Bye, Lupita releases MV for "Cold"

Bye, Lupita releases MV for ColdAfter releasing their first full length album "Voyage" late last month in addition to a music video for their title track "Illang Illang", acoustic jazz group Bye, Lupita have revealed a new MV for their track "Cold", a track also off of their album "Voyage".

Featuring the group's signature acoustic instrumentals along with the clear vocals by vocalist Yun Seonyeong, the slow-tempo track creates a solemn tone. To complement the somber nature of the track, the MV, directed by Seosooc and filmed at the cafe Uncle Doo, depicts a depressed female musician, played by Kim Jumyung, struggling to overcome a heartache caused by a lost love.

Check out the MV for Bye, Lupita's "Cold" below:

Source: byelupita