Lee Hyo Ri clarifies: “I’m not against meat eaters” #leehyori

Lee Hyo Ri clarifies: “I’m not against meat eaters” #leehyori

Lee Hyo Ri clarifies: Im not against meat eaters #leehyori

Singer Lee Hyo Ri clarified her recent remarks which stirred an online controversy.

On June 10, Lee tweeted, I went on Twitter during my concert and I realized that my tweet stirred big controversy. Im not against meat eaters. I dont think they are bad but I just dont like raising animals in factory farms. Because its healthier for people to eat well raised animals.

She added, Dont misunderstand me with provocative articles. I dont want to force you to eat vegetables or blame people who eat meat. I just want people know how the meat was produced before they eat it..

The reason Lee had to explained herself is because she created a controversy by saying, Dont turn your head even though its uncomfortable. Look at the truth about the foods we eat everyday in real life. The comment was misconstrued into Lee wanting to force people to eat vegetables.

People responded: It doesnt sound like she is forcing people to become vegetarians. She just said things that she wants to say. I thought there is a big event. Since Lee is explaining, lets try not to misunderstand her.

Source: TV Report