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(KBS2) "Big" Episode 3 Screenshot Recap

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"Big" Episode 3 Live Screenshot Recap Cast:

Lee Min Jung as Kil Da Ran

Shin Won Ho as Kang Kyung Joon

Bae suzy (Miss A) as Jang Ma Ri

Jang Hee Jin as Lee Se Young

Gil Da RanKang Kyung Joon Almost Kiss

(KBS2) "Big" Episode 3 Screenshot Recap by Softy

GONG YOO as Seo Yoon Jae (Y)

LEE MIN JUNG as Gil Da Ran (D)

BAEK SUNG HYUN as Gil Choong Sik – D’s younger brother. (CS)

SHIN WON HO as Kang Kyung Joon (K)

JANG HEE JIN as Lee Se Young. the female doctor who likes YJ. (S)

the teacher who has a crush on D- Na

D’s school teacher friend – AK

(KBS2) "Big" Episode 4 Synopsis Summary Preview

Starts from Y finding that key and then going out to meet S who runs over and hugs him. She says I worried so much – if something like that happened you should have told me first. She tries to kiss him but he pushes her away saying-ya what are you. S says I love you and D calls out Y’s name. Y looks at D then at S and calls “YJ” a bad name. S says to D: you were with him too. D thanks her for bringing Y’s stuff. S: I am his friend. Y: a friend? D tells Y to thank S.  S says to Y: if you are grateful, make me a drink. I want to drink what you make. D invites her in for coffee but S ignores her again and says to Y: instead of coffee,  let’s drink the tea you brought from London that you shared with me. D says that tea is good so come in. when D walks ahead wondering where that tea is, S grabs his arm and says: I want the two of us to be together so cant you tell her to go? S calls out for D and says there are some cookies that are delicious at the bakery so could you go buy some so we can eat with the tea. D says I will hurry and go buy them. Y motions for her not to go. S mutters that D doesnt have any sense (about what’s going on) and tells Y “let’s go in.” Y pulls away from her and calls out to D. he runs over and puts his arm around her shoulder. Y says to S: the two of us want to be alone so you go. D gets in his face and says your friend came all this way so we should have some tea with her. Y says to S while trying to move D’s head out of his way: that tea that seo YJ split with you, you drink that all alone. you sure are making a fuss about him splitting it with you. and if you want to eat cookies. go home and buy it and eat it. no matter how much that tastes good, you eat it all alone-there is no need to divide that in half. D and S both call out his name.  D: why are you like this to your friend. D smiles at S to go up and drink tea while she hurries and buys the cookies and then go up. Y stops her and says dont go to buy cookies. D: I will just go and buy some cookies. Y: I wont eat it. I said I wont eat it so dont go to buy it. D: if your friend wants to eat some cookies, you should buy it and let them eat it. let go. Since she persisted in going, Y picks D up and tells S: we wont eat cookies so you go. arent you going? you sure dont have any tact. I want to be alone with my fiance – just the two of us. so friend – go. He carries D inside. D: why are you like this YJ shi?

as Y carries her, D hits him saying: are you crazy?

Inside the apartment, Y dumps her on the sofa. Y had a hard time carrying her so he says: what did you eat? (LOL) D: what is up with you? what are you doing to Y’s friend. she tries to go back out so Y holds onto her saying : dont go. D bites his arm. Y: are you a dog? why bite? are you crazy? D: you are the one who is crazy - how could you do that.  Y says how he went through all that to save her from a bad situation.  you dont even know well. does that woman look like a friend who came to share cookies to eat. that’s so ridiculous.  why are you so oblivious (meaning why do you not have any sense of what’s going on). she asks if he just called Y a bast^% a while ago. he says i did. this ajussi is totally a bad person. he did a double play with another woman. (dating two women at the same time). D: what? Y: do you know what this woman did? D: what did she do? Y: as soon as she saw me, she said”do you know how much i worried” and hugged me tightly. D: so? Y: I was surprised so I pushed her away asking why are you like this.  then she said “I love you” that woman said she loved Seo YJ. so that’s why I sent her on her way. D smirks and says matter of factly: so that’s why you did that. he repeats what she said and says this isnt the situation for you to take this so calmly  like that. D: our KJ was very considerate about your teacher. is that why you told me not to buy that woman cookies? so you did that out of consideration for me? she pinches his cheek. D: so that’s what it was.

Y pushes her hand away and asks: what is this. D: dont worry. your teacher’s boyfriend is not the kind of person to do that at all. also that female doctor and your teacher’s boyfriend have been friends for a long time.  between men and women, skinship and love – it isnt just the ones you are thinking about – those erotic ones. you worried about your teacher a lot – you are so kind. she pets him like a puppy. he asks if she just talked down to him just now like he was a baby. he tells himself to calm down. Y says your mind must not be working cuz you like this person so much but this person is not that nice a person. D: ok K – teacher likes that person a lot. also- as much as I like him, YJ shi is a really good person.  She worries about the bite mark she left on Y’s arm saying it must hurt. I left a mark on Y’s body. what to do if it scars. Y: do you only worry about the outer shell? I am the one in pain cuz you bit me. D: did it hurt? then you should have avoided it. why stand and get bit. it looks like it will bruise. Y: you like this person that much? you think this person will think of you the same way? She asks him to say it again –what you said earlier about what YJ shi was about to tell me. (she is talking about the “I love you”) Y: what I said a while ago? D: hearing YJ shi’s face saying that was so nice.

He takes her face and says “I don’t love you D.” he could have said it like this too. how would I know what Seo YJ would have said. You cant be certain either. since i am still a kid, I dont get grownups. If I jump in the middle and get bit like this, I get hurt. i dont like pain so from here on I wont jump in. (meaning he wont interfere anymore). He gets his stuff and leaves. As he leaves he mutters “a good person? what a joke.” he bites that same arm again to hurt Y’s body. (so cute)

D remembers how Y said he would meet and tell her the answer to her question “do you love me.” she wonders what Y’s answer would have been

When Y leaves S is still there. Y: uh oh. S: I waited so let’s talk. Y: talk about what? She asks if he is mad. I was shocked too a while ago cuz I didn’t know you were with D. Y: if D wasnt here – then what would you have done?  S: you were surprised cuz I suddenly said I love you huh. I said that cuz you were thinking of me and  hesitating about your wedding (getting cold feet). since you were wavering, that’s why you didnt return what i gave you. Y: what you gave me? what about what you gave me? S: you said you had it. Y remembers her asking- you still have what I gave you before right? he asks “what you gave me - is it that special?” S: isnt it obvious? Y: then we should talk about it more. S: get in. let’s go to where we go often.  she tries to hold his arm but he flinches in pain cuz it’s where he was bit. he mutters why hold me there of all places. he tells her to go first.

They go to a bar and drink. the waiter bring over what they had been drinking from previously. (frequent customers store the bottles they already opened and drank from cuz each bottle costs thousands of dollars) They do shots and the alcohol is strong, but Y tries to pretend it’s not

D goes home and her mom asks if she had been with Y all this time cuz it’s late. CS asks what she had been doing at this late time. D says go for a walk. her parents were preparing envelopes for the wedding invitation. CS makes snarky comments about telling Y to send him an allowance envelope so his dad asks for his report card. CS changes the subject and tells his mom they dont seem to have enough enveloped. Her mom asks if Y doesn’t need more invitations -if he does then let’s make some more, but D says Y cant send any invitations now. They get shocked and asks why so she explains it’s nighttime so the post office is closed so I have to mail it tm morning. CS thinks that joke wasn’t funny -that is why your class is boring. D says I will do that later but her dad says just take care of your friend’s invitations. go in and study

Her mom comes in and mentions D’s new home and wants to send something there. D says I forgot about the home. Her mom asks even if you are busy- how could you forget. you could lose the deposit for reserving it. her mom asks if Y is calling her “Gil teacher” – it it a nickname cuz D is teaching him about love. D says it is. her mom says how good they looked together today. how they bickered but looked out for each other. Now she thought they look like a couple about to marry. D: then before we didnt look like we were getting along? Her mom says before they looked bored. cuz D was so stiff and nervous. and YJ acted like a visitor who came to their home for the first time. D asks if they looked that bored. her mom says how they didn’t look like they were a couple in love. D says then in your eyes we didn’t look like people in love before. Her mom says that was in the past but now she doesn’t think that-they look good. she offers to go and buy lingerie with D this weekend for D to wear on her honeymoon. after her mom leaves, D mutters she wanted to do that too (be like a couple overly in love)

A drunk Y tells S that : seo yj is going to marry D so he cant go to another woman. do you know what I am saying. he gets up and the room spins. He hears S call his name as he passes out

When Y wakes up, he is in bed and there are photos of S everywhere. He is in her bed and he is shirtless. He gets out of bed and wonders how he got here. she wrote a note that she is leaving for work first- see you at the hospital. He realizes I was together with a woman. He gets out

When he walks home D is there by his front gate ringing his doorbell. he wonders what happened and calls himself stupid. he hides his overnight bag from last night. D sees him and calls out his name and asks where he went off to this morning.  he says i came out to throw out the trash. she asks when he came out cuz she waited a long time in front of the gate. he lies that he went for a jog around the block. She asks if he went dressed like that so he says this is American style (to exercise in normal clothes) D says if someone saw, they would think he stayed out all night and came home just now. He asks - what staying out all night, he is still innocent. what does staying out all night even mean. She sniffs him and says he smells like he drank. did you drink?  He says it does smell a lot. it’s from the beer her dad gave him yesterday. I shouldnt have drank that. my head hurts and I feel like I will vomit. I dont think I should ever drink alochol. She points out how Y didnt drink enough for that to happen. how Y doesn’t have a low tolerance for alcohol. Y says but his soul is underage. D: anyway dont do anything bad with Y’s body – or you will die.  She puts down her fist and says : no – you are a kid who is considerate towards me and worries a lot about me so I will trust you.  Y: yes. she tells him to eat the lunch she packed and brought and not any frozen food. I will come when classes are over.

She looks at the bite mark and says it didnt bruise. thank goodness. cuz my YJ shi’s body cant have a scar. He asks if she would get really angry at Y if he was ever tainted/blemished.  she asks if he got hurt. He says – not get hurt, more like what if he got “dirty and changed” (indirectly referring to him staying overnight with a woman) so she asks what he did to be tainted (dirtied) so he lies and says I am talking about getting dirty from exercising. how much should I exercise – to what extent. that’s why i was just asking. she says to that extent is ok. it will be hard but please take good care of Y’s body. Y: ok I am a bit picky/fussy, but I will make some effort. D: dont go anywhere and stay home. later let’s go to the hospital together to ask for a leave of absence. ( a break from being a doctor). I am going to be late for school so I will be going. Y: you are gonna go this way. he runs with her and tries to hide his bag. she tells him to go inside and he tells her not to run. after she leaves he says I am going to go crazy (cuz of what he did last night)

When D goes to work at the school, K’s uncle and aunt are there talking about K with teacher Na. the uncle says the hospital said there wasnt anything wrong with K so he will be able to come to school soon. Na says for now he can give them an extension but if K’s hospital stay gets longer they will have to pay some fine. his aunt says it wont be that long. Na says I will go to the hospital too. as they walk out his uncle mutters to his wife about how they should have bought drinks for the teachers. after they leave, D feels guilty that all she paid attention to was getting Y’s leave of absence from work and didnt pay attention to K not being able to come to school

D tells her brother starting from today he needs to show her what he took down for his class notes and give it to her. CS says ok and says how nice it must be for K cuz he doesnt need to take the exams coming up. she hits him and tells him to come to his senses cuz that’s not a good thing. he says to stop it or he will tell their mom that D hits him at school. she tells him not to bring his notes and bring someone’s notes who studies well. after he runs off making a face, she says to herself how K is a kid too. (D is making her brother get those notes to give K when he wakes up)

Y is showering and blames YJ saying: this is all cuz of this ajussi. cuz the ajussi’s body wanted it so I ended up going all the way there. I am an innocent 18 yr old. Gil teacher cant know about this”

Y goes to YJ’s home and looks for evidence that YJ is cheating on D. I have to have clear proof that this ajussi was already this kind of person so she cant say he wasnt. He tries to recall S’s hints – “you wavered and didn’t return what i gave you” “I gave it to you to use at times like this. it’s close by so don’t feel pressure and listen to me” Y says I have to find it. he wonders what she is talking about-what is it that she told him to use without any pressure. how would I know that. He decides to run away. He finds a packed bag with a wallet, passport, and lots of cash. He has a smile on his face

Y goes to the airport and looks at the destinations and wonders where he should go. should I go to LA?He buys a ticket for the earliest flight leaving today. His phone (K’s phone) is out of battery so he gets it recharged. tons of messages flood in. He looks at how many times M called -it’s all jang mari

M wonders why K isnt answering her calls. she texts “call me anytime and dont think about the time.” “did something happen to you?” He imagines M going crazy yelling you said once a day you would take my calls. answer my call. he says how angry she is.  M: I am going to follow you to Korea. Y: try coming. She texted I am really at LAX – I am really going there (Korea) now.  Y: she is on her way here? M: I arrived in korea. He looks around. She says you think I cant find you cuz you didnt tell me your school or address in korea but will that happen? Y looks around worried: no way. it must be a lie.  M: KJ you will meet me soon. as Y walks into customs, he gets a text from her. M: I am on my way to your school. to Jaeil high school. I am going to meet the korean teacher - Gil teacher. are you curious how I found that out? that she found that photo of D when he posted it to someone he knew from kindergarten. since i came all this way to korea, I wont go back alone. Whether we go together or live together, let’s stay together KJ. Y runs out of the airport.

During the school assembly, other kids ask CS about his brother in law -is he not coming again. it was so much fun. CS says his brother in law is not a teacher but a doctor. teachers are at school and doctors are at hostess. his friend says hospital-not hostess. CS says I got confused. Another cab pulls up so everyone worries it’s Y, but this time it’s M. CS says this time it’s girl so D motions to Kim this time it has nothing to do with her. boys comment how pretty M is. M runs over and goes straight for D. she asks D for some money for cab fare cuz the driver wont take credit card or dollars. D asks why are you asking me for that. M says hurry and give it to me. M grabs her wallet and runs off to pay the cab. Kim starts to yell at D for another interruption, but D explains I really don’t know that kid. Na tries to block Kim’s view again with his body. kim says why would a kid D doesnt know borrow cab fare from D. D wonders the same thing too.  AK asks why D gave a kid she doesnt know money. D says cuz she kept insisting so I gave it to her without thinking. Kim tells D to go to the girl and not ruin this assembly again. D tells Kim she really doesnt know the kid but will go and warn her. CS says that pretty girl and my sister know each other

D asks M why she interrupted her school assembly. why ask me for cab fare when you dont know me. M shows a photo of D and says after K put this photo up I couldn’t reach him. Where is K. is he over there. D stops her from walking towards the kids. D apologizes to kim and tells M: let’s go talk over there. They leave and CS’s friend says another cab is coming. This time it’s Y. CS: brother in law? everyone points him to the direction D went. (LOL)

D repeats what M said – that M came from America to find K. M says call K if he is on the field. D: K is not at school now. she is about to tell her the truth about K but Y calls out her name. M asks who that ajussi is. D: someone K and I know. Y motions for D to come over to him so D tells M to wait a minute. D runs over and says M is here for K. she came from america to find you. do you know that girl? Y says you just leave and I will take care of this. D: what are you going to do? tell her everything? Y says just stay out of it cuz it’s between kids. go.

D leaves and M calls out to her – look here – where are you going. M tries to go after D, but Y stops M from leaving by holding onto her arm. M: ajussi – what are you?

D wonders if M is K’s girlfriend even though he said he wasnt dating anyone. she finds Y’s luggage and wonders why it’s here

Y looks at her intently and says: you ended up coming Jang Mari. M pulls away and asks: ajussi – how do you know me? Y: cuz I know K. M: you arent the type K would get close to. Y: you are correct. I am nothing like the type K would like. this face looks like it says “I am nice and friendly” so it’s a type he would hate. your dad is this type so that’s why I didnt (he was going to say I didnt like him too but he stops himself since YJ wouldnt know her dad) so K didnt like him (your dad) huh? M: K talked to you about my dad too? Y says yes and that somehow they got really close. M: anyway, where is K. Y: talk to me. M: are you K ajussi? I came to meet K. Y: no K will not meet you- never. KKJ said he wouldnt meet you. when he was in america and coming here, he clearly told you. that he didnt want to see you or your dad again. M: I am someone who would have been K’s family after marriage. Y: married? yes they were going to – your dad and K’s mom. then you would have become family but you didnt. since his mom died. M: did K say his mom died cuz of me? is that why he still doesnt want to meet me. they both get sad remembering the funeral. M: I just miss K a lot and worry about him. he says K is doing well so don’t worry and go back. since you flew all the way over here cuz you were worried, he probably feels a little grateful and apologetic so I will tell him to call you to say goodbye. even if he cant call, he will text you. M: ajussi what is your relationship with K for real? Y: it’s a secret that we cant tell others, but just think of it as our minds sharing bodies. M jumps to conclusions and asks: are you K’s boyfriend? so Y says: uh oh. that’s not it. why are you talking nonsense Jang Mari. how could you say that. jesus. he hits himself and says: I told you he hates this type.  she steps closer and says : you seem like K. don’t talk the way K does – don’t say “uh oh.” you make me feel bad (puts her in a bad mood) tell K what I am about to tell you word for word. Y: say it. M: I am going to marry you for sure. she walks off and Y makes a face (To sum up: her dad was going to marry his mom so they would have been step siblings if his mom didn’t die but now she loves K.)

Kim lectures D again so D apologizes to all the teachers. Y shows up and watches that

M sits and boys note how pretty she is. she starts to walk away so CS runs like crazy to meet her and tells everyone to move aside. CS jumps over a wall and pretends to be hanging out waiting for you: I saw you a awhile ago.  you are really pretty. M: I know that. she says you are bleeding. He asks her to trest it but she says no cuz it’s dirty. He gives her his number by writing it on her handbag and tells her to call. she says my bag got dirty. CS: that’s why call. as much as the bag costs, I will buy you pizza. he winks and leaves. she mutters he doesnt get it – that pizza cant cover the cost of the bag.

D asks if his friend left well. Y says yes, I spoke to her and sent her on her way. But did you get in trouble with the principal again- she is stingy-why is she scolding you.  she shouldnt do that. D asks what is up with this luggage. Did you bring it out from Y’s home. Y: yes. D: Why? He says I went somewhere. D: where? Y: why the airport. were you going to run away. He says how he wasnt running away – just avoiding the site of a calamity after all that he went through and needs time to sort through all this away from his actual body. and like she said, if he stays in Y’s body, he might cause trouble in Y’s body. She asks if he caused trouble cuz normally kids cause trouble and cant handle it and run away. you caused trouble didnt you huh? He says last night I drank alcohol and slept at a woman’s home. D: what? Y: when I went out, that doctor friend was waiting. I told you that woman was strange. I was going to tell her in no uncertain terms that I dont feel like that towards her but that woman took me to a bar. D: so you drank alcohol and slept at S’s home? Y: I didnt walk there with my own feet. when I opened my eyes, I was in that home. while my soul stepped out for a short time, I went to that home. D: what did you do with Y’s body? Y: I still dont have any experience so I cant say for sure, but I dont think anything happened. (he whispered that last part) She starts hitting him saying you bad jerk. even if you werent thinking, how could you cause that kind of trouble you punk. Y: I was thinking of you and wanted to figure things out for you. D: what are you- you are only 18 so what do you know? why did you interfere? when I said I trusted him-why did you do that. Y:  what is your reason for trusting so fully. if you dont trust him - is it cuz you might not become a doctor’s wife? whatever Y’s answer was – to be honest- doesnt it not matter? whether he loves you or not it doesnt matter cuz you always overlook it saying “it’s ok.” Is it ok just getting married? then just marry this body now. I just need to stand next to you to get married. she says he is an awful young thing who learned bad things. Y: even though I am younger than you I am smarter than you. D: yes you are really smart. when you grow up, I am looking forward to seeing what you will become. Y: since I am smart, I will grow up well and not end up like you. he leaves and she sits and cries

Y goes home and sees the home cooked food D made for him. He eats a lot of it and chokes. There is a note on the food. (Sparkskey translated) D: Eat slowly~ If you get indigestion from eating too quickly, you die?!!!

* this is probably his first home cooked meal in ages. that’s what choked me up.

D looks at Y’s bag and AK asks what that is. D: YJ shi left it. AK says the luggage looks heavy. She asks Na to give D a ride to the hospital since Na is on his way there. Na agrees to give her a ride. I will bring my car out so wait in front of the gate.

Na worries that his car isnt clean enough so he sprays and cleans it while waiting for D to come out. (I love this character so much- so adorable)

When D walks out she hears Y practicing his apology by himself. he mutters I thought about it and I was too short sighted and spoke too rashly. since you kept hitting me – without realizing I reacted cuz it hurt when you hit me…this isnt it. he tries it in another language (in English) “I am sorry. I am really sorry.” he looks over and sees her standing there so he pops up. D says let’s go cuz we have to go to the hospital. We have to drop this off at Y’s home. Y runs over and offers to carry it for her. Y: I will take it teacher. you are getting off work already? she says I told her (Kim) that I would be leaving earlier today. Y genuinely worries and says: what to do if you get disliked by the vice principal again. what happens if you really get fired. D: like someone said- what is there to worry since I will become a doctor’s wife. Y: you shouldnt get so sulky over what a kid said. if you match my level – is that a teacher? it makes you a kid like me. she points out how he plays that kid card when he needs it. Y: that is why I am a kid. if I behaved the right way all the time – would I be a kid – I would be a grownup. D: you really are smart. you sure do speak well. Y: when I grow up, I want to become a kind adult like you. he gives her a goofy grin so she smiles. she starts to walk away and he follows saying: Gil teacher. the lunch you packed was totally delicious. I ate everything. even though the kimchi was spicy, I ate ever red pepper flake. look at my tummy. there is nothing you cant do – you even cook well. she laughs.

Na is still cleaning but D texts and says I will go first cuz you might be uncomfortable. thank you.

Y goes and informs the hospital that he needs to rest from work for the time being cuz the after affects from the car accident is severe. also pretty soon he will be getting married so he wants to rest till then. The nurse asks – what about his work helping sick children-that charity event. He says he will come back for that by then.

As they walk out Y points out D doesn’t know much about Y since she didn’t know about his event for the sick children-all she knew was that he helped sick children. Y: you will have the fun of getting to know him as you live together teacher. D: before that he has to come back. His other doctor friend says I heard you are taking a break (a leave of absence) do you really feel that unwell? Y says I want to rest.  S: are you ok? D says to S -you suffered a lot yesterday cuz of YJ shi. if YJ shi was that drunk you should have called me. S: I guess I should have. Other doctors asks did you guys drink together yesterday? you should have called me too. how about today. D says let’s do that next time but the guy says how Y and D met at his wedding so Y should pay for drinks before he gets married. Where should we go

They all sit and talk. D asks the guy if her friend MJ is ok cuz she is going to have a baby soon.  the guy says how MJ was pregant when they got married so there was almost trouble cuz MJ was shocked when that happened to D. D apologizes to him (for the scare she gave them by falling down the stairs) S says that’s the day the two of them met by accident. cuz D got hurt cuz of MJ. the guy says how an ambulance came to the wedding. S says how Y must not have known what was going on after D rolled down the steps so the two of you didnt fall for each other at first sight at all. D: that’s true. Y gets defensive and says:  no I fell for her at first sight. my D acted really cute. how loveable she looked in her fainted state so I fell for her at first sight. the guy hits him and says that’s not true. I know it all but did you lie to D all this time? D: he lied? S: what lie? the guy says: the first time Y saw D was not when D rolled down the stairs. When Y first saw D it was when she ran towards him holding flowers. (the elevator scene -how Y helped her hold the bouquet up.) the guy told Y : my wife’s friends are teachers so should I introduce you to one. the groom got called away so Y watched D banging her head on the wall saying : what do I do. he followed her as she paid and got a meal ticket. He ate next to her too. He listened to her babbling. she said the food was bland so he sort of handed her the salt. D: on the wedding day you are saying YJ kept chasing me around?

The friend says how Y did that. he asks Y: isnt that right? he also told me to introduce him to one of the bride’s friend. the guy had asked: which friend of the bride? Y: Gil D. the friend who delivered the bouquet. the groom asks why. Y: I kept watching her and she was pretty. the guy says so the first time he saw you wasnt when he ran into you at the stairs, he saw you before that and already chose you. D starts to blush. D: YJ shi did that. S looks pissed. The friend asks Y – is D that pretty. it’s written all over your face. she is pretty (to you) Must be a nice time. Let’s make a cheer.

CS says to his parents that he cant eat dinner cuz he might eat pizza so he has to wait. his dad asks what do you mean you might eat it. CS: I will know when I get the call. why isnt the call coming through. it’s time. He gets a call from M. his mom says to his dad:  it looks like he will eat pizza so you eat his food. CS walks over by himself and takes M’s call. it’s you. I knew you would call-price of the bag?  as promised I will buy you pizza.

She says how he needs to buy 300 pans of pizzas to cover the cost of the bag. He stops her from ordering. he says my dad sells dumplings and my mom is a housewife and I am just a student. if you just overlook this once, I promises to pay you back little by little -one pan at a time. M says ok. I will deduct one pan at a time after seeing how you do. CS: whatever you want just say it noona. She asks - there is a kid name KKJ at your school huh? CS says KKJ? the kid from America. She says you know him. I will deduct one pan. are you close with KJ?CS: no. she says CS doesn’t look like the type that K would get close with cuz he looks foolish. do you feel bad about that? CS: No I know that too. M: I will deduct one pan. look into kids who are close with K and tell me their contact info. CS: why? M: cuz I have to know everything about K. so I have to know who K keeps in touch with. CS says K cant contact anyone now. M: why? CS: cuz K got hurt and he is in the hospital

D is singing I am a beautiful girl as she walks down the street. He asks if she can act this drunk in front of a student. She says this isnt being drunk. I am just happy. also I only drank 3 glasses of wine. He mutters you are just saying 3 but it was almost the whole bottle. how could you be drunk with alcohol – you must be drunk hearing the words you are pretty. She is happy that Y fell for her from first sight cuz she was pretty. Y: this man is too superficial. you have to see if the inside of the heart is pretty for it to last a long time. if you only look at the exterior (the shell) it will last only a short time and end. how can this person get married. grownups should…he looks over but she is gone. She sits on a bench and makes him sit next to her. Y: since you are drunk, you are having a hard time huh? he mutters about her age and legs not being steady cuz she is older. she asks him for a favor for a minute. just hold still and dont talk and look at me. Y: what? D: just be still so I can meet YJ shi. she stares into his face and says: Was I really that pretty YJ shi? You should have told me sooner. Then we could have been lovey dovey. Like this. she holds his face. I like you a lot. From the beginning, to me- you were so pretty.  He pulls away and says don’t get confused. I am KKJ. D: that’s right – you are KJ

M goes to K’s hospital room and walks to his bedside. She shakes him and calls out his name like she wants to wake him. she cries and pokes his cheek. She slaps him and keeps calling out his name. CS watches that in shock. she cries more and calls out K’s name

S tells another doctor that Y got strange these days. The doctor says yes cuz Y went on a break. maybe his thoughts changed after the accident.  S says he is like a different person. it’s like he isnt Y

Y asks how she was able to be so patient all this time cuz she wanted to be close with Y (like physically – being lovey dovey). D: I was patient all this time but now that I know how Y felt, when he comes back I will be loving. Y: Gil teacher – dont overdo it. you are overflowing. I think that doctor friend wanted to get some free alcohol so he spoke like that.  D frowns at him. Y: a man who fell for a woman at first sight, he wouldnt do that – not show his choco abs. D: what do you know – you are just a young kid. Y: whether a grownup or a kid- it’s all the same. a man’s love comes out together with his physical pace/progress -if this progress stops, like this couple, then love stops too. you know that? ”all stop.” She says their progress was slow but it didnt stop. he doesnt believe her so he asks: oh so it did. then how far did you get? (as in how far she went with Y physically) D: a kid doesnt need to know. Y laughs and says: I think it’s a level that kid’s could know. (He starts to test how much skinship went on between YJ and D) He suddenly holds her hand so she says what is this? Y: oh so this isnt much at all  (it’s nothing). you must hold hands often. D: naturally. He slides over and puts his arm around her shoulder. D: what are you doing? Y: oh so you did this often too. D: we are a loving couple. are you kidding around? you think we are kids like you?  He leans in close and teases -uh oh you are totally nervous. if I stop here…. then it means you havent done more than a kid like me -  is this how far your limit is? (meaning how far you’ve gotten). he asks if she didnt go this far yet. She lies and says I did. he leans in to kiss and looks her in the eyes

Ah freaking *^%$$ – why end there? this is torture….though i bet nothing will happen yet. it’s only the 4th ep tm so this torment will continue.

M says after looking at Y’s photo: this ajussi is the doctor at K’s hospital. Why did he deceive me.

Y tells D: from here on be by my side – day or night 24/7

M says to Y: someone he likes? K doesnt have anyone like that.

Y points to D and says: he does – here. D’s mouth drops open

K’s aunt and uncle shows up at his home and look at Y’s clothes and says this isnt K’s. His uncle thinks someone else is living in K’s home. his aunt wonders if K met his dad.

S asks Y: are you going to keep my house key or not?

S and Y look at S’s key.  she wonders whose key it is for Y to have it so Y tells her the truth about that key

D asks someone and finds out where S’s home address is.

Gong Yoo playing an 18 yr old is becoming priceless. With each ep, I can see his heartfelt effort paying off in a major way. if Coffee prince gave him legions of fans, this drama is going to double them.

The true beauty in this character is that she cares about K and not his wealth or anything else. Mari might be a bit stalkerish, but it’s all for K’s sake. Those tears she shed was for the boy lying in that hospital bed. his uncle and aunt only see dollar signs when they look at him, but M sees love – the boy she wants to marry one day.  Pretty sure when K wakes up, he is going to have issues with that since their parents almost married. Now I am so curious who K’s dad is and how he fits into everything. why didnt his dad raise K himself and why have they not met?

This episode felt like full on Hong Sisters. Stacking humor that kept building up, great music choices, sweet dramatic moments, likable side characters, and a ton of charm.

I wasn’t sure what to expect when M entered the scene (her introduction was fantastic btw) but I certainly wasn’t expecting her relationship with K to be so complicated. I’m not quite clear on how he feels about her yet, but I find myself liking M for her brusque attitude. She’s not just a silly love-struck teenager, but she doesn’t seem sneaky or mean-spirited either. She seems more like the type to openly fight for K, and wouldn’t that be refreshing?

Overall I feel about as confused as D, and I’m not even sure who I’m rooting for most of the time (even Na and CS have me cheering them on). One moment Y seems like a jerk (the real one) and the next moment we’re being shown endearing flashbacks of him following D like a puppy. I love flashbacks that give us a new perspective, and that one certainly did.

What’s really interesting is that Y fell for D when she didn’t know he was watching, and also that she didn’t find that fact out until now. The problem with their relationship was that D was so afraid to lose Y that she never acted like herself, but when she was at that wedding she was 100% her babbling, exasperated-self and that was when he was attracted to her. I can’t even really blame him for having cold feet since she pretty much just lays on the aegyo when she’s around him, and I’m sure he’s always just hoping to break through that outer shell and get to see the girl he remembers getting a glimpse of on that first day.

I don’t think the situation is easy for D either. I’m sure it’s exhausting to act “perfect” all the time, so I bet that having K in Y’s body is quite liberating for her. She’s finally comfortable enough to act like herself (since he’s just a student) but she can also pretend he’s actually her future husband at the same time and enjoy a romantic moment properly (without fretting over what he thinks). Her self-esteem is incredibly low, so I’m sure she also find it empowering to feel needed. The real Y had it all together, but K is an orphan who can barely feed himself, and she can nurture him like he always wanted to nurture Y. Unfortunately this isn’t robot-Y or brainwashed-Y that she’s dealing with. It’s a real-live person with real-live feelings, and if she’s not careful K is going to feel toyed with. She can’t have the best of both worlds, and eventually she’s going to have to separate her feelings for both men and cut one of them off.

I still think there’s a decent chance that she’ll end up with the real Y, since they have the potential to be a great couple once they learn how to properly connect and communicate with each other. This drama is just as much about D growing up as it is about K growing up, and I hope that she learns to stand up for herself and not be so insecure about who she is. It’s not a good sign that her mom immediately thought she had better chemistry with a highschooler, so hopefully she starts to put the pieces together and gets over her denial.

Regardless of who D ends up with, it seems inevitable that K will fall for D, and that already has my heart breaking. There are already moments where it’s clear he cares for her, and even if she cares back, he’ll probably just assume that her feelings are for Y (that must be frustrating, especially since he’s doing all the work!). I predict tears in our futures, especially since K also has mommy issues to contend with.

Have I mentioned that I love this drama? The humor and the characters have me smiling, but I think it’s the little bit of mystery that really has me hooked. I can’t wait to learn more about both versions of Y, and tomorrow can’t come soon enough.

And (KBS2) “Big” Episode 3 ScreenshotRecap by sapphire148

Yoon Jae went downstairs to see Se Young, but surprisingly, she hugged him! She said, "I was so worried about you! If there is any accident, you should have talked to me! Yoon Jae, I love you!"

Da Ran came downstairs too, and Yoon Jae start to understand what is going on with the situation.

Da Ran thank Se Young for bringing Yoon Jae's stuff, and Se Young said, "If you are thankful, please invite me for some tea." Yoon Jae refused to, but Da Ran said that she will go to buy some snacks. Yoon Jae suddenly lift Da Ran up, and said, "I just want to be together with my fiancee!! Get out of here!"

Se Young was really surprised to see his reaction.

They are now back in Yoon Jae's apartment, and Da Ran was upset that Yoon Jae said "You jerk" to the real Yoon Jae. Yoon Jae insisted, that he IS a jerk, and Da Ran is too naive to read what is going on! (I think it's trueee!!)

She tried to defend Yoon Jae, that Se Young is Yoon Jae's old friend, and she is sure that nothing is happening between two of them.

Da Ran asked Yoon Jae to say the words that she wants to hear one more time. Yoon Jae hold her cheek, and said," Yoon Jae DOESN'T love Da Ran."

and he left from the apartment.

Se Young is still waiting downstairs, and she asked Yoon Jae what happen and whether he is upset with her. She confirm again, "do you still have what I gave you?" but of course Yoon Jae DOESN'T HAVE any idea what she gave him, right?? He is not real Yoon Jae!

Yoon Jae said, "Let's talk more about this," and they went to a bar. THIS is hillarious (check my screenshots later) because this is Yoon Jae (Kyung Joon's) first time to drink whiskey. You all should really see his expression!!

Meanwhile, Da Ran went home, and all the family were waiting for her. They all asked why she came so late, but suddenly Da Ran asked, "Can we postpone the wedding invitation distribution?" All the family were surprised to hear that!

Da Ran mom went to Da Ran's room, and said, that this is her first time to see Yoon Jae and Da Ran look good together, and having a lot of fun. Before today, they both looked so bored and awkward. It seems that before, Yoon Jae and Da Ran didn't look like they love each other. Her mom even offered to go shopping together and get some sexy lingerie for their honeymoon.

So anyone here can guess what happen to Yoon Jae after he drank whiskey??? He just passed out!!! Arrggggg~ the view was really blurry...and...and....the next thing he know, he is awake, NAKED, in Se Young's room!!!! Se Young left a memo too on the door, "I will go to work first, see you later." What a bitch!!! Do you guys think they slept together while he was drunk????

Da Ran went to find him, and she can smell alcohol from his breath. Yoon Jae is really hillarious!! He asked Da Ran, "will you be angry if I did something, that made me "dirty"?" Da Ran was confused and asked, " What action can make you dirty?" Yoon Jae said, "Excercise! Sport! It will make me dirty!" I think he felt guilty coz he thought he slept with Se Young!

Da Ran arrived in the school and found out that Kyung Joon's guardians (his uncle and aunt) were there. It seems that they are not worried at all with his condition!

Meanwhile, Yoon Jae went to the hospital, and guess what he did! He took shower, and rubbing his body like crazy kkkkkkk because he felt "dirty". He also decided to investigate what is happening between Se Young and real Yoon Jae. While he was checking stuffs, he found Yoon Jae's suitcase and found his passport~ so he decided to go to the airport and go for vacation!!

While waiting in the airport, he check his handphone because he hasn't checked it for days. He got hundreds of misscalls and messages from Ma Ri, his old friend.

He made his own imagination about what will happen if he doesnt pick his calls. It's really scary!! HAHAHA

The next scenes are what Miss A's fans waiting for! Suzy (Ma Ri)came! She came all the way from the states to Korea to find Kyung Joon! She even has Da Ran's picture in her phone because Kyung Joon upload that picture in his blog.

Right when she arrive in the school, she found Da Ran, ran to her, and ask her for money to pay taxi! Other fellow teachers and the principal were not happy with this because strangers always asked Da Ran for money.

The next thing is that, Yoon Jae, taking taxi to the school, because he knows that Ma Ri will come to the school. Ma Ri asked who that ajussi is, and Da Ran said that Yoon Jae is a person that Kyung Joon know. Yoon Jae told Ma Ri, if she has something to talk, just talk to him, because Kyung Joon doesnt want to meet her. Ma Ri said, " But I am his future wife." Yoon Jae said, "Kyung Joon hates you. He doesn't want to be with you." Ma Ri asked, "Is Kyung Joon still angry and think that his mom passed away because of me?"

What is going on here?? Suddenly the scense flashes back to real Kyung Joon (yeahhh finally Shin Won Ho appear again) in his mom's funeral. Ma Ri was standing next to him, but he ignored her.

The scene come back to Ma Ri and Yoon Jae, and Ma Ri said, "I will get married with Kyung Yoon."

Meanwhile, Chung Sik, Da Ran's brother, already fell in love with Ma Ri at the first sight!! While Ma Ri was walking, he followed her like a stalker!! He told Ma Ri, "You are very pretty." and Ma Ri said, "I know." LOLz. Chung Sik then wrote down his phone number on her white branded expensive bag.

Da Ran found Yoon Jae's suitcase. She interogated Yoon Jae, "Where are you going? Are you trying to escape? Did you mess up with something? Usually if a guy mess up and can't handle it, he will leave and run away. Did you mess up with something???"

Yoon Jae finally admitted that he drank too much, and the next thing he know, is waking up in Se Young's home. Da Ran was soooo upset! She keep hitting him, and said "What are you doing with Yoon Jae's body?? Why did you do that??" Yoon Jae in the other hand, was upset too, and telling her how stupid she is, and if Yoon Jae really loves her, he should have married her. And he left....Da Ran was badly crying...

Yoon Jae went back to his house, and open his fridge. He found the lunch box prepared by Da Ran, and emotionally ate the lunch TT

Da Ran walked out from the school with Yoon Jae's suitcase, and she found Yoon Jae there, waiting for her, talking to himself (about how to apologize to her). He told Da Ran, "when I grow up, I want to be a kind-hearted person like Da Ran teacher," and Da Ran smiled.

Both of them went to the hospital and submit a vacation leave for Yoon Jae. Yoon Jae said that the effect of the accident is so severe that he needs to take a vacation leave. But the hospital said, "then what about the event (for cancer kid patients)?" Yoon Jae and Da Ran didn't know that there is some ongoing event for Yoon Jae in the hospital.

They bumped into Yoon Jae's colleagues, and they said, that while both of them are here, they should go for dinner to celebrate their upcoming wedding.

During the dinner, Se Young said that Yoon Jae only felt guilty because she fell of the stairs and hurt herself because of him.

However, the colleague (who had his wedding party when Da Ran and Yoon Jae met for the first time) said, that it's not true. He said that Yoon Jae liked Da Ran for the first time in the elevator during the wedding. He ate his meal on the table next to Da Ran's table, and the more he see her, the more he thinks that Da Ran is pretty.

You guys should see Se Young face changed drastically after listening to that!! Yeay! hahaha

Chung Sik was at home, and suddenly there is a call from Ma Ri. Ma Ri asked to meet up, and from Chung Sik, Ma Ri found out that Kyung Joon is hurt from the accident and is in hospital right now.

Y says to D: he (Y) did double play with another woman. (meaning Y dated two women at the same time)

S looks at Y’s photo and says he doesnt seem like YJ

D says to Y: You caused trouble didn’t you. normally kids cause trouble and cant handle it and run away

Y says he needs to find clear evidence and looks all over Y’s home

M asks D: who is that ajussi. D: KJ. someone I know

M says to Y: I am going to marry you for sure. Y’s mouth falls open.

CS says to M: you are really pretty.

D and Y lean in to kiss and D says: YJ shi – You are inside here right?

Download "Big" Episode 3 Live Screenshot part 6 eng Subtitle Available Korean Drama New Last Release With HD Xvid High Quality HQ with srt English Subtitles "Big" Episode 3 eng Subtitle

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Ailee Showed To look As Guest On “Fantastic Duo”

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Ailee Showed  To look As Guest On “Fantastic Duo”

Ailee ShowedTo look equally Guest On Wonderful yoke leonid Would possibly 5, 2016 0 Singer Ailee will appear as a guest on SBS tunekinddisplay “Fantastic Duo.”

On Could 5, more than a few representatives printed that the singer participated in the presentations filming, in conjunction with ballad singer Shin Seung Hun.

Ailee conducted a duet edition of her hit song “Heaven” with a non-celebrity playerat the set. It used to be also revealed that she changed into moved to the point of tears as she screened the video entries of applicantsmaking a song her song.

G-Dragon’s Next Point Aegyo Will Make Your Center Drop

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G-Dragon’s Next Point Aegyo Will Make Your Center Drop

However, the YG Entertainment singer these days showed off that he too can shed his trickypicture and displaylovers his adorable side. All over an match in Japan, G-Dragon emulated a kidvia hopping onto fellow workforce member Daesung, and proceeded to turn aegyo to the entire eagerly staring at fans.

'Precious Woman' starring Kim Hye-soo and Lee Seon-gyoon has begun filming

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A second-in-command named Na Hyeon-jeong (Kim Hye-soo) puts her lifestylesat the line to bring back a gangster organization to life and she chooses an under-boss named Im Sang-hoon (Lee Seon-gyoon) to paintings for her whilst investigator Choi (Lee Hee-joon) starts a perilous game opposed to them. This film is unlike the standard Korean noire observed so far.

Also, 'Descendants of the Sun' actor Kim Min-seok, who used to bedepended onthrough Jin Goo in the drama, seems in this motion picture as Joo-hwan. And a new actress Oh Hanee, whose acting ability has been proved for her fresh roles in "The Shameless" and C'est Si Bon' will play Wei.

Namgoong Min Sports Fashionable New Coiffure In Instagram Post

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Namgoong Min Sports Fashionable New Coiffure In Instagram Post

Namgoong Min Sports Stylish New Coiffure In Instagram Postorionight Might 5, 2016 0 Namgoong Min is appearing off his ordinary new hairstyle, much to the amusement of his fans.

On April 5, the actor shared a photo of himself with a bobbed haircut. In the caption, he wrote, “I replaced my hair. Shall I take a glance at going out? This hairstyle is popular those days.”

Many fanatics accept commented that the “three centimeters underneath the ear” hairstyle fits him. Others have drawn comparisons to his co-star in the impending drama “Beast’s Beauty,” Girl’s Day’s Minah, announcing that he followed her style.

Song Gang-ho showed for action mystery film 'The 5th Row'

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An go along with the motion picture said, "Song Kang-ho among the entire actors in Korea has been appearing the widest variety of spectrum in acting for his roles, "The Face Reader", "The Attorney", "The Throne" and more" and "We are excited with what aspect of his he's going toprovide this time".

His chemistry with the director Won Sin-yeon is drawing attention as well. Won has been showing sturdyskill in action thriller videosthru 'The Bloody Aria', "Seven Days", and "The Suspect".

An insider in movie industry said, "Will currentexceptional action acting this time" and "The mixture of the prominent unique characteristics of Song Kang-ho and the action thriller movie might bein a position to open a new section to the movie genre".

Sean Explains Why He Doesn’t Stay His Charity Paintings Private

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Sean Explains Why He Doesn’t Stay His Charity Paintings Private

Sean Explains Why He Doesn’t Stay His Charity PaintingsNon-public ilmare42 Might 5, 2016 0 On May just 5, Jinusean’s Sean sat down for an interview on JTBC’s “Newsroom,” where he was once asked via anchor Sohn Suk Hee about his noted passion for aidingthe ones in need.

Sean has played a large role in the opening of the primary children’s rehabilitation sanatorium in Korea, via raising eitherbudget and awareness. He’s participated in over twenty races for the purpose since 2011, adding triathlons, cycling competitions, and cross-country marathons, and all of cash he’s gainedduring the races has long gone to the structure of the hospital.

Sean says, “There were no children’s rehabilitation hospitals in Korea. I sought after to lend a hand disabled youngsters have a neater quality of life.” He explains, “I donated 1,000 won (approximately 86 cents) for each 1 meter that I ran, and folks saw that and contributed by donating too.”

Spoiler 'Entertainers' Ji Seong and Hyeri's candy eye contact

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The publishedfootagecome with the sweet moments between Ji Seong and Hyeri, that will get woman drama fans' hearts flutter: the sweet eye contacts between the duo, and Ji Seong touching Hyeri's hair.

"Entertainers" production team said, The chemistry between Ji Seong and 'Heyri' is getting sweeter each and every day" and "Please be expecting more of the sweet moments of the couple".

'Signal' actor Lee Je-hoon says, "I forgot all of my lines once I saw Kim Hye-soo's face. My center used to be pounding"

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Lee Je-hoon gave the impressionat the episode of KBS 2TV's 'Happy In combination 3' on Might 5th and discussed close to his sunbae actress, Kim Hye-soo, who had co-starred in tvN's hit drama, "Signal".

Lee Je-hoon said, "I've at all times been thinking Kim Hye-soo is a excellent looking and charismatic actress since I used to be little. I turned into to recognize her more whilst filming "Signal" with her".

He also said, "As soon as I looked at her face, I forgot all of my lines. I used to be and then embarrassed and had to gather my brain to play my part. I was so apprehensive that my middle was pounding. She was so friendly and made me feel comfortable, asking me 'Darling, why did you put from your mind everything'. When I saw her being thoughtful and encouraging for the spouse actor, I presumedhere is a difference about an actress who is enjoyed for a long time".

Watch: GOT7’s BamBam, Junior, And Mark Make a selection Who They’d Would like to Superstar With On “Celebrity Bromance”

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Watch: GOT7’s BamBam, Junior, And Mark Make a selection Who They’d Would like to  Superstar With On “Celebrity Bromance”

Watch: GOT7’s BamBam, Junior, And Mark Make a choice Who They’d Wish toBig name amongst On “Celebrity Bromance”ilmare42 Might 5, 2016 0 On Could 5’s episode of “Celebrity Bromance,” GOT7’s Mark, Junior, and BamBam take a seat down to observeone of thepicturesin their bandmate Jackson and MONSTA X’s Jooheon on their bro-adventures.

The guys disclose some insights into what Jackson’s like in genuine life, explaining that he’s cheerful yet likewise likes to discuss about serious things. But they say that since he needs to entertain other folks on television, he helps to keep that serious facet of himself off camera.

As they watch Jackson take off layers separately at a restaurant, they also funny story just about how Jackson is at all timessetting out his garments and fishing for compliments about his body.

I.O.I Individuals Promised Every Other They Wouldn’t Cry When Disbanding In 10 Months

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I.O.I Individuals Promised Every Other They Wouldn’t Cry When Disbanding In 10 Months

I.O.I Individuals Promised Each and every Other They Wouldnt Cry When Disbanding In 10 MonthsJiwonYu Would possibly 5, 2016 0 On May just 5. I.O.I held a show off for its debut album Chrysalis.

First of all, Kim Sejeong thanked the clicking and enthusiasts for being here, saying, Thank you such a lot for coming here to look I.O.I on a holiday like today. Ive at all timessought after to be successful, and i'm so glad and fascinated to sense that feeling.

Kim Sohye said, We practiced every day for our debut. We worked difficultall over Produce 101, too, yetI believe nosotros practiced two to 3 times harder. Please look forward to our activities.