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(KBS2) "Big" Episode 4 Synopsis Summary Preview write by sapphire148

Ma Ri: Kyung Joon is a doctor? Why did he lie to me?

Yoon Jae: From now on, I will be only next to you, 24/7!

Ma Ri: A person he like? Kyung Joon doesn't have anyone he like!

Yoon Jae: There is! (pointing at Da Ran) Here!

Uncle: I don't think this is Kyung Joon's….did someone enter this house?

Aunt: Did Kyung Joon meet his father?

Bank teller: Are you going to withdraw all the money in your account?

Se Young: Are you going to keep my house key? Or not?

Yoon Jae: Is it your house key?

Da Ran: Which house key is it that Yoon Jae is keeping?

Yoon Jae: Actually, this key….

Da Ran: Could you tell me where is Se Young's home address?

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(KBS2) "Big" Episode 4 Synopsis Summary Preview write by Softy

M after looking at Y’s photo: this ajussi is the doctor at K’s hospital. Why did he deceive me.

Y tells D: from here on be by my side – day or night 24/7

M says to Y: someone he likes? K doesnt have anyone like that.

Y points to D and says: he does – here. D’s mouth drops open

K’s aunt and uncle shows up at his home and look at Y’s clothes and says this isnt K’s. His uncle thinks someone else is living in K’s home. his aunt wonders if K met his dad.

S asks Y: are you going to keep my house key or not?

S and Y look at S’s key.she wonders whose key it is for Y to have it so Y tells her the truth about that key

D asks someone and finds out where S’s home address is.

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