Wonder Girls take a jab at JYP

On the June 10th episode of KBS 2TV’s "Gag Concert", the members of Wonder Girls had the crowd in stitches over some of their jokes and jabs towards their company

Wonder Girls take a jab at JYP

On the June 10th episode of 2TV’s “Gag Concert”, the members of had the crowd in stitches over some of their jokes and jabs towards their company.

The girls starred in several segments of the show, but it was in the “Brave Corner” that they really reeled in the laughs. “Brave Corner” consisted of the members singing satirical verses. Hyerim got the crowd going with, “I am part of the Wonder Girls too, although no one recognizes me.” Meanwhile, it was Sunye who made the rhyme joke against their producer and entertainment company president with, “I’ve got something to say to : Stop putting ‘’ on all of our songs.”

The joke was in reference to the trademark “JYP” heard in songs put out JYP Entertainment artists. Many netizens applauded Sunye and heartily agree that the “JYP” soundbyte was getting to be a bit unnecessary.

What do you think? Should they drop the “JYP” from upcoming songs or keep it in?

Source: Korea JoongAng Daily

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