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Bridal Mask Episode 5 Live Screenshot Recap

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Bridal Mask Episode 5 Live Screenshot Recap

Bridal Mask Episode 5 Live Screenshot Recap Part 1

// think this is the first time he smiled like this on this drama so I got carried away with the screencaps.

Jin Sae-yeon as Mok Dan (D)

Park Ki-woong as Kimura Shunji (S)

Han Chae-ah as Chae Hong-joo (a gisaeng. Japanese identity: Ueno Rie). (H)

Shin Hyun Jun  as Lee Kang-san, Kang-to’s older brother who is the original Gaksital. (KS)

Yoon Bong – kil as Abe Shinji (the chubby guy with the hat that is with K all the time)

Jeon No Min as Dam Sa Ri (D’s dad and leader of the independence movement )

Kimura Taro (the actor who played the president on city hunter- dont know his real name. he has two sons kenji and shunji)

Kimura Kenji (that scowling guy with the mustache who is out to kill K. Kenji is Taro’s son and S’s brother)

Kono Goji (the old actor from Moon who played minister yoon and B’s dad. Goji can also be spelled as Koji. On the show he is referred to as Konno but there are way too many K names as it is.)

Leader Jo – head of the circus (I give up memorizing any more circus characters – too many names to remember as it is)

Seonhwa (Dan’s circus friend)

Baek Geon is Lee Sun’s (k’s dad’s) subordinate

Katsuyama Jun is H’s bodyguard – the guy with the long hair tied back (what kind of spy has her own bodyguard-this drama is trying to kill me by adding on more characters each episode)

The Ki group that the 5 men belong to is called the Kishokai (I cant remember how to spell this during live recaps to save my life)

UH- Ueno Hideki – the man H calls “father.”

Starts from K running through the streets looking for the one who tried to kill him. It shows how seonhwa prevented him from shooting D. then Kenji climbs up the stairs and watches as other circus people try to kill K.

That girl from the circus came and reported to kenji that K is in danger. That there is an attempt on his life so came to the site and kenji stood and watched alone from inside a building and said please (kill K). when the masked guy fails to kill K, D jumps in the air and tries to stab K. K shoots her. the circus people flee the scene. Kenji gets his gun ready and takes a deep breath. K turns Dan over and sees it’s her. kenji tries to shoot K but Gaksital prevents kenji from making anymore attempts to shoot K. K shoots in kenji’s direction, but he didn’t see kenji

Then K carries D to the main street and puts her in a cab.

K yells at the driver to hurry. He remembers as a kid telling Boon to stay alive and he will be sure to find her. K says to her in his head: did I shoot you? Boon you cant die. don’t die. don’t die Boon. he tells the driver to hurry and go faster.

K carries her into the hospital and tells the doctor that she is a korean patient. she got shot in the chest. the doctor walks away so K calls out : look here doctor. he puts her down and says to him: didnt you hear me. The doctor says this hospital is for Japanese patients and he cant treat her cuz she is Korean so K pulls out his gun and aims at the doctor saying: I am officer LKT. I will take responsibility so treat her right now. The guy says we can make exceptions with the head director’s permission. K asks where he is

Lee is throwing a fit. The head director doctor is with him. Lee has constipation problems. They talk about Gaksital and the stress it’s putting on Lee. K walks in and says he needs permission to get the girl some surgery cuz she needs to live in order for me to capture Gaksital. It’s urgent. Lee says since K can catch gaksital, go ahead and save her. so Lee basically ordered the doctor to give permission

K calls Abe and says the circus people tried to kill me and gives him orders to find out about them

K asks the director how the surgery went. The director says I got the bullet out myself. K asks did you get everything out so if she totally out of danger. He seems genuinely concerned so K covers up by saying he needs that girl to capture gaksital. The doctor says you better catch Gaksital since I saved her

The director calls kenji and says K seemed overly concerned about that girl even if he says he needs her to catch Gaksital. How it bothers him about what kenji said how K and Gaksital are on the same side. Then kenji remembers how Gaksital prevented him from killing K. kenji tells the director to report to him about the girl and when she gets better

Kenji has the girl who reported about the attempt to kill K beaten and interrogated. they ask if she knows about Gaksital. she says she doesnt. He threatens her and then resorts to bribing her to report about the circus actions and D. everything about them so she promises to tell him everything he wants to know

The circus is practicing like nothing is going on. they hear the leader talking about how he has to shut down the circus cuz it’s only a matter of time till the police knows what they did to K. the woman worries about D –what will happen to D if they break up the circus and leave. Kenji’s spy girl comes over and says we cant shut down. If we shut down it will make us look guilty like we actually did it. the other members agree with her logic

K watches D and looks at her knife. He looks sad remembering…Boon came back to him in a cave and gave him back his knife and fainted. Then later he told her to stay alive and don’t die. he says in his head “please please wake up cuz I have to hear how you lived all this time and ended up on the same side as Gaksital. I have so much to hear from you”

S is building something and remembers how K said he had to kill the girl who is S’s first love. I have to kill her – if I can catch Gaksital. If I can use her to catch Gaksital

Seonhwa runs over and says help me. She says how D was shot by K. S runs out of the school and rides off on his bike

The spy girl watches that and smiles

D wakes up and sees that she is handcuffed to the bed. She looks at the IV drip on her arm. She remembers being shot by K. K comes in and smiles at her. he asks can you hear me. Do you know who I am. It’s me. (he almost tells her his real identity – that he is the young master but he stops himself)  K: Thank goodness (you are ok). She asks where is this place. He says the name of the hospital. She asks what about the others. He says so you are with the circus. Tell me. Is Gaksital there too. She says no you got it wrong.  he offers to save her and the circus people who tried to kill him if she talks. she says I dont know – you think i would tell you. He asks : look at me carefully – don’t you know me. She says she knows who he is and insults him.

He grabs her shirt like he is about to hit her when S comes in and punches him

S gives K a handkerchief to wipe the blood from K’s lips. S and K sit on a bench outside and talk. S says even though K said all that, he trusted K that he wouldn’t do this. you shot her knowing she was Esther. I know how much you want to catch Gaksital. How could you shoot her. did you really want to kill her? K realizes the girl in the closet was D. so K says in the closet that was her. S says I had no other choice but to deceive you to save her.

S: I am your friend now and will be in the future too but I cant stand by and watch you kill Esther. I am asking you as a favor. K is stunned to discover Esther is Dan

H’s bodyguard Jun reports how K is in charge of Gaksital’s case and Konno Goji ordered K to do that. She says I have to get rid of Konna and K is under his orders. she wants to know about K’s family, friends, girl, and what’s in his head. He says ok and leaves

This was when H was younger and still followed Korean tradtions. H goes to a gathering wearing a white hanbok and says today is her (korean) father’s memorial. I told you I couldnt entertain any guests today, but you ignored that. so I had no choice but the attend like this. The old man (the one she now calls father-UH) UH’s guard gets mad and is about to hurt H but her aide begs for H’s life. the woman says how after H’s father died and her household went into finanical ruin,  H came at the age of 9 on her own two feet to become a gisaeng. UH tells H to accept a cup from him. H says cut me down instead. The guard goes to kill her but a young K jumped in and saved her from death by fighting the guard. K ends up with the sword to his neck , but UH stopped the guard from killing K. H looks over at K out of gratitude.

H repeats K’s name and says is this what they call fate

K washes his face and remembers seeing D in the closet again. He says Boon was there. Boon is Esther? How can Boon be Esther

Abe comes running over and says he looked into the circus. K is headed towards D’s room and doesn’t pay attention to him. When K goes in the room D is gone. K asks where she went. Abe says S took her. K asks where

He runs outside and sees S taking his jacket off for her to use as a lap blanket. she smiles up at S. K watches and closes his eyes.

K waits by her room and S wheels her back in. she doesn’t look at K. K walks by and slaps the guard for letting D out. S says I asked him. K lists all the rules S broke. He prohibits S from coming to see her again. K orders the guard to take her into the room. She says no and asks S to help her. S helps carry her back inside

Lee’s wife shows the son a suit she got for him. He asks if it wasn’t for his dad but she says his dad had a lot of suits. The son makes a backward insult at her and she calls him son in a condescending way since they are stepson and stepmom. The secretary brings H in. the son seems smitten with H’s looks. H thanks Lee’s wife on behalf of Taro. His wife gets mad at the secretary for letting H in cuz H is just gisaeng. the son pretends to be angry at the secretary too but winks at H. H says sorry and that she only came to drop off her present and says I hope you like it. she left a jewelry box. The son plays with it and opens it. it’s a sapphire broach.  Lee’s wife says put taro on the line

Lee speaks to Taro. She says she likes the present. He says he will meet her at the event

Kenji makes a chart of all the people – K and Gak and D and tries to come up with a connection. If they are on the same side. Kenji : maybe K’s hyung. No way not that fool

His spy comes and reports that seonhwa reported to S and then S went to go see D at the hospital. There is something there with S

Seonhwa introduces S to the circus people. She says how S is different from others cuz he is friends with D. but they say S is friends with K. leader Jo asks why S came. S says cuz I have something to tell you. I don’t want all of you or K to get hurt. K wont behave that way like in the past cuz he knows I am friends with D now. So please don’t let anyone get hurt. Jo says K is lucky to have a friend like S. S thanks him

Kenji waits for his brother to arrive. He gets out of his car and goes inside the gate. He asks what relationship S has with D. S: how did you know. don’t be mistaken. S explains how D helped him with his nanny and saved his nanny. Kejnji says D, K, and Gaksital’s name. he said I was stuck with that but now I know. the one who saved that girl and K. the one who loves korea. The one who made a fool of the police. I have been trying so hard all this time. S asks what he is talking about. Kenji holds a gun to S’s head. S says you think I am Gaksital. Kenji says prove that you aren’t him. They start to fight. S has him pinned and is about to punch him but kenji’s lackey shows up. the guy says taro is looking for kenji. Kenji says we are going to catch gaksital tonight. They drive off and leave S there

KS remembers how kenji tried to kill K. he jumps out in front of kenji’s car.  S hears shooting when he goes inside the house. Gaksital fights off the lackey and attacks kenji. Just as he is about to hit K, S calls out hyung. KS looks back at S. S goes after Gaksital but Gaksital runs off.  (Even though S called out hyung to mean kenji, KS is used to hearing that from S so that is why KS turned around cuz it sounded familiar)

S asks his brother are you ok. Kenji yells.

Taro looks at kenji’s injuried and then tells him to prepare for that event.

After taro leaves kenji looks at his chart of names. He seems to realize something (he is back to the idea that Gaksital  is K’s hyung)

The club people are listening to the radio. They realize what was in the papers yesterday didn’t come true and the owner lost money so he cries about his lost money. there was something in the papers that tricked people into giving their money and now they lost them all)

H shows up at the club and says hello to everyone there

The 5 gather and meet. They divide the money they got from the Korean people into 5 parts.

Korean people outside complain about the money they lost. They chant: Give back my money

Police arrive and start to beat the crowd.

Taro speaks to one of the 5. They are making plans to transfer the guy’s share of the money

The man tells his secretary to take good care of those crates of money. after the car pulls away, Gaksital jumps down in front of the car. he beats up the driver and the sec runs off. (Gaksital now has the crates of money)

An old woman takes those crates in. KS wore a suit and hat as he dropped it off at her home

Taro opens what he thinks are the money crates but it has rotten fruit inside. he gets furious.

K remembers how D smiled at S and gets jealous.

D takes her IV out and tries to leave but the doors are locked. She tries the windows. She gets it open but she is in pain so she falls back. K runs in when he hears a crash cuz she broke her IV drip container. He asks what she is doing and sees she was trying to leave. She tries walk over to pick up the broken glass on the ground so he hold onto her arm and says be still. D: Remove your hand. Don’t lay a hand on my body. He says don’t you see the glass on the floor. You will get hurt. She pulls her arm away and says what difference does it make to you if I get hurt or not. K: why doesnt it matter to me.  if you get hurt  – I cant catch Gaksital. He picks her up and puts her back in bed. she says let me go.  K: Do you want to die. you better not act childish again. He is about to handcuff her but sees the bruise on her wrist so he doesn’t. he orders the guard to get the doctor and get a new IV drip and someone to clean the broken glass and lock up the window and put a guard on the ground. K sits in the room with her. She stares at him so he uses a newspaper to cover her view.

Abe comes running in and says what gaksital did (about stealing the money crates). he orders Abe not to let anyone in to see D and to guard her. K runs off

Gaksital is going around throwing money into people’s home. The ones who lost their money.

Gaksital sits on the roof and takes his mask off. KS puts the mask into his shirt

KS jumps down from the roof and startles his mom. he was holding his Gaksital clothes and stuff and drops his mask. She says how can you jump down from there. what if you break your leg. Are you not hurt. He smiles and shakes his head no. she picks up the mask and realizes who he is.

Kenji and his men are headed to their home. The mom quickly hides the mask and clothes under her skirt. The officers surround them and aim their guns at them. Kenji says KS hid it well. He takes out his gun and says you werent crazy. you pretended to be crazy. you are Gaksital aren’t you? the hyung is Gaksital. his younger brother is an officer with the Japanese. it fits perfectly. His mom says what is this nonsense. You took my normal son. who is the one took my great son away and turned him into a fool. now are you determined to accuse him of being Gaksital to kill him? Kenji says fine I will make it so everything gets solved. he aims his gun to her head so KS takes a step forward. She turns to KS and says: dont fear. dont be afraid.  I am so proud of you at this moment. she shakes her head no as in “don’t do anything.” In his head KS says “mother”. kenji says KS is cold – are you going to let your mother die? until I count to 3 admit it. he counts to 3. She turns and says to kenji go ahead and shoot. She taunts him by stepping forward towards kenji grabbing his gun so he shoots her in the chest. half by accident. KS starts to cry and walks over to her slowly. He holds her in his arms. She touches his face. He starts to hit his face and yell. Kenji watches and his lackey comes over and says Gaksital just stole that guy’s money. Kenji leaves with his men. KS says mother. She says my son – my baby. He cries and says mother. She says take care of your brother well and dies. He yells out.

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He explained about the adventprocedure behind the choreography, I couldnt get a dangle of any ideas, so I determined to head to a 24-hour waffle cafe. Whilst sitting on a couch, I started moving my legs, just for fun. Thats when I were given inspired. We actually use a sofa during our performance.

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Ill admit, virtually a year and a part into their debut, Lovelyz hasn't evercontrolled to catch my attention short of thinking of Achoo on each occasion one sneeze (it doesnt assist that Oh My Girl has a tendencyto comeround the same time, every time). Whats so frustrating about Lovelyz is that Woollim obviously has an intended concept and niche for the group, but regardless ofthe entiremaking plans and continuity, Lovelyz just arent filling the niche in addition other groups like GFriend  or even their seniors, APink  are. This by no meanssuggests that Lovelyz lack the ability to be successful, but more simply, it means that they have got got yet to liberate a unmarried that makes me think Ah, this is Lovelyz. Theyre one of the ones groups that I believewishesonly one killer track to set them aside and throw them in the limelight.

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All 3 of us — we, SEVENTEEN, and TWICE — have other styles. We would like to peer all folksexpand and make strongerwhilstselling at the similar time, the ladies shared their mind on their fellow idol groups.

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The imagepresentationsthe gangat the set of JTBCs Ask Us Anything and is captioned, I.O.I as opposed to require United States of America Anything. With his wig and matching uniform, Heechul blends nearly seamlessly into the neighborhood and it takes a confusing few moments to achieveanythingisn'tmoderatelycorrect alongside this photo! Fellow Ask Us Anything forged member Seo Jang Hoon also joins them in the picture.

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