Han Geng’s new song Wild Cursive #superjunior

Han Geng’s new song Wild Cursive #superjunior

Han Gengs new song for his 2nd solo album entitled, Wild Cursive.

Han Gengs new song Wild Cursive #superjunior


Ignite the flaming grenade of the blackened night

The heat suck the air dry

Even the cold wave cannot cloak the ocean of flame

Deceit, creating pain

Turning the world evil

Blood burning with righteous indignation, cannot be restrained

I take a stand

I brandish the wild cursive (wild cursive)

In a flash the black and white divide

Fierce, unrestrained, wild cursive (wild cursive)

Scream. Forbid the apathy, greed, and meager lingering to survive

I madly scribe the wild cursive (wild cursive)

Like a surging tornado

Do you dare to wild cursive (wild cursive)

Scream; release all your frustration,

Only a bold unleash can bring delight!!!

Look, look, look, the glacier is splitting, spring is coming

My age of prosperity will exceed your expectancy

Brandishing the wild cursive, unyieldingly scream

Let me (scribe) the wild cursive, to write a brand new era

**Translation by [email protected]

**Please take out with all credits

SOURCE: GengBaoChannels YouTube