction of that time in a rice cooker. There’s also no open flame to keep an eye on and rice cookers are safer to use than ordinary pressure cookers.

Despite all the advantages of using a rice cooker to make an entire meal, most people are still unaware that these high-tech cooking machines can make more than rice. To change this perception, CUCKOO has rebranded its rice cookers as “Multicookers” in Russia.

To kick off it’s rebrand, CUCKOO held an event for popular Russian food bloggers to see what kind of creative rice-cooker-cookable dishes they could come up with. The results were, as I’m told, delicious and included borscht, plov and even strawberry cake.

of Korean food are also in luck. CUCKOO says that you can make countless Korean dishes in its rice cookers Multicookers, including my favorite galbi jjim (braised short ribs). Having made galbi jjim the traditional way on the stove before, I can tell you that it takes forever. I’m very eager to try the Multicooker method because you just put all of the ingredients into the cooker (beef short ribs, vegetable, sauce, etc.) press the cook button, and walk away.

This isn't your Babushka's Rice Cooker

If you already have a CUCKOO Cooker and can read a little Korean, the company’s online recipe book is worth checking out:


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This isn't your Babushka's Rice Cooker

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